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Key Account Manager vs Account Manager: What’s the difference?
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2023.04.02 11:36 trolledwolf ER Lore Q&A "Revelations" Translated - by Sabaku no Maiku, Part 1

Hi everyone, a popular italian content creator called Sabaku no Maiku just had a Q&A about the lore of Elden Ring (base game for now), and I decided to translate the entire stream for the international community, until the youtube video comes out, at least.
For context, Sabaku has been a creator specialized in From Software's games for a long time, with heavy attention to the lore of the game, and especially to correct popular misinterpretations that are due to mistranslations or other creators not doing enough research before publishing videos on the topic. He worked with translators to get the most accurate possible interpretation of the original japanese meanings, and has been working tirelessy over the last year to do so for every description and dialogue in the game.
Over the year, he also gathered tons of lore questions from the community to answer in this stream and I'm here to translate it from italian so that everyone can enjoy it. Of course, I will only be translating the Q&A parts and I will be skipping over anything that is not lore-related from the stream. Even still, the stream was 2 hours long, so this is going to be a long one, and I'll probably split this into multiple parts, as some answers are actually quite long and the stream itself was also split into multiple parts, and will continue next week. Reminder that these info only come from the base game (no DLC yet) and only involve lore that we know for certainty (or almost), so no wild speculations here. Let's begin:
Q: What's the Elden Ring?
*A: The Elden Ring is the most powerful Rune of the Lands Between, and it's central to the natural Order of the world. It's the pillar onto which nature's living cycle leans, in its life, death and change. However, the structure of the Elden Ring can be modified by whom is in its possession, that is the God of this world, and, through the removal or addition of Great Runes (the element that compose the ER), it's possible to modify the "law" (from the japanese "ritsu" , "law" or "rule") onto which nature depends.
The Elden Ring came to the Lands Between at the dawn of times, with the arrival of a golden meteor sent by the Greater Will. This meteor contained a Beast, that later transformed into the Elden Ring we know. It's not clear how this metamorphosis happened, but we can imagine it happened thanks to a process similar in concept to what we see happen to Goldmask, Dung Eater and Fia: After death, these tarnished gave birth to their own runes. It stands to reason to believe that the beast became the Elden Ring after its death and the creature we fight at the end of the game is all but a manifestation of its soul and its spirit world. Something we see with the Ancestral Spirit too, despite the two processes being fundamentally different.*
Q: What are Runes?
*A: Runes are the physical manifestation of Grace, which flows through the Lands Between and inside the eyes of its inhabitants. Runes share a lot of similarities to the Souls from Dark Souls: In fact, just like them, runes represent the core of the laws of life and of the universe itself. Specifically, they embody the power of Life, which can be used to empower our attributes. This last characteristic is fundamental to us Tarnished, but it also shows why Runes are so special in the Lands Between and why we, as Tarnished, are different from its inhabitants. Having runes inside means being blessed by Grace (which is the highest point of one's life) and, as a result, it means having superior qualities to regular human beings. This explains why the majority of the inhabitants of the LB are taller than us.
As a matter of fact, coming back to the similarities from Dark Souls, just like the most powerful souls can make you way stronger, possessing a greater Rune means having an higher density of Grace inside, and therefore more strength and vitality. This underlines how Runes, Grace and "Life" are deeply connected concepts in this world.
The similarities with Dark Souls don't end there though, as Runes can also manifest properties linked to their owner, like the Great Runes of the Demigods, or the Mending Runes, showcase. Or, in the opposite case, a Rune can also maintain an imperative principle even without its owner, remaining unchanged, like the Rune of Death (or the Lord Souls from DS, and, specifically, the Dark Soul). It's obvious how Runes are to the Elden Ring, like Souls are to the First Flame.
That said, there are also substantial differences between the Runes and Souls. While Souls were deeply connected to the concept of flame, Runes are instead linked the the concept of Gold and, especially, of a Sprout. In fact, runes are able to produce branches, leaves and plants in the world of ER, and this phenomenon showcases the "power of life" mentioned in the description of the Golden Rune (3)
Miyazaki himself, in an interview from Edge Magazine, mentioned how the image of a plant (and more specifically a tree) was, in his opinion, perfect to showcase a natural law that binds all, the process of birth, growth and death*
"In Dark Souls, the theme of the Tree was already present, but Fire was the more prevalent visual element of the title. For Elden Ring, the Tree is obviously more noticeable from this perspective (...) This tree, with its shining golden leaves, fits my idea of something that physically represents the world (...) Since the tree is something that lives, grows and in the end, withers and dies. This image fits very well in the role of something that can impart Order, control those rules and make everyone abide by them. Since these will also grow, change and lastly wither and die. (...)" - Hidetaka Miyazaki, Edge Magazine (EN: translation from english to italian to english again, so the wording will probably be different from the exact words of the original interview, which was also already translated from jp).
*Therefore, Runes manifest plants and runes, spreading life and all aspect which derive from it This phenoment happens even in case a Rune is connected to a specific aspect of life. This is the case of the Deathroots (which generate Those who live in Death), which are nothing more than the ramifications of the Rune of Death, spread throughout the roots of the Erdtree when Godwyn the Golden was buried under it.
The second difference is that, in DS, souls are fundamental to maintain the life of a body, to the extent that, if removed, the body dies forever. This isn't the case for Runes. In fact, we have multiple examples of being which aren't "blessed by Grace" which, despite the absence of runes, live normally like anyone else. For example, the Albinaurics, the Omens and, most importantly, the Tarnished. Therefore, runes seem to be a sort of "bonus", sort of how it was in Demon's Souls: In this title from 2009, sould weren't the core of life, but instead of thought, and, if removed, wouldn't kill you, but it would remove your ability to think, making you a wandering zombie at the service of demons. We can imagine Runes carry out a similar function, in that, despite not being linked to the concept of thought, they could be the manifestation of life in its purest and crystalline form, sort of like a "code" that every living being possesses, from animals to people. You could speculate, that runes are not only the power of life itself, but also what ensures the evolution potential of living beings, making them more powerful, vigorous, and adept to improvement. That which "gave life its fulliest brilliance" (or from japanese, "That which soundly (?) brightens the flame of life"), from the debut trailer.*
Q (from Chat): Then why do you get runes when you kill Albinaurics and Omens?
A: The reasons are multiple. The first is, of course, the subtle line bewteen gameplay and world building. But there's also the fact that, since the Shattering, runes were spread throughout the world and were absorbed even by beings that aren't "blessed by Grace" and therefore aren't normally born with runes inside them. So basically, they "stole" those runes, and couldn't really do anything with them.
Q: How can we be sure that the Elden Ring is the basis of life itself? Couldn't it simply be something that the Greater Will sent to the Lands Between to sort of "mark" its territory?
*A: Indeed, in the first days of the community speculation, it was a very popular theory that the Elden Ring was a kind of parasite, sent from the Greater Will to colonize the Lands Between. The theory became so popular than many fans treated it as anything but confirmed. Indeed, this theory can result, to a less discerning eye, as something quite plausible, considering how Elden Ring deals with cosmic elements and space creatures, and therefore can lead to believe that the title should be read as a sort of medieval game fused to sci-fi. The term used to refer to some of the divine forces at play, the "Outer Gods" (which we'll talk about at length later), immediately reminds us of the concept of Lovecraftian divine beings (even in japanese), and reinforces the idea that the game should be read as a mixture of fantasy and science fiction.
However, the more the delve deep in the descriptions and the esoteric narrative of the game, the more we can see that the theory not only cannot be confirmed, but even finds itself quite misleading if confronted with the objective info that the game gives us. Specifically, there's varioud proofs in game that underline the importance, in ER, of the Lands between, not as a tool of control, but as the core of everything.
First of all, there's the Shattering. The moment the Elden Ring was fragmented, not only did the Golden Order crumble, but so did the entire island. Both the Two Fingers and Melina speak about the necessity of having an Elden Lord who could bring everything back together, because life in the Lands Bewteeen literally went downhill. If the Elden Ring was only a mere instrument of the Greater Will, its shattering wouldn't have represented such a terrible event for everyone. In fact, people don't normally die, and, with the rupture of the system, there is no more stability in the law of nature.
Moreover, there's also a few info that Ranni's quest gives us, to take into consideration. While she explains to us her plans for a new world where we become her consort and the Elden Lorn, the Lunar Princess mentions to us that she intends to keep the Order, and therefore the Elden Ring, far away from this land "even if life and souls are bound to it" (translation from japanese).
I shouldn't be reminding you how Ranni is by far the most opposed figure to the control exercised by the Fingers, vassals of the Greater Will, but despite that, she doesn't speak of destroying the Elden Ring further. She decides instead to take the ER and bring it with her, moving far away from the Lands Between, exactly because it's not possible to permanently cut the connection between the first Rune and the life that it generated. Rather, the ones who got the Lord of Chaos ending, have seen exactly what happens the instant we decide to burn everything down... It's clearly not possible to separate Life from the Elden Ring.
Furthermore, there is another clear evidence of the importance that the Elden Ring has in the workings of the Lands Between: If it wasn't such an important fulcrum of the natural order, then the act of removing the Rune of Death from it shouldn't have had such impactful consequences right? And yet, under the Golden Order, death doesn't exist and it's not seen as a natural process anymore (if not as a way to "return to the Erdtree"). This happens, again, because Destined Death was removed from the ER. Some could counter saying that the influence of the Elden Ring only started after this hypothetical parasite came to this world, but even this claim finds no validity, because the game itself shows us that the Elden Ring has existed in the Lands Between since the age of the ancient dragons, way before Marika and the Erdtree, when Placidusax was Elden Lord. And yes, Placidusax was an actual Elden Lord, not a "metaphorical one".
In short (EN: lmao), all the evidence that we gathered brings us to the conclusion that the Elden Ring isn't some kind of alien force, but the core of the Lands Between and the origin of every civilazione and creature that ever resided here. For further evidence, just look at the dialogue with Hyetta and the very first trailer, which showcase very well the role of the Elden Ring with statements like "that which commanded the stars and gave life its fulliest brilliance" ( in japanese, "that which rules the stars that flow and soundly(?) brightens the flame of life")*
Q: What is Grace?
*A: Grace is the blessing of life which was brought to the Lands Between in ancient times, when the Elden Ring was formed from the golden meteor. Like we said before, Grace and Life are deeply intertwined concepts: In the world of Elden Ring, life finds it maximum manifestation in the so called Grace, a golden energy that, regardless of the form it takes, ensures life is at its highest peak. In fact, in japanese, the name for Grace is "shukufuku" (EN: in the document shown in the stream, the kanji for this word was also included, for those who are curious), which translates to "blessing" or "celebration of joy" - therefore it's not by chance that Melina tels us the golden light which guides us in our adventure is "the blessing of the Golden Tree" in japanese (and in the english adaptation). See? Runes, Grace and Life are connected.
Albeit it seems like Grace has spread far an wide thanks to the Erdtree's offset, Grace is harbored in almost all the inhabitants of the Lands Between, even the ones in opposition to the Greater Will, like the Nox. This is showcased by the fact that every mob, when killed, releases runes to use as an upgrade or as currency, and the fact the scales of the ancient dragons, despite preceding Marika's Order, were already covered in gold. (We also have all the golden eyes of beings that would normally be hostile too)
Besides taking the form of Runes, Grace can also manifest as other forms, like the droplets of golden dew produced by the Erdtree and the beams of golden light that guide us at the start of the game. It should be noted how, inside those streams, there's small golden leaves which dance in the air, more evidence to how Grace in the LB and its power of live are linked with plants and leaves.
It's never explicitly stated in any description, but we can imagine how whoever becomes the divinity of the Lands Between - that is to say, whoever inherits the Elden Ring - exercises also a direct control on Grace. In fact, it was Queen Marika to take Grace away from us, making us Tarnished, therefore, logically, we can assume it was also her that gave it back to us (exactly like she promised to, judging from her "spoken echoes")*
Q: Wasn't the Greater Will the one that gave us Grace?
*A: That's what the Two Fingers believe, but following the events of the game, we discover that the Greater Will is at last out of the game: in the sense that, like the introduction itself narrates, the Greater Will has abandoned the Lands Between and its inhabitants, leaving everything and everyone behind. The idea that our mission is blessed and wanted by the Greater Will is a belief which was matured by the old Two Fingers in the Roundtable Hold, who think the divine entity still watches over the world. However, the moment we reach the Erdtree, and it negates our access, the Two Fingers, shaken by the even, try to contact the Greater Will to get an explanation. For the remaining duration of the game though, they will never get an answer, which is pretty indicative to the fact that the Greater Will has been totally absent throughout the course of recent events.
Gideon Ofnir himself, in the description of Lord's Divine Fortification, has understoon how both the Fingers and the Erdtreee, have at last felt the weight of time and the Shattering, and that there's nothing holy left in our mission. In the end, we're trying to save what can be saved, in a stranded world.
