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2023.04.02 11:50 AutoModerator Todd Valentine - Verbal Game Academy (Complete)

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Todd Valentine's Verbal Game Academy Course will teach you his top strategies for effective communication.
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2023.04.02 11:50 LSDkiller2 My list of noteworthy clubs

This is my personal list of clubs that I've been to and strongly recommend or have caught my attention online or through friends.
Ones I've been to: Uncle's farm :for their crazy hash and many flavors of it, as well as a few great strains of flower GWA: amazing products and amazing place Backyard :you can always find a good deal here and it's a nice cozy spot to chill The High Class :also a very nice premises, and good selection of products too, check em out if you're in poble nou. Jungle Boyz :they have jungle Boyz packs and a really cool guy USED to work here, that's pretty much it Clouds/the plug: listing these two together as places to go if you want some 'cali' that might not be at jungle Boyz like backpack Boyz
Ones I've not been to: HQ: famous for the masters of rosin cup and for very large premises. Most likely has a wide assortment of extracts. Lots of great glass supposedly. RDM: also has a wide assortment of extracts, supposedly for a good bit cheaper than other clubs. Weflowers: heard good things all around, also they have some stuff by an extractor called dochazed on insta who has crazy pictures Burns: supposedly good all around flower menu and wide "Cali" menu with things like scumbag packs if that's your thing
I may update this list later if I think of any others.
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2023.04.02 11:48 darkheartstar Growing Old Without You

Why am I thinking of you right before I go to bed? I don't mean to, but you pop into my head unbidden. One minute I'm brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed, and the next, I find myself thinking of old age as I stare at my reflection. That's when you come to me, like an apparition that only appears in the mirror if I say your name three times.
I was not scared of old age or death when I had you in my life, but after you left me, I become terrified that I might die in my sleep and I had some serious sleeping issues. When I was with you, I slept so soundly. I was so sexually and emotionally satisfied. You kept all cylinders of my brain humming pleasantly with busy activity. I imagined so many worlds and galaxies wiht you and because of you.
When I thought of getting old with you, it seemed like another grand adventure. I was excited to see how you would look; I have a gut feeling you will look smoking hot in long white hair. I was excited for how I would look, too. I knew you would still find me sexy as hell and we'd still have an insatiable appetite for each other. I kept thinking, if I have to get old, it wouldn't be so bad if it meant more time with you. I wanted to spend my life with you. Go on adventures with you. Talk to you for hundreds of years and still not run out of things to talk about.
I feel empty now. I'm terrified of becoming old, but living for a long time without you seems bleak. Every day, I go through the motions, but I still have a hard time mustering a real smile or truly feeling like myself. I face endless days of this and I wonder what's the point of growing old if I'm doing it all alone. I enjoy my own company, but life was so much more fun when you were my partner. I imagined a long, beautiful life with you. Now, I'm not entirely sure what to do with such long and empty days and years ahead of me. I know I will fill them, but it will have a sense of obligation and repetition. The spark died when you left me and life is not quite the adventure it once was. No wonder I dread it now. No wonder I look in the mirror and just see an old woman staring back at me.
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2023.04.02 11:47 NarrowGas9053 My spouse M28 is playing video games excessively and don't sleep often times. I F27 feel neglected but I know there is a real thing he is going through..

Hi Reddit community, I don't know how to handle this situation...sometimes my spouse plays video games for days excessively, night AND day. Then suddenly after like probably 18 hours of straight gaming, he feels like he needs to snap back to reality, so he gets some chores done, showers and exercises sometimes even makes me coffee in the morning when I wake up. After this he gets back for another 14-10 hour gaming session. I feel like he is trying to escape reality by playing videos games with his buddies online (which he has alot of fun with playing) but they go to sleep, my spouse doesn't he can literally stay up for 2 days. I feel neglected through that bc he is barely paying attention to me during those phases (which he has sometimes, sometimes everything is in moderation). I don't know how to navigate this situation, I know a person that does this has either a serious depression or an addiction. I don't know how to tell him that this is not normal without saying 'something is wrong with you' Any advice on how to handle a situation like this?
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2023.04.02 11:46 Shoulder_Repulsive LF Friend who would like to co-op DS3 together from begin to end