The game, unfortunately, never confirms if the Greater Will can actually affect Grace or not, but what we know with absolute certainty, is that the divine entity is long but gone and, as such, should be excluded from any speculation post-Shattering. However, we know of another entity able to control Grace: Queen Marika, who, though reduced to an empty and broken shell, is still the Goddess i charge. It's not by chance that, in some Sites of Grace, we Tarnished can still notice some of her echoes, and comprehend them thanks to Melina.
It's therefore very likely that the Grace which guides us back in the Lands Between, "accross the fog", is exactly and extention of the Queen's will.*
Q: But if Grace is guided by the Queen, then what are her objectives? What's Marika's plan?
*A: To this question, unfortunately, we can't answer for sure, since what we know of the Eternal Queen is just fragments of information, spread here and there between descriptions nad official sites. Some believe our action are part of a greater plan imagined by Marika herself, and this isn't completely wrong, in fact, Grace has called us back, which means the Goddess wanted our return in the Lands Between.
Without mentioning the fact that, judging by the echoes that Melina perceives in the Queen's bedroom, Marika sounds pretty determined in her choice to break the Elden Ring. Let's not forget about our smith Hewg, forced by Marika to forge a weapon which, by her will, would have to be able to kill a god like her. With this in mind, it's likely that Marika had some kind of plan.
However, let's not take for granted the idea that the Queen had a clear mind in her actions, on the contrary... In the Cinematic Trailer, Ranni tells us that after the Night of the Black Knives, Marika "was driven to the brink", - in japanese, Ranni even says, without wasting words, that she could have gone completely mad for the death of the son. We should also remember that the plot not only involved the Prince, but also other unmentioned demigods, (from the official Bandai Namco site).
Therefore, we cannot assume her actions weren't simply driven by her folly. Judging by her echoes, Marika seems to be fierce and ruthless in preserving her own interests, between her empire and her family. It's not absurd to think, then, that the psychological weight and the sense of failure in seeing her prized son die, together with other demigods, all members of her family, and the complete crumbling of the Erdtree system thanks to the Deathroots, must have driven her to madness.
If we consider as true the theory that the Gloam-Eyed Queen was also one of the demigods children, then Godwyn might not even be the first of her offspring to have to be buried by the queen's own hands. Moreover, it shouldn't be underestimated how heavy it is to be the one and only Goddess of the world, which, albeit granted with incredible power, still has to shoulder a great weight: many Empyreans will try to overtake the throne, betrayals and internal struggles... maybe even the removal of the Rune of Death from the Elden Ring might have played a role in damaging her mind, since as long as the Elden Ring resides inside her, as a matter of fact, she IS the Elden Ring, and therefore, by modifying it, she might have also influenced herself. It's not by chance that, in the intro, Marika was already shown with small cracks on her arms and shoulders.
In fact, Marika doesn't seem to gain anything from her action, seen as it's apparent that, even after repairing the Elden Ring, she still remains an empty stone corpse. She never benefits from the new Order that we create, and only remains as a crumbled shell, literally, of her former self.
In short (EN: again, lmao), our guidance could just be what remains of the lingering will of a mad queen. Maybe that's why many, like Roderika, refer to her as the one who cursed us. In that sense, we would find ourselves in this situation because of the whims of a mad goddess who, the moment something started to deviate from her plans, decided to bring everything she herself created, down with her. Maybe, that's also why, when Giden found the "last will of the Queen" he was shocked by it and found it an "unacceptable ending".
A goddess that was "way too human", both victim and executioner, who sacrificed herself for herself, cursing our entire world.*
Q: But didn't Marika desire to challenge the Greater Will?
*A: Not necessarily. This too, is one of the very first theories that was spread during the first few days from release, but, like the idea that Grace is the guide of the GW, this theory too does not align with what the game itself shows us.
Despite there being evidence that the gods and the empyreans have to be ruled by some sort of system by the Fingers, the game never shows us any instance of Marika, or other Empyreans, being forced to do anything. Queen Marika is only ever shown to take decisions by herself, from declaring wars to anything that breathes, to removing Destined Death from the Lands Between, to taking Radagon as his second consort. All of these are choices Marika made by herself. Marika's freedom reaches such a level that the Goddess was even able to shatter the Elden Ring, with no one able to stop her, and was only punished after the event. These don't look like the actions of a prisoner of her position. If anything, it seems like, as long as there's an Order in the Lands Between, the Greater Will leaves quite enough freedom to govern to the God in charge.
There's also those who believe that the Greater Will is in conflict with the Outer Gods for control over the Lands Between, but here we also need to remember a crucial detail for the comprehension of the divine dynamics of this work: Among the Empyreans, there is a candidate to the title of Goddess, Malenia, who has the Scarlet Rot inside, an Outer God in absolute opposition to the Golden Order. And yet, the Greater Will didn't seem to carte at all. In fact, we know that you become an Empyrean by being chosen by the Two Fingers, and therefore it's as if the Greater Will itself, through its vassals on land, chose Malenia as a candidate. In short, it doesn't look like this Greater Will is such a tyrannical being, as people like to depict it.
The only case where we see the Greater Will react with wrath towards the actions of someone is in the case of the Nox, whose "high treason" (from the japanese description of the Fingerslayer Blade) was the attempt to kill one of their Two Fingers. The same thing Ranny was trying to do (in which case she also committed "high treason"). So Ranni would have probably also be punished the same way, if she had tried to kill her Fingers before the Shattering. It seems, then, that the Greater Will intervenes (or used to intervene before abandoning the world) only when its emissaries are in danger. But apart from this specific case, it doesn't seem to interfere with any of the choice of the God in charge, as long as there's an Order in place, keeping things together.*
Q: What is a Tarnished?
*A: A Tarnished (in japanese called "asebito" which translates to "Faded") is an inhabitant of the world outside the Lands Between who doesn't harbor any Grace within. The Tarnished were born when Queen Marika removed the Grace from her first consort, Godfrey, and all of the warriors who fought alongside him during his conquests. When the last enemy fell, and the Lands Between found themselves under the complete authority of the Golden Order, the King and his men found themselves without Grace, and the Queen commanded them to leave the Lands Between and reach a far away land, to "look for conflict, to live and then die". It was then that the first Tarnished were born, and, with the promise that Marika would, one day return their lost Grace and the possibility to come back to the Lands Between, they would sail towards the outside world, to begin what was called "The Long March" (with a ship that would, unfortunately, get stranded and sink in the sea). The adaptation is not clear as to what this exile was for, but the original japanese text gives us some more clues: In fact, the Long March is originally called "chousei" , term which can be translated as "long military expedition" or "great military expedition".
So, despite never being stated explicitly, the purpose of the Long March was, very likely, to conquer the lands beyond, and expand the dominion of the Golden Order outside the Lands Between.
The Long March brought the Tarnished to expand into these lands, creating new countries and societies, like the Badlands ( "land of the barbarians" in japanese), Kaiden, the Lands of Reeds etc...
Unlike in Dark Souls, we know very little of these outside lands, but, thanks to the Confessor set, we know that a church was established outside the Lands Between, which is dedicated to spreading the teachings of the Two Fingers (while at the same time casting away the Prophets who spoke around a certain flame who would one day burn the Erdtree). We can say, then, that the objective of the Long March, was all in all achieved.
For obvious reasons, every single Tarnished is a descendant of the first Elden Lord and his army, so much so that the description of the Warrior class (in the character creation menu), explicitly tells us that all Tarnished were once warriors without distinction. That said, in recent times Tarnished became Astrologers, Priests, Sailors, Nobles and more. We can safely assume then, that the lands outside of the Lands Between are inhabited and populated.
After the Shattering, Grace was returned to the Tarnished, giving them a specific mission. Repair the Elden Ring and become Elden Lord. Like with Dark Souls' Undeads, guided by an alleged prophecy, towards "their destiny", the Tarnished will reach the Lands Between to reclaim the throne, finding themselves in need to challenge the demigods who, currently, possess the fragment of the Elden Ring. But the Tarnished still remain hated and despised in the Lands Between, seen as inferior and persecuted in the worst of ways. Which is why, their mission was never going to be easy.*
Q: So why did Marika take Grace away from Godfrey and his soldiers?
*A: Like everything that involves Marika and her plans, unfortunately we don't have answers for certain but, to dare try and make a theories, we could think that the main reason why Grace was taken away from Godfrey was for the fear that it would somehow be stolen by potential enemies. In short, Marika didn't want Grace to fall in enemy's hands.
From the gifts we can choose in the character creation screen, the so called "Keepsakes" (from japanese "katami", meaning "memento" or "souvenir") we have the possibility to chose a "Lands Between Rune", which, besides giving us a very important description to understand the nature of the Tarnished, subtly remarks how runes are physical objects, which can be carried around (even tho in our case, we carry it in our bodies, since we are Tarnished). This showcases how Grace can exist outside the Lands Between, and, if we take in consideration the amount of runes we found on corpses or inside tombs, Grace can leak outside the bodies of the dead. With a similar phenomen, whos says that Grace wouldn't have spread outside the Lands between, and be absorbed by the ground, plants, animals and other creatures? Queen Marika already has a lot to think about and definitely doesn't need a "second Land Between" to care for. Grace is hers, and hers alone.*
Q: Then why is there a Rune among the starting Gifts? Doesn't that go against what was just stated?
*A: Not necessarily. In fact, it's possible that this Rune was an excess of Grace which, by chance, landed in our hands after we were given life by it again.
Or maybe, and an answer that I personally prefer, it's more likely that it's effectively a leftover of Grace, that us Tarnished, as the protagonist, obtained outside the Lands Between. In the original description of the Sacred Tear item, it's explained that these are the "vestiges of the Grace of the Golden Tree, kept safe in the churches of all lands". Taken at face value, we could take for granted that the description references the churches of the Lands Between, but the description never mentions the island itself: Who says that "all lands" doesn't refer to the outside world too? In fact, those are churches dedicated to the teachings of the Two Fingers. So who's to say that these goblets containing Grace weren't the metaphorical Bible of the "missionaries" mentioned in that description, brought to the "savage" inhabitants of the lands outside to show them how good, generous and beautiful the Golden Order was? In the Cinematic Intro, we are shown a Statue of Marika inside the catacombs where the Tarnished were buried. Moreover, from the Keepsakes in the PC Creation Menu, we can choose items dating to a period following the exile of the Tarnished, like Miquella's Bewitching Branch, or the Golden Seen. Golden Mask himself is a Fondamentalist of the Golden order, a doctrine which was born only after Godfrey's exile. All this to showcase that the Lands Between and the lands outside did have dealings, trades and cultural exchanges.
It's therefore plausible that these items ended up in the outside world through some kind of commercial relationship or by pure chance (like the Golden Seeds mentioned before, who reportedly "flew out from the Erdtree, scattering across various lands" after the Shattering, or, like the small description of the Keepsakes mentions, were "stranded" from the Lands Between towards the lands outside.
Or maybe we're discussing fluff (EN: and I'm translating it, what am i even doing) and, for all we know, we could have just gotten them after our arrival in the Lands Between (even though the fact that they are called Keepsakes suggests that we've always had them with us, since at least before our deaths and subsequent revival).*
Q: So what are the Lands Between? And what is found outside of them besides the Tarnished?
*A: The Lands Between - making another comparison to Dark Souls (seen as good ol' Miyaz like to repeat himself) - i the Lordran of Elden Ring: a legendary place, where the most ancient civilizations reside, and the the inhabitants are blessed by the Grace of the Erdtree (and therefore the Elden Ring). A sort of Eden, for those who are graced. It seems to be separate from the rest of the world, by a "sea of fog" which surrounds the island and probably makes it pretty difficult to find for whoever wants to reach it (EN: big Valinor vibes from the Lord of the Rings canon) - and as such, i'll have you notice, could make it seem like the call of the chosen Tarnished to be "divine", to the eyes of the inhabitants of the outside world, since these would be seen as the select few who have the chance to reach this magical and legendary place that is the Lands Between, land of Gods and Demigods.
To close out the question, I'd like to leave to you the original text describing the Lands Between: In fact, from japanese, it's called "hazama no ji", which roughly translates to "the land which stands inbetween" or "the land between things", from which the obvious english name. However, "hazama" can also be literally translated to "interstice" (EN: a "narrow gap" or "crack" for those like me that have never used this word in english) which would represent an acute reference to the Interstice in Berserk, ("hazama no sekai" in japanese), which is the dimension between the physical plane and the astral plane. So if we wanted to throw ourselves into some wild speculation (EN: i lied), we could theorize that Elden Ring's Interstice is so called since it's the connection point at which the physical world and the cosmic world meet, since it's the place where apparently meteors and cosmic creatures tend to fall. But this is just speculation!*
[ This is the point of the stream where Sabaku realizes it's going to be impossible to finish the entire Q&A in one stream and hilarity ensues. This is the point where I'm splitting this stream into two parts, so stay tuned for part 2 ]
EDIT: wait for a second as I fix the formatting
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2023.04.02 11:36 Ill_BodyMods4176 A Kinkster slave in TX seeks an older Dom in TX who is into submission and domination!