Hello! I just learned that the DS3 servers are back up, and I would love to revisit that world. If anyone is interested in starting a new character that we only play together with and getting to end-game pvp in ringed city for a bit, that would be dope! I had the most fun with Friede's Great Scythe so I might do that build. Oh and discord is a must. And I'm on PC if that matters, not sure if it's cross-platform. Message me or comment below if interested! Oh and I can only really play Wednesdays-Fridays and every other Saturday. My work days take up the entire day, and I work graveyard, so I usually wake up around 5:00 PM PST.
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2023.04.02 11:45 MisterMeta Adventures of a new player (and why he won't continue to play)

Disclaimer - this is a long post! There will be TL;DR at the bottom.
Sorry for the clickbait title, but I'd like this post to reach out to as many people as possible, especially people who're thoroughly enjoying New World yet can't understand how this amazing game is declining in population, a sentiment I've shared until I hit level 60.
A little background - into MMO gaming for close to 20 years now and I probably tried every title under the sun. New World eluded me certainly due to how bad of a launch it went through but after reading about the revamped new player experience and how the game progressively got better I thought I'd give it a try. Here are my observations (from the perspective of a mainly PvP player):
Alright so at this point I need to expand. I hit 60 and immediately started spamming OPR. Knowing the gear and experience gap, I knew I wasn't going to start shredding old timers right away but I thought there's a possibility to contribute or stand my own, given I play well. No. Absolutely not. Your chances of killing someone who's fully geared and been playing for a while is near 0 even if you hit all your skill shots and they miss theirs. You're literally tickling them and dancing around them while they kill you in a hit or two if they get your hands on you. Potions are regenerating all the damage you can possibly do.
Before you jump in and tell me I should optimize builds, stats, foods, perks, etc... I've done all of those things to the best of my potential for my progression. I bought gear as close to BiS as I can with a few perks missing and as close as possible stat distribution. Yes, it's not perfect but it should allow competition.
Even going full Light with 400 dex and 80 con, heavies are critting other light players... 2500? that's less than what a potion heals.
Anyway - this in itself is not the biggest problem! I'm not one to shy away from progression or challenge, right? And fair is fair, these people are playing for years, they need to be powerful. I get that.
The biggest problem of the game (for a pvp player) is it offers such slow progression for doing pvp related things:
Desperate for answers I asked people how I can close this crazy gap and unfortunately I've been informed...
Oh so you wanna compete! Easy bro, just spam Genesis or Lazarus dungeons for a few days until you max your expertise then use those Gypsums to craft caches and upgrade gear to 625.
Like seriously? You're gonna make me spam the same few meaningless dungeons to slowly increase my expertise so I can start enjoying the game? Thank you but no thank you!
I wanna preface by saying I think most people quit before making it as far as I did. Nothing's a major red-flag, to be honest. The copy pasting of the world and 0 effort questing and leveling experience will probably get to some people, especially if they're not a fan of action combat. But even the most determined and hardcore player will call out this BS of a system and switch for an alternative (there are plenty).
The fixes are extremely simple:
The game has SO MUCH POTENTIAL! Squandered on bad game designs and systems. The funniest part is, it's NOT AT ALL ABOUT MONETIZATION. Usually bullshit game designs are a part of the P2W scheme with MMOs. Not here! It's bullshit just because! I'm honestly baffled. I really wanted to get into this MMO but sadly it's still not there yet. Will be keeping an eye on it for sure, but through the lenses of playing another MMO, sadly.
Y'all been very friendly and awesome. The community is amazing! Rooting for all of you, cheers for all the fun :)
Too much world copy paste. Massive gear gap between new players and old timers, means to close that gap efficiently is limited to repetitive PvE chores. Should be possible to progress PvP-only! Remove timer from Gypsum Caches ffs what the hell is the point. Game is not new player friendly at all and has no reason to be that way.
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2023.04.02 11:44 glipgloss No one wished my mom happy birthday and it’s been eating me alive all day