I am now living in TX, preparing to move to California's bay area for an extended period since I'm through with dump Christians in TX. I am looking for a dominant guy who is into heavy S/m and BDSM and wants to take a slave boy in to live with him at his place. I am a submissive slave boy who enjoys being dominated and controlled; I decided to come here since I know you can find plenty of kinksters in this subreddit. I want to try my luck.
I have experience with domination and bondage before. I like the physical details of being a slave to someone. I want to find a dom for a 24/7 relationship with minimal contact with the outside world. I know I can be a good slave because I'll tend to my master's needs. I prefer a massive muscular stocky-build guy beast who regularly hits the gym.
About my fetish: I have a specific interest in body mods. It's like they are the perfect instrument of the master to show that he owns the slave showing people that this slave is his. ''Piercings and full body tattoos specifically.'' I'm looking for Dom in that field. Who is a professional tattooist and can make other body mods on his boy. I don't have any preferences, regardless of what tattoos he'll do to my body, only to show people that I'm his slave. He'll get to decide what body mods he wants to do on his boy. My other fetish is that I enjoy being locked and having chains around my body. Did mention my experience as a slave before. I was locked down in a basement in chains for five days. Yes... those are the scenes I like.
''P.S., Write if you think we match!''
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2023.04.02 11:35 thechubbydino I have proof

Homepage Accessibility links Skip to content Accessibility Help User0365637800 Notifications Home News Sport Weather iPlayer Sounds Bitesize More menu Search Bitesize BITESIZE Change language Home Learn Support Careers My Bitesize All Bitesize Pineapple on pizza: Where did it come from and why do some of us hate it? Part ofLearn & revise Add to My Bitesize It’s the food choice that seems to divide the world. Is pineapple an acceptable pizza topping?
It frequently causes arguments online with memes for and against pineapple as a topping shared almost every day. In these extraordinary times we're experiencing, some memes have even suggested that if 2020 was a pizza, it would have pineapple on it.
 Love it or hate it? Our opinions on potential friends, film stars and sportspeople are regularly formed using the pineapple on pizza method, and it's even sparked debate among colleagues on Blue Peter.
But why is it so controversial and where did it even come from? BBC Bitesize grabs a slice of the action.
The origin of the Hawaiian The modern pizza we know today evolved from dishes created in Naples, Italy in the 18th and 19th Centuries.
Italians take their pizza very seriously, particularly in Naples, where the local pizza received traditional speciality guaranteed status by the EU in 2009, protecting the original pizza base recipe and its production methods against misuse or falsification.
But the Hawaiian pizza, topped with ham and pineapple, was not an Italian invention.
And despite the name, it did not come from the US island state of Hawaii either.
The pizza was actually created in Canada in 1962 by a Greek immigrant called Sam Panopoulos.
Panopoulos, along with his brothers, owned a restaurant in the province of Ontario. The food was initially very simple - traditional diner dishes such as pancakes and burgers. Inspired by a recent trip to Naples, Panopoulos decided to introduce pizza to the menu.
It was a relatively new dish in North America and at the time, most of them they served were topped with mushrooms, bacon or pepperoni. Panopoulos did the same, but as he became more adventurous with other dishes, introducing Americanised versions of Chinese meals such as sweet and sour chicken, which also includes pineapple, he decided to take a risk with his pizzas as well.
He added canned pineapple to one pizza, with ham – not knowing whether it would be a hit or not, but soon found the combination of sweet and savoury was proving a winner with his customers.
But why? One possible reason is the growing fascination at the time with Tiki culture. Hawaii had officially become an American state in 1959 and people had fallen in love with the island lifestyle. Canned pineapple began to be imported into North America, along with pineapple juice - providing Panopoulos with his crucial ingredient.
As for the name, the brand of tinned pineapple was called Hawaiian, so Panopoulos’ invention was named in its honour.
Hawaiian hatred From its humble Canadian beginnings, the combination spread across North America, and ultimately the world - but despite its global appeal, pineapple pizza has remained controversial.
A 2017 YouGov poll found that 82% of people surveyed liked pineapple, but only 53% liked the fruit on their pizza. 12% of people said they disliked it on pizza a little bit while 29% said they hated the idea.
 Hawaiian pizza - not actually illegal in Iceland. One of the main arguments is that pineapple breaks with tradition – that fruit, tomato aside, has no place on a pizza.
Gudni Thorlacius Johannesson, president of Iceland, caused a minor international incident when he joked with school pupils that, given the chance, he would ban pineapple on pizza.
It led to Hawaiian pizzas being sent to the Icelandic Embassy in London and Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada, passionately defended his country’s culinary contribution in a tweet.
But why? Master pizzaiolo (pizza chef) Franco Pepe owns a restaurant in Caiazzo, north of Naples. He’s been named the best pizza maker in the world on multiple occasions - but hasn't shied away from using pineapple as a topping, winning an award for his take on the controversial pizza.
Speaking to food website La Cucina Italiana, Pepe said he thought the reason many were against pineapple was because it clashed too much with the base sauce.
“The combinations were probably too risky: the pineapple was combined with tomato!
“Double acidity, which invariably resulted in a weak taste and poor digestibility. In addition, the pineapples were from cans, pre-cooked under syrup with a huge addition of other sugars.”
Pepe’s critically acclaimed pineapple pizza uses fresh fruit and serves it cold, wrapped in prosciutto ham – an approach that he says allows the natural taste of the pineapple to shine through.
But despite his fine dining take on the Hawaiian, the standard tinned fruit option remains incredibly popular.
Hawaiian fans say they like the combination of sweet and savoury flavours – a trend that has become fairly common on menus in recent years thanks to things like salted caramel.
And who hasn’t been to a child’s birthday party where pineapple and cheese chunks on sticks were served?
But in the end, it comes down to personal choice – a point referenced by Icelandic President Johannesson, who said: “As much as I do not like pineapple on pizza, the individual freedom of having the topping of your choice overrides that.”
And with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson openly admitting that pineapple on pizza is his preferred choice, who is to argue? Love it or hate it, Hawaiian pizza is here to stay.
  What makes a good guitar riff? Experts share the building blocks behind a memorable musical sequence that stays with you forever
 Five well-known animals that went extinct in Britain Elk, lynx and brown bears all used to roam across Britain.
 Seven words that describe that cosy autumnal feeling From hygge to gezelligheid, the untranslatable words that perfectly sum up that autumn feeling.
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2023.04.02 11:35 AutoModerator [Get] Smart Earners Academy – Special Bootcamp Course