For context ; Yesterday was my (F18) mom’s (F42) birthday and my question is do grown adults truly care if people wish them a happy birthday or not? My family had a difficult year and my mom who used to be an Instagram girl doesn’t even post much on her social like she used to (which is like SHOCKING to everyone in my family) She used to keep up with those things and treated it like a hobby. It was endearing to see how much fun she had with her Instagram and etc but as of last year she’s been MIA just because we’ve had money issues. We all are struggling and I couldn’t even buy her a cake and take her out to dinner with the whole family like I wanted to. I had been checking her phone when she wasn’t looking just to see if she missed any happy birthdays and …nothing. This is the second year in a row this has happened. None of her friends or anyone said anything. I assumed maybe because she’d been MIA on socials her friends just forgot because they hadn’t seen her in so long but i don’t know…this is year 2 of this occurring, and last year she vocalized how no one sent her birthday wishes but clarified that it’s “not important and how she doesn’t care because she’s grown” but the way she said it was a jokingly sad way that I felt had an undertone she didn’t want to address. My grandma didn’t even wish her a happy birthday but I’m trying to give her a pass because the rest of our family doesn’t live in America and sending messages and making calls cost money but she calls my mom nearly everyday, and still forgets every year. Her sisters, brothers, everyone else didn’t say a word for another year in a row and it just made me feel horrible especially given the fact that we couldn’t give her a nice birthday celebration. My dad, sister, younger brother and myself all wished her a happy birthday but I feel like it isn’t enough. How should I go about this? Is it stupid to feel so upset when she probably isn’t bothered ?
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2023.04.02 11:44 otaconova I didn't even know it was shutting down

I kinda fell out of playing llsif in the last couple years, just haven't had the time for it or any similar games anymore. I think it might be partly because I somehow lost my global account. I remember in high school I had a routine. Log into SIFEN, log into SIFJP. I'd play until my LP ran out. Log out. Then do my homework...maybe. (usually not) I'm 21 now, started the game when I was about 14. I haven't been an active player since I was about 17, but I guess it just still sucks to see it go. And it sucks that I didn't know anything. Idk. Sorry this is rambly and doesn't make much sense, I just randomly woke up sad about it. 😭 goodbye llsif, it was fun o7
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2023.04.02 11:42 YamiJanp March - Fishing can be scary [13/25]