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2023.04.02 11:33 RalphBlutzel Best video editing app for iPhone?

I want to start creating videos similar to Instagram reels to document and share my families special moments. I have a shortcut that allows me to download Instagram reels, so I could create them there and then download them afterwards. Is there a better app to do this with that supports native downloading? I’ve heard good things about InShot, can anyone else concur?
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2023.04.02 11:33 SkyFire143 34 [F4M] #Tampa, Florida I’ve Always been into older men, any chivalrous, humble guys here?

Disclaimer* I had to choose a city so I’m starting with one I can visit pretty often or more as needed w/my work. I’m also open to others like Miami, Houston and surrounding areas, but we’ll talk more Privately 😉….
R4R has been like a mild addiction because I’ve not only made some incredible friendships here but also a few genuine relationships too!
Despite experiencing more “weirdos”, I prefer the initial veil of anonymity, I am after all “taken” but in a DB/monotonous situation that allows me to pursue and fill a void where I deserve it. Prefer: You’re monogamous, single with grown kids or married in unique DB situation as well. NO poly men or guys busy with toddlers please & thanks.
Ideally I would love to meet a man who considers himself “traditional” when it comes to how he treats his woman (probably why I prefer older men now that I think of it: 50+), but is modern and wise enough to respect and understand why I feel justified in even being here…. Because let’s face it; all wedding vows should come with an addendum that says “I do understand that if our relationship gets so off track I’d prefer avoiding divorce as long as possible by almost any means possible!” I digress, but it’s important to note this is supposed to be a judgement -free zone, my spouse and I have a loving friendship, no kids, opposite work schedules and I have bent over backwards more Than once to maintain our union- so now what? Now, I’ll continue to pursue my personal goals which include meeting a very special new friend because life is absolutely too short not to.
More basics about me; I’m usually the most fun person in any room and I can have fun without any intoxication whatsoever. I love culture, am A foodie who can cook, love live sports, art galleries, beaches, Sexy lounges, fishing, swimming, yoga, Rock climbing, mild pda, thoughtful surprises and countless sweet nothings. I’m open to Try almost anything once (minus uber-kinky stuff lol- I mean FUN Experiences!)
I can juxtapose between a ball cap and sneakers to a low cut gown with ease, tan skin, all natural, 5’3” curvy but HWP. I’m what many people refer to as “exotic” but I am often misjudged and that’s another reason I enjoy making a genuine connection BEFORE shallow details are even considered. (If I were single I would definitely be chosen to be on the cast for “Love is Blind” on Netflix lol). That’s all for now, If you get it, DM me With a really unique question and fact about you. Once I’m comfortable we will move our conversation to a chat app for privacy purposes. Looking forward to some promising (not perverted) replies. Thx ☺️ 💋
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2023.04.02 11:33 undergrounderio debating whether I should start my first move away from home (18m)

there are a lot of small details and plenty of extra info, but I'll try to keep this short:
how do I balance the conservative, money oriented part of me and the fuck it, this could help me get out of depression and get my shit together part of me? I have a list of pros and cons of moving away from home:
the benefits: i can accept my responsibilities without letting my mom take care of things for me, in a way that makes sense to me. I'll gain life experience I wouldn't get otherwise. This provides a good space to break out of old ruts and habits. The pressure is on to at least obtain an associates degree.
the detriments: It'll be expensive. I won't be able to save as much because of this. I have no idea what will happen if the couple I'd move in with break up. I'll be more stressed about my new responsibilities. I'll have to somehow transition my temperamental cat from being an indoooutdoor cat to fully indoors (apartment). I'll have to transfer community colleges. There will always be a chance of my expensive but necessary things being damaged. I'll have to leave the job I'm comfortable with and find a new one.
on one hand, this would force me to do my own stuff instead of relying on my mom to to do it, but on the other, it's not a financially wise decision and it will greatly impact how my future will look.
thoughts? do I sound like a whiny teenager or does this seem reasonable to consider?
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2023.04.02 11:32 HelpFair Recurring Urinary Tract Infection in Female Cat

So about a year ago I took my baby to the vets because I noticed blood in her urine that was on the bathroom floor. I keep her cat litter in the bathroom but she goes through stages of not using it and just peeing on the bathroom floor, usually in the shower. Vets prescribed a 10 day course of antibiotics that I had to give her both morning and night and a special cat kibble specifically for urinary health which cleared up the blood in her urine within just a couple days. I have since only fed her urinary health kibble in the mornings and wet food at night with plenty of water to drink. Fast forward about 6 months and I’m noticing the blood in her urine again which is all over the bathroom floor and never in the cat litter. I take her back to the vets and they prescribe the same thing which she finishes the 10 day course and it clears up the “infection”. Fast forward to now I’ve noticed the past few days the little blood spots in the urine puddles on the shower and bathroom floor. I want to take her back to the vets ASAP but I’m working everyday until Wednesday and I just know they’re going to prescribe the same thing and it’s only going to come back. Could this be related to stress in anyway? She is an indoor cat that I take outside on the grass for a couple mins a day. She is desexed and quite an anxious and shy cat but there is also another street cat that comes to our front door which triggers her to try and fight with it through the screen door. I’m open to any and every answer please help!! Thanks
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2023.04.02 11:31 Styria1998 Austrian has a couple of questions :)

Servus, hey, in a month im flying to Canada for the first time and stay at least for 1 year with the IEC work permit.
So i have a few questions:
-can you compare the safety in the yukon with europe or is safety there really a problem, cause i read here especially Whitehorse isn‘t really safe.
Thank you :)
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2023.04.02 11:30 AutoModerator [Get] Smart Earners Academy – Special Bootcamp Course

[Get] Smart Earners Academy – Special Bootcamp Course
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Smart Earners Academy – Special Bootcamp Course



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2023.04.02 11:30 AutoModerator Daily Discussion - Sunday, April 02 r/FanFiction Rules, FAQs, Weekly Schedule, & Current Event Threads

Welcome to FanFiction, I love you!

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Got a question or concern? Feel free to message the mod team.
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2023.04.02 11:29 trustvion living in a transphobic environment.

please excuse any typos it's 5 in the morning and i haven't slept. my brain is not processing as well as it should <3
i am 16 years old, and i've known i was trans since around the age of 8. i live in a household where nobody supports transgender people, especially not my mom. my mother expresses how she believes being trans is a mental illness on a daily basis, and goes as far as correcting herself to use the incorrect pronouns for a trans individual when she correctly uses their pronouns. she doesn't believen they/them pronouns, and is also homophobic. but she justifies it with having gay friends and a friend who has a ftm son. in this household i am not allowed to cut my hair above my shoulders, and when my family had found out i owned boxers they made me throw them out. i'm not allowed to purchase a binder, or even wear sports bras. i have been putting up with this for a long time and had grown use to it knowing that when i'm finally 18 i would be able to do as i please a bit more freely not under complete control of my mother. but recently the constant deadnaming and transphobic comments have worsened my dysphoria. i can no longer get up out of bed to eat, shower, brush my teeth, or do school. i feel as if my life is slowly being destroyed because of my identity and i'm afraid to express who i am. i have been kicked out before for speaking up on this matter and i have had my room torn apart while my mother searched for anything masculine i might've been hiding. i've tried to leave this house and search for help from anybody possible but it hasn't worked. i feel suffocated, i stay up at night wondering if i'll ever be able to be who i am without worrying about this type of stuff. i feel like i'm completely helpless just watching my life be taken away from me bit by bit. i don't know what i'm going to do.
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2023.04.02 11:26 jash7557 Just wanted to reach out and say thanks to all of the IRS folks

Tax public accounting busy season schlumped my ass and Ive had it. I submitted a recent application and am scheduled to do an in person meet and greet at an office. I can't thank all of the folks making great posts and explaining the role in as much detail as they could. It's tough to imagine being you guys applying for this role ten or twenty years ago and just saying "fuck it" without all this information. When I mentioned reddit/linkedin as how I knew about the role, the SSA said they have noticed an uptick in traffic from reddit which I think shows how much of a net gain it is with you guys/girls on here. Good luck to everyone applying and hope to see you in FLETC!
I wonder if there's some kind of reddit task force and if so, once I get my badge I want in on this special ops unit.
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2023.04.02 11:25 dcm7734 The Final Chapters Special 1?

I'm so confused. I'm finally caught up with the anime (using crunchyroll), and just finished Episode 87- The Dawn of Humanity. Now there's this one hour special? So, is this episode 88? Is it filler? Can somebody please explain without spoilers? Thanks in advance.
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2023.04.02 11:24 NewlySailedWaters 29 [M4F] UNO Challenge!