Not much happened in March. I slowly finished Divinity: Original Sin 2, which I enjoyed and then started several games at once. I barely touched Xenoblade Chronicles 3, then started Monster Crown, but didn't like it, I played like 3 levels from Heidi: The Game for GBA (don't ask), made a tiny progress in Final Fantasy 2, started Pathfinder: Kingmaker and I also played quite a lot of Hero's Hour. I decided to check the game as finished when a) the main story is finished or b) I play finish every map/mode in a game without story. Hero's Hour has no story mode. So, it will take me much longer than I expected. I hoped it will be short in and out strategy game. I'm almost done with the game now, I still have like 4 maps to win. Oh and I got awesome idea to make a "themed night" and played several games with horror-fishing theme on They were fun. I think I'll do something similar again with different theme. As always beware of spoilers. Now, let's talk about these games...
First, let's talk about the rabbit hole of Horror Fishing. Several Game Jams with this theme took place in the last few years. I hand-picked 4 games that looked interesting for me, played them and ranked them afterwards. Here are the games and my thoughts on them. Since all of them took me about 10 minutes to finish each and I didn't really measured the proper time, I don't mention time for each game separately:
A Wonderful Day for Fishing
The first game that got me to the genre, but to be honest, it wasn't really that great in comparison to the rest of the games in this post. It's a cool concept. You're fishing progressively weirder and weirder fishes, which you can either eat or release. I don't think releasing them does anything at all. Eating them sometimes gives you weird effect like your eyes being replaced by dark voids, your mouth growing big and so on, but I rarely got these effects and when they appeared, they only made me giggle a little bit by how comical they were. I spent the most time in this game, because it has no ending, which I had no idea about. So I kept fishing, even getting all different fish and waited for something to happed. It also didn't help that the gameplay is not that engaging. You're just waiting for a prompt to appear, look at a fish, read its desription and then either eat it or release it.
Overall, I think this game shows really cool idea that could be worked into a great horror game. But as it is right now, it was pretty weak. 6.5/10.
The Thing in The Lake
Suprisingly wholesome horror game. I liked the minimalistic art style and colour palette. It' short, I think I got both endings (which require playing the game twice) in about 5 minutes in total. There is no fishing mechanic, which si understandable with how the game presents itself. The writing is okay and especially the ending is somewhat surprising, wholesome from one perspective, but quite creepy in the other.
Overall, it was the second game I've played on the themed night and it was great after the not-so-good start. But it falls behind the rest games in this post. 7/10.
This game made me laugh so much at the end. I know it's a horror game, but the ending was just so unexpected and... actually original. The game itself once again took me about 5 minutes to beat. I enjoyed the PS1 aesthetics. The fishing part was simple - you cjust click a mouse and wait. This was also the first game, in which I was feeling uneasy and had to check my (in-game) surroundings every time I got a fish to make sure nothing is creeping up on me. And even after this, the ending came unexpected and actually made me jump a little bit.
Overall, the third game and the bar went up once again. And once again, I wish this was made into bigger game. 7.5/10.
Another PS1-like game and the one that is probably the most complete and offers the most content. It offers so much content that I managed to completely break it. The moment I started playing, I wanted to test how controls work and somehow opened a secret area. I was taken by surprise, but continued on and after few minutes of exploring, I unlocked a true ending. You can imagine how confused I was. So, I started the game again and accidentally opened another secret area. I unlocked another 2 endings in this area. And only on my third attempt, I actually got to the "main" storyline and the fishing. And it was fun. The fishing minigame worked well and I got quite good at it after a while. I don't know why, but some of the areas in the game reminded me of DUSK I've played earlier this year. The story was a little bit confusing, but that's probably on me for getting the information out of order. Also, I'm not sure how, but I missed the "final" jumpscares in 3 out of 5 endings. I was either looking somewhere else or didn't notice it at all until it was over.
Overall, this was the best game I've played during the themed night. It had the best fishing mechanic and the most horror elements in it. It also worked as a game and not just as a concept. 8/10.
Divinity: Original Sin 2 (BEWARE OF SPOILERS)
I was never a fan of CRPGs. I was afraid of them, when I was younger (and most of the famous CRPGs were new), because they felt too complex and hard for me. Last year, I've played Baldur's Gate and wasn't really a fan of it. It felt outdated, boring and nothing like people made me think CRPGs are supposed to be. So, it might be a huge surprise that I enjoyed Divinity and couldn't get enough of it to the point that I considered second playthrougth right after the first one.
The game reminded me of original Dragon's Age. Which is one of my favourite RPG of all time. Not just with the art style, but you could pick several different playable characters with different story beats and the story somehow reminded me of Grey Warden's journey. I picked Fane as my main character, which I think was the best decision I could have make. First, playing as undead added a whole new dimension to the game, with reverted healing and poisoning and the need to cover your face. Second, Fane's story was the most interesting out of all available characters' stories. Most of them were just a variation of "you're X and your goal is to kill Y" motivation. Fane's story was nice change. And it ties nicely to the main story. I also decided to do a small challenge and played solo, instead of in a group. This made a game even more enjoyable for me. There was small difficulty spike at the final location, but I still managed to solo the game.
The story was okay. I was never fan of "chosen one" storylines, but this was somehow manageable. And it makes sense for the most time. I didn't like the huge story exposition at the end, which was made worse by my choice to play as Fane. Also, I think Lucian's plan made no sense. He faked his death and locked himself in a tomb made out of material that blocks magic so gods can't find him, yet he's able to use magic to drain gods' power. And why did he fake his death anyway? He's popular and quite a few people don't like gods anyway. The ending felt rushed. Which is a shame, because it left a sour taste in my mouth.
I was glad there was turn-based battle system. One problem I had with original Baldur's Gate was early game combat. It took so much time to hit something. Divinity solved this problem and made the whole combat feel more like D&D. The amount of skills felt overwhelming to the point that I had to check some builds to get an idea on how to build my Fane. In the end, I went with 2H weapons and bunch of Warfare and Polymorph skills that gave me bunch of options to quickly move around the battlefield and deal damage to more enemies at once. And I got Barbar tag later in the game, which had no effect on battles, it just added more flavour to my build. When I got to Arx, this strategy wasn't enough. I had to find better strategy. And found out some Necromancy spells scaled with my stats and dealt physical damage. And it had one of the best AoE spells in the whole game.
Overall, I enjoyed this game more than I expected. And I mean it. It easily got to my RPG TOP10. And it made me consider buying Baldur's Gate 3 in August. 9.5/10.
I mixed up themes for March and April and played my April game in March. I wanted to also finish March theme on time and quickly picked up Hero's Hour in a hope it's a short game, but it backfired. So, I'll probably play both my original March game and Hero's Hour in April. Then, I'll try to clear a mess of several started games and will slowly start finishing them.
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2023.04.02 11:42 Single-Deer3016 I was admitted to u of ts social science programs but i have some concerns over the unis administration