Calling all board game, card game enthusiasts!! I'm once again looking for someone new to play a special version of UNO. It's UNO, but with extra spicy rules that I'm sure you'll love.
This special version hasn't been played since before the pandemic, but I think it's finally time to bring it back for a whole new audience of challengers! Be warned though, all who have challenged me to this version of UNO couldn't beat me. Do you think you have what it takes to beat my winning streak? (For those wondering, my winning streak is currently 3)
About the game: Fundamentally, it's still UNO. All of the rules and cards which you're familiar with are still present. But the penalties you serve to your opponent are not simply limited to getting them to draw extra cards. This could be as wholesome as giving your opponent a hug or kiss, to as spicy as heavy petting. Please don't ask me for specifics or the exact rules, as these will be explained fully right before we start playing.
About me: I love board games, card games, and even video games. I enjoy thinking of novel, fun house rules to games which can deliver a refreshing twist, with UNO being the prime example. I'm an open minded, non-judgmental, respectful, and understanding person who is always up for making new friends.
Stats: Single ~ Caucasian ~ Slim/average build ~ 190cm tall ~ Dark brown hair ~ Green eyes ~ Non-smoker ~ DDF ~ Clean/Hygienic ~ Vaccinated (Flu/COVID)
What I'm offering: A cheeky game of UNO ~ A relaxed time with chill company ~ Drinks and snacks ~ Can host/travel
Who I'm looking for: Women of any skill level in games are welcome. The most important thing is to be open-minded and willing to give new experiences a go. But if you're quite competitive, or experienced in board/card games then bring it on! I love a challenge. Please also be DDF/non-smoker, vaccinated against flu/COVID, able to travel or host, and willing to provide a photo before meeting
Thanks for reading! I look forward to your challenge.
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2023.04.02 11:23 MrHelloPerson I have a cool idea for a video-game

What if we made an indie retro game that featured our classmates and students. So basically you would ask the student or classmate if they would like to be in the video game. You would ask them which superpower they would like. And then in the beginning of the game you can select a classmate or student of the gamer’s choice. And some of the characters would have like special superpowers. And you have to unlock each character as you play along in the game to defeat the end game boss with all the characters combined. It could even be multiplayer. Just randomly came up with this idea today.
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2023.04.02 11:23 KayakGorilla would someone mind helping my curiosity with myself

I struggle with social gatherings and will find excuses not to go. If I do go, I cannot relax and pray that I can find an excuse to leave. Even if I'm out shopping or round my parents, I feel anxious and just want to leave and get home.
I envy those in relationships but when I think about myself being in a relationship and being intimate, I feel sick and think of something else.
I don't trust that people could like me. I have a voice in my head that convinces me that they feel sorry for me. They don't see me as an equal and look at me like a child or something.
I had a small group of friends at school but we all soon split up and I ended up being the victim of a light form of bullying. Mainly silly rumours and making fun of my appearance.
I cannot focus on TV shows or movies. When I'm at home I'd be on reddit or on wikipedia. When I'm in the cinema I'd be day dreaming.
When someone talks to me, I lose concentration and stop paying attention to what they're saying.
I like my own company and like days where I have no plans and I can stay in my house all day. Every now and again, though, I feel sad and start crying when I think about how I spent the weekend alone and had no plans.
If I didn't have a job, I wouldn't leave my house apart from food shopping and appointments.
I've tried social clubs and my mum and sister have helped try and get me to go to different events. I went to a gaming cafe. I love games but I only went twice. I'd convince myself that people in the cafe don't like me and that they'd only be nice to me because they feel bad for me. Same for when I tried netball and running. I coudlnt feel comfortable.
My brother is married and so is my sister. I still feel like I'm young and marriage and kids just don't go with me. I cannot ever see myself being a typical adult who is married and has kids. The idea is crazy to me.
I find myself eating too much chocolate and not eating healthy. I am aware of the importance of eating five a day but I just don't care enough.
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2023.04.02 11:22 GyroMachinist Soliciting Advertisements in Shout, Say, Yell, etc.