I got admitted to u of t which is great since its such a highly respected school however I have concerns. I have heard that u of t weeds out students and is extremely tough on your mental health and generally does not give a shit about their students. I have also heard how competitive amd lonely the place can be and how a social life is non existent. I have also read about students commiting suicide in the school over the past few years. I mean I know a girl who shit out a stars and in u of t she was stripped of her self confidence.
I have gotten into concordia as well which I know is much lower ranked than u of t but I am in their co op program which would allow me to gain work experience which i think is very important for the future. I have also heard the uni is more laid back and more fun to attend while also providing a good education.
What have been your honest experiences? Your comments here would really help me decide where to go . Thank you.
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2023.04.02 11:41 Sir_Buzbit A cute little poem

A cute little poem
Seemed pretty sweet so wanted to share as I feel we need more of this cuteness in the world 😝
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2023.04.02 11:41 YT-AnArtAccount what to do with flight and commute hours...

Hey all,
The situation: for my job I work in two countries. 3 weeks in Sweden, 1 week in the Netherlands. Due to this, I have two flights a month netting 5-6 hours each (train, check-in, flight). The one week in the Netherlands, I commute for 3h total a day. Now I love traveling by train. I either read, make art, etc.
My question: I would like to start a small side hustle while on the train. I already got something on the side within the 3D sector but it seemed fun to launch a project while traveling too. And I would be curious what YOU guys would try to create in such a situation. I'm a 3D artist by trait and my 'train setup' is an ipad, sketchbook/notebook, and a chromebook.
I would love to brainstorm in the comments with you, nothing off the table. Thanks :)
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2023.04.02 11:41 potatoisabean [Online][5e][GMT] Player looking for a group to DnD during the week

Hi everyone! My name is Flynn, 26F
I'm looking to join a group that's fun, where people really connect with each other and hopefully can keep playing together after the campaign is over.
I have played through 2 campaigns and some one shots. I'm used to Discord, Roll 20 and Foundry. I love taking notes and I put a lot of effort in developing my character. I know that players finding groups is the hardest to do so I would love to find one that I can vibe with.
Preferred days/times:
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2023.04.02 11:41 leafveiled 22SAS are recruiting!

Are you UK/EU based? Are you tired of playing with mutes and headless chickens? Looking for something more form your HLL experience?
If so, the 22nd SAS may be the group for you!
YES, WE ARE A MIL SIM, but don't let the term put you off as its certainly not like you expect it!
We offer some basic training tutorials as well as guided tips and matches for very new players to help them learn the game mechanics and basics behind roles, as well as how to effectively communicate on the battlefield.
THE RANKS - yes, we have ranks! But not the yes Sir no Sir BS!
We assign ranks within discord and game to help with organisation and admin of the community. the only reflection in this is the time you wish to put towards the group of your own choice. Not skill, not merit, not knowledge.
THERE ARE NO COMITMENTS REQUIRED, UP TO OFFICER RANK IN GAME OR ON DISCORD of which above comes with some varied discord community/game duties based on the rank obtained.
WE ALL USE MICS AND IN GAME COMS WITH THE AIM TO PLAY AND ENJOY THE GAME TO THE BEST AS OUR ABILITIES as well as use tactical play and strategies to achieve the wins.
We currently have a very active daily player base, and we are looking to expand this number further to enable us to achieve our new prospects and grow with our members and community of which we all share a strong passion for.
We offer a real sense of a brotherhood! Where every member matters and has a voice! We operate on the GMT TIME ZONE with our main player base residing in UK & EU, our main event and operations are between 7-10pm GMT most days.. we host regular troop and unit wide events, there's almost always someone online to link up with. Whatever the hour!
We do have some fantastic members from the USA and around the world too! All nationalities are welcome to join us but please be aware of, and if u can work around the time zones. We’d absolutely love to have you along too!
Together, we pride ourselves on bringing in new players and helping them grow, whilst growing ourselves too. Developing as units from within the group to form lasting bonds of friendship and brotherhood, all while supplying a great social and gamming community, where everyone really matters. Where you are considered, respected, and encouraged!
What to expect when you join us:
•Organised and well ran discord •Discord Rank Structure •Fun Training/matches & Large-scale events •Tactical & Strategic elements •Nice mix of Causal & a more tactical mil-sim player base. •Activity is encouraged and appreciated. but there are no commitments to participate in events. in/on discord or game. up to officer rank. •weekly/biweekly sim v sim skirmishes •A social hub for likeminded members to chat about anything. And 420 hubs •veterans/active service chat channels •An understanding, communicative and helpful community!
Our 22nd Armour Brigade is also actively looking for members, so if you are a “die hard” tanker, we have similar minds waiting.
Four infantry troops.
RECON regiment
More to come!
Requirements: 15+ Mic Required Discord (pfp change. Rank inclusion and t17 inclusion)
If you are interested, or want the full detailed info pack, feel free to message me on discord or hit the link below!
We hope to see you soon.
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2023.04.02 11:40 HazardWasFound Can F2P players enjoy Wizard101?

I have played wizard101 ever since I was a kid. I don't remember much because it was in the early years of my life and the game as well was new. I thought of revisiting my childhood and playing this game so far I've had soo much fun but now I need to get Cyclops lane and Fire cat alley in order to continue the game I cannot afford it as of now so what should I do?
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2023.04.02 11:40 katealatee [FXF][FXNB] Looking for long term RP partner/s!

looking for new long-term RP partners!
a bit about myself & what i'm looking for: hi, i'm kate, i'm 21 and looking to only play as 18+ characters, rp with 18+ characters, and only RP with people who are 18+, preferably 20+. i use proper grammar, capitalization and such in rp, but ooc i much prefer not to. i'd say i'm an intermediate level rper, i can hit discord max chara pretty easily in really active scenes, but i tend to never go under two to three paragraphs that are decent sized. i'd love some partners who i can also talk to ooc/befriend, it is not at all a requirement but i find it far more fun to swoon over characters together. i love worldbuilding with my partners as well! i'm looking for only non-men rpers, i apologize to those who may get left out due to this ! gals, nonbinary pals, and everything else is fine. due to being in the lgbt+ community, it's what i'm most comfortable with! while discussing boundaries here, i'll also add in that i will Only do fade to black scenes when it comes to the bedroom. lastly, i only RP on discord due to reddit not properly notifying me and often deleting messages!
plot ideas please note i'd love for all of these to have romance incorporated, in non-slice of life type plots i typically like a good 60/40 ratio of plot/romance, or something similar! these are all with oc's as well (:
- prison rp - life versus death, as characters - slice of life rps; not fond of family rp tho! - vampire x human/monster huntehuman - maybe some sort of closed community type college/university for supernatural beings or heightened abilities? (not superhero themed) - hogwarts rp - any other supernatural, sol, or low-ish action, moderately leveled fantasy rp! i'm usually a bit confused when rps get tooooo action packed or high fantasy, but otherwise i'm happy to discuss plots!
feel free to shoot me a message if any of this interests you!
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2023.04.02 11:40 AutoModerator Todd V - Verbal Game Academy (The Course)

You can chat (+) 447593882116 (Telegram/Whatsapp) to get Todd V - Verbal Game Academy.
Verbal Game Academy by Todd V will show you the ways for effective communication, and how you can use that to your advantage in dating.
The products of Todd V are known for they extremely high quality and systematic approach.
Some of the things you will learn in Verbal Game Academy by Todd V include:
How to speak to a girl's emotions
Walking with absolute confidence
Ways to make you conversation PLAYFUL and FUN
Ways to ignite her sex drive
How to get the girl on a deep emotional level
if you want Todd V - Verbal Game Academy contact us on:
Reddit Direct Message to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)
WhatsApp/Telegram: (+) 447593882116 (Telegram: multistorecourses)
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2023.04.02 11:39 katealatee [FXF][FXNB] looking for long term rp partner/s!