Let me prefix this conversation by saying I have no issue with anyone roleplaying, being a DJ on Twitch, promoting their venues through the Party Finder, etc. In fact, I'm a roleplayer myself and have visited a few venues myself. There are great venues who don't rely on these practices. As long there's a method to filter the results out, I have zero issues with any of these promotions and I encourage the promotion to stay there.
Unfortunately, there has been many individuals whom went out of their way to start promoting through the say, shout, and yell chat. It's not just one message of their venue, but multiple throughout the day. Unfortunately, due to the subreddit's rules, I'm unable to link censored chat logs, but I'm certain you've seen the spam yourself in Limsa, Gridania, Ul'dah, and elsewhere. Sometimes, it's just a single message. Sometimes, you'll see a wave of three or four people advertising different venues at the same time. I've even seen these venues advertised at Hunt Trains of all places.
Now, I could blacklist these individuals and move on.
Yet, it doesn't address the underlying problem. I've seen some go to further lengths by advertising on obvious alternative characters, so they can avoid being blacklisted on their main character(s). They'll toss these characters after a few days or so, make a new character, and continue the advertising cycle again. In fact, as I'm writing this paragraph, I came across an advertisement with a character whose lodestone was deleted recently. I wouldn't put it out of reason these characters could also be piloted by bots for their nuisance spam.
So, there's zero point in blacklisting these individuals. If some are relying on alternative characters and even automation to promote their venues and streams, then all I'm doing is wasting space on my blacklist. They're just going to keep coming back after a certain period of time. As of right now, there's no TPP that censors venues and stream advertisements in the chatbox. (There is for Party Finder, but we're not discussing that.) Yet, there are individuals who are uncomfortable with using TPP or doesn't have access to these tools and we shouldn't alienate these individuals too.
Why is this a problem?
If you're a long-time player, you could compare these messages to the old-fashion RMT spam from years ago that littered these cities. The same advertisement spam that people bitched and complained about for months and years about to Square Enix. The same RMT advertisement that forced Square Enix's hand to adding a "Report RMT" feature into the game. This "Report RMT" feature that eventually chat-restricts individuals after a certain amount of reports and forces a manual review on your account. (How do I know this? Mass reported by a botter and their friends.)
Now, let's review the Prohibited Guidances for 'Spamming' / 'Obstruction of Play':
The key point to consider is whether or not the behavior is obstructing another person's gameplay. While the intention may have not been to cause an obstruction, if the situation interferes with the communication of other players then it can be determined as a prohibited activity.
This key point point heavily relies on the communication of other players. If people are having a conversation in shout chat and suddenly bombarded with several ads from venues, then it's going to cause a disruption in their chatting experience. It might cause an argument to get out of control, a lively conversation to fall apart, etc. If they're spamming a macro or the same chat line over and over, then the Game Master can easily retrieve this and determine this specific infraction.
In the main Terms of Service, let's review this point about Botting:
2.1 Cheating and Botting. You may not create or use any unauthorized cheats, bots, automation software, hacks, mods or any other unauthorized software or hardware designed to modify the Game and gameplay. In addition, you may not take advantage of game system bugs and exploits during gameplay.
Again, I bring this rule up, because there are some alternative characters that aren't leveled and spamming the same message again. No adventure plate and if you look up their lodestone, they're level 2 or 3. These 'players' are constantly advertising these venues and DJs on every world on every data center on NA. (I've seen a few do it on a hourly basis as I've been writing this post up.) Could these be human players? Possibly, but given there's multiboxing Bard performance bots and gathering bots in this game... anything is damn possible.
Also, let's review this rule about Modifications:
2.7 Modifying or Creating Derivative Software. You may not modify or cause to be modified any files that are a part of the Game or Service in any way not expressly authorized by Square Enix, and may not make any derivative works of the Game.
Now, I could be making a nothingburger out of this, but this rule draws concern over venues, streamers, and DJs, because Square Enix may not want individuals advertising their game in a certain manner. In certain DJ live streams, I've seen modded characters in adult-themed outfits that obviously don't belong in the game. In certain venues, especially the 18+ venues, they'll advertise adult-themed services and some would go further by including Lalafells into the mix. If you open some caards in the advertisements, you may notice modified characters, textures, outfits, etc. All of this is asking for attention from Square Enix and their Game Masters.
If you don't believe me, I can list some examples when SE responded to problems after enough attention:
Now, other sections of the Prohibited Guidelines and Terms of Service can be bundled into this mess, but I'm going to stick strictly to these three. I don't want to feedback loop and rather keep it straightforward with this post, because they're the strongest three points.
Solution / Conclusion
Obviously, the problem needs to be addressed with an all-around answer from Square Enix. A solution with a TPP will only provide relief to some individuals and not to all. Silencing 'shout chat' isn't also a viable option, because that deletes a source of communication for some who relies on it for hunts.
As mentioned a few weeks ago in the Korean Q&A, Yoshi P did say they're working on an overhaul of the friend's list system. Yet, we don't know the details of this overhaul and what it ensues. Let's say if it did give us additional slots to our blacklist and automatically removed deleted characters, it would only be a band-aid to a temporary problem. The solicitors can simply make another character, spam to their heart's content, and delete it a few days later. Sure, this can help mitigate the problem, but it's only a band-aid to the overall issue that will fester overtime.
A short-term solution, SE could implement an advertisement or roleplay chat that's like shout chat, but solely for venues, roleplaying, etc. This can stop shout chat solicitations, give SE a chance to enforce policies, allow non-roleplayers to mute the chat, and give roleplayers what they want. Longer-term solution would be fixing the Fellowships and making it more accessible and presentable.
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2023.04.02 11:22 AutoModerator [Get] Grant Cardone – Intro to Multi-Family Apartment Investing Full Course

get the course here:
[Get] Grant Cardone – Intro to Multi-Family Apartment Investing Full Course
About The course :
Starting at the age of 33 and investing in a single-family home, Grant Cardone made a quiet entry into real estate. Cut to three years later of exhaustive research, intense study and countless property tours Grant broke onto the multi-family real estate scene and has been a driving force in the industry ever since.
Over the last 28 years, Mr. Cardone has closed over $1 Billion in transactions and has over 5,000 units. He has created Cardone Capital to offer accredited and non-accredited investors the opportunity to invest with him.
Now you can learn from Grant’s experience and industry knowledge with the Real Estate Course.
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2023.04.02 11:20 Jemmalee112 My neighbours DIY house looks so bad right?

My neighbours DIY house looks so bad right?
This is the view from my apartment complex.
There’s four different roof types, a wooden extension on the back, a mural on one wall of house, a tree stump in the middle of paving, a tarp that flaps over their car in driveway and just so much going on. Random shade cloth hung up, different types of mesh screens on the enclosed patio plus part of a fence mixed in with the screens.
Plus all the bikes, beanbags, two trampolines, cubby house, climbing frame and just general junk everywhere.
This looks awful right?
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2023.04.02 11:19 model-super #GEXIX [Shropshire and Staffordshire] model-super attends a Doll House Party

Kids, everybody’s love. But kids also mean playdates, and a lot more. model-super, the Tory candidate for Shropshire, decided to get on everybody’s nerves, by going on a random talk in the middle of the parents’ conversation on school choices. Let’s tune in!
School choices you say Shelly, I will tell you the realities of School Choices. Apart from decreasing Class Sizes, this Government’s policies on School choices is a whole bunch of crap. They first removed the Academies, now the Selective Schools, and certainly will one day scrap out free schools, and force all of your children, however smart, however they are, to standardised state schools. Why, ideology. They want to indoctrinate your children that equality somehow happens when you throw the rich kids and poor kids together.
No! It just means you’re making children feel inferior amongst each other, and doing nothing to face the reality. Uniforms can’t hide the true feelings you see. This is why, plug in, the Tories need to be pushed into power. I know Jess, you don’t like me talking about it, but here me out for once. The Tories have a concrete policy on Education, support Grammars, support academisation, support School Independence, and we will be doing exactly that. We will also be abolishing the GCSEs and replacing it with Baccalaureate styled Assessment systems which means that the year-long contributions of your child can be noted when teachers assign a final grade.
This will make the grading system more rounded, equitable and fair to all children. This is the real equity we need to give our children. We also propose to build a new National Learning Library for students aged 5-18, so that they can access their online learning resources, whenever wherever they want. This will help in their ongoing education efforts and work towards streamlined academic excellence. We also want to increase the minimum wage of 12 pounds per hour for all workers across our country. Work more, earn more, and save harder.
Coming to family, let’s all congratulate Edwards on becoming a new father. For you, we have special legislation. The Tories propose to expand both maternity and paternity leave across the UK, since both parents deserve to spend equal time with their children. We will also be increasing funding for the Family and Youth Services across the nation, to ensure we give our future the very best. We will also be drafting a new Equalities Act which will ensure every person counts, every voice matters and none of it is suppressed in ideological or political whims.
Moving to some Culture announcements, we will be introducing new "Culture and Cultural Heritage Protection Units” in Law Enforcement, who will ensure that our cultural artefacts are not smuggled out of the United Kingdom, and that everyone who does it will get punished seriously. We will also be introducing new Social Media Regulations and reviewing the prospect of a Digital Bill of Rights, to better protect you and our children from the evil forces within the Social Media World.
I think with that, we have spoken a lot. If I speak further, I’d be sent home, asked to reflect on my conduct, so yes, we have a lot more reasons to vote Tories, so please cast your vote for me this Election.
Finally fighting for breath, model-super takes his seat, but this time, with stride, and hopefully more voters on the bank. He finally has cupcakes and leaves the doll-house party, with his thoroughly embarrassed daughter, and moves home.
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