looking for new long-term RP partners!
a bit about myself & what i'm looking for: hi, i'm kate, i'm 21 and looking to only play as 18+ characters, rp with 18+ characters, and only RP with people who are 18+, preferably 20+. i use proper grammar, capitalization and such in rp, but ooc i much prefer not to. i'd say i'm an intermediate level rper, i can hit discord max chara pretty easily in really active scenes, but i tend to never go under two to three paragraphs that are decent sized. i'd love some partners who i can also talk to ooc/befriend, it is not at all a requirement but i find it far more fun to swoon over characters together. i love worldbuilding with my partners as well! i'm looking for only non-men rpers, i apologize to those who may get left out due to this ! gals, nonbinary pals, and everything else is fine. due to being in the lgbt+ community, it's what i'm most comfortable with! while discussing boundaries here, i'll also add in that i will Only do fade to black scenes when it comes to the bedroom. lastly, i only RP on discord due to reddit not properly notifying me and often deleting messages!
plot ideas please note i'd love for all of these to have romance incorporated, in non-slice of life type plots i typically like a good 60/40 ratio of plot/romance, or something similar! these are all with oc's as well (:
- prison rp - life versus death, as characters - slice of life rps; not fond of family rp tho! - vampire x human/monster huntehuman - maybe some sort of closed community type college/university for supernatural beings or heightened abilities? (not superhero themed) - hogwarts rp - any other supernatural, sol, or low-ish action, moderately leveled fantasy rp! i'm usually a bit confused when rps get tooooo action packed or high fantasy, but otherwise i'm happy to discuss plots!
feel free to shoot me a message if any of this interests you!
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2023.04.02 11:39 myothercharsucks looking for new people to play with in the upcoming league (sad post)

So, as the title says I'm looking for people to just play with in the upcoming league. I met a friend about 5 years ago in dota, and got him into poe. we used play the leagues nearly every day with each other,. Ben was his name, and he went by lillian winters in poe. After a few leagues ben started streaming, was doing ea build a lot, which i took the piss out of him for for not changing things up, but it worked for him doing boss killing services, and building his streaming a bit, which got him a following, of which I'm still part of on the discord server.
Ben got Diagnosed with cancer about 8 months ago, we would play together still, chat away, and still just have fun, but it was always in the back of our minds. On Feb 12th, he passed away from the cancer. We used love the game, and hate it, like most here, we made a little community group on the discord server he made and, they are a great bunch of guys. Thing is, seeing the names, and the name of the server, and that his avatar is going to be offline permanently, is a lot tougher that i expected to be , especially for a person i never met, but spent nearly everyday chatting to, and maybe this post isn't about finding people to play with, i just might need to get it off my chest that ill miss it all, as we used always chat about new leagues and builds and everything, and coming up to a new league its hitting home more. I enjoy the game, but i used hate playing solo, and will be the first league in a long time that will happen.
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2023.04.02 11:39 Raven2303 Am I just doomed forever?

Hi all,
This is going to be a fairly depressing post.
I just feel so hopeless. I feel as though because of my being autistic, I'll never have as many friends as I want, and will never get the life or happy ending I want.
The vast majority of people dislike me, and even more find me annoying. This isn't paranoia - last year I had a boost in self-confidence and started to think hey, maybe everyone doesn't hate me, but someone told me that people were talking about how I'm annoying so it was all an illusion after all.
I can't work out what exactly it is. I've asked my close friends several times, but they can't work it out either. It just seems as though when I'm talking to people, there's just a tipping point where they begin to find me annoying and start disliking me.
I just don't know what to do. I want friends so, so badly. I feel like I've been so many different people, approached making friends in so many different ways and all of them have culminated in me being alone yet again.
I blame my autism because I see so many autistic people going through the same thing, and because I don't think it's something about my personality aside from me being "weird" - I'm not particularly aggressive or anything, and when people dislike me, I only ever hear that it's because I'm annoying.
I just feel so frustrated. I try so hard to make friends, I talk to the people around me every day and reach out to them whenever we see each other. Everything seems friendly on the surface, but I get this feeling at some point that they don't like me anymore. It's something about the way they act around me - I couldn't pinpoint it, and I'm never completely sure because they never say it and I am sometimes paranoid because countless people before them have secretly disliked me - but they get annoyed.
This isn't the life I wanted for myself. I didn't choose to have everyone hate me, and I really don't feel like it's something I've done so much as the fact that there's seemingly something intrinsic about me that seems to repel people.
I just want people to not find me annoying anymore. I just want people to like me. I want to have friends. Everyone around me has more friends, more fun, and even if they don't few people appear to dislike them in the way they do me. I feel so fucking helpless.
How do I get around this? Have you ever been in a situation like mine and overcome it? Do you have the friends you want, the social life you want?
All I want is to be a normal teenager having fun with my friends, going out places in the summer and taking pictures and video calls. No-one ever does that with me. I've tried very hard to not feel so defeated about it and to not think that it's all doom and gloom but fuck, I just can't fucking do it anymore. It really does feel like I'm inherently annoying and that there's nothing I can do to change it.
I know this sounds really whiny, but is there any hope that things will change? How do I get people to like me?
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2023.04.02 11:38 Adventurous_Pause103 "Reverse racism" 🤡👨🏼

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2023.04.02 11:38 Its_A_Beanie My mentality is ruined from my last relationship, what do I do?

My first two relationships are of zero relevance to how i am now. My third, and most recent, lasted 2 years. There were many times at the beginning, and throughout that i should have ended things. He was a narcissist and a racist. But, I loved the good parts of him; the silliness and quirkiness that i related to. We were classmates from the same college. I haven’t told this to many outside of my small close circle: the relationship ended with his worst psychotic break yet. Here goes explaining the whole night: After a lot of begging for days, I finally convinced him to come with me to hangout with my old cross country teammates who were in town (i wouldn’t have been allowed to go out with them otherwise), and i was so happy, because not only could i hang out with them, but he would tag along too. It was a great night, went to two bars and had so much fun. On the way back home (we lived together), my friend and I (she was driving) were singing Airplane by Jeremiah. We don’t usually listen to R&B, but that somehow became “our song” early on in our friendship because we thought it was funny. After getting dropped off, he absolutely goes off on me saying how disgusting i am that i knew the words to that song, and how embarrassed he was of me. Even said that my friend was uncomfortable singing it. Even though she likes the song just as much as I do, i mean, it has been our song since freshman year. Anyways, he’s slurring his words and continues to call me so many mean things. We finally make it up to the apartment and starts to make fun of every insecurity I have. I go into the bedroom and try to ignore it all and go to sleep. I even apologized to him and said it would never happen again. When i thought all of the panic was over, i’m in the room and suddenly i hear a gun cock from outside the bedroom door. My heart immediately sunk because I know he owns a rifle. I run to the living room and i see him sitting on the couch with it next to him and without thinking, I run up and grab it and run into the closet (again, not thinking). There’s no lock on the door but I press my feet up against the wall and back against the door to keep him from coming in. At this point I’m crying so hard my throat hurts. I’ve never cried for my mom before, i don’t even have a close relationship with her, but i cry for her. It was the first time i truly felt fear. He quickly started banging on the door and tried forcing the door open. After a couple attempts, he’s able to shove me aside with the door and just falls to the floor to hug me. I’m not sure if he was trying to make me feel safe with that hug, but it made me even more scared. I run out to the balcony and close the door, this time he doesn’t follow me. I called my parents, at this point it was past 3am and they live about 40 min away. They answered immediately and were on their way within minutes. By the time I walked back into the apartment, he was on the kitchen floor sobbing. I wanted to comfort him so badly, but i was so afraid of him at this point. His words from before cut into me so deeply, and his rage and actions terrified me. I packed what I could into a bag, and couldn’t bring much since I had to bring my cat and his stuff. I called his brother to take away his gun and do whatever he could for him, because i feared for his safety. I’ve been so burdened by that night, and still carry a lot of weight from how he treated me throughout the relationship. Since then, I’ve focused on myself and stayed busy working on my masters degree. I long for a healthy relationship now but have had a couple short lived attempts since then that I feel have been ruined by how he has changed my way of thinking and now i feel i am overly sensitive to small things that don’t really matter. I immediately feel like everything it my fault if the relationship doesn’t work out. At this point i feel like my mentality is too ruined to have another relationship. I’ve done the best I can on my own to fix this, but my giving and loving nature prevents me from the trending “playing hard to get” dating mentality, and it just ends up hurting my heart in the end. A lot of it i know has to do with the things i’ve experienced from that last relationship. It’s not like I can just tell someone i really like all of that at the start of the relationship, but how else could they really understand me? It really sucks that this has become a part of me, because that’s my new reality; it’s defined my way of thinking unfortunately. I can’t see a therapist, because that’s too expensive. What do I do? Are there any books I can read that might help me overcome this?
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