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2023.03.21 18:28 Neat0d0rito The Walk

I walked a mile, but in whose shoes? I prepare to walk my way back Am I now in my own, or have they been replaced The only way is forward regardless
Nature listens, Hears my cries It doesn't talk back It only embraces
I hear the chirping, the rustling I hear the music in the distance I see the towering trees I see the power lines
The road is seldom traveled And yet it is paved I get lost in nature And yet the miles are marked
I can only go halfway in Before I make my way out Though I found a part of myself there So too, one I left without
Do I miss it? Does it miss me? I shall soon return Though life passes me by
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2023.03.21 18:28 uvkat2bkittenmee I (26f) found an erotic love poem on my boyfriend’s (30m) phone from his ex-wife. How do I approach the subject?

My boyfriend (30m) and I (26f) have been together a little over two years. Our relationship is healthy, we are always trying to better ourselves separately and together. We are committed to each other and building a future together.
I was on my boyfriend’s phone writing him a note on the notes app. We are very open with our phones, know each others passwords, neither of us hides anything, or has any issue with the other using ours, etc.
Out of curiosity, I scrolled down to see if he has any notes about me. When we were first dating, we discovered we both had a “note” with little facts and things about one another.
As I was reading down the notes, I saw a note labeled "A Poem for my Husband."
He is divorced now for around 7 years. He says they got married for a host of wrong reasons. Their marriage ended around 7 years ago, but they had random friendly contact up until him and I started talking.
I (stupidly) clicked on the poem and read it. Pretty good poem tbh. When I clicked off the poem I noticed there were a few more poems underneath.
A few of them were written by her. One of them was written by my boyfriend. It was a Valentine's poem, and it was pretty erotic and sexually explicit. He's a great writer, so it was beautifully written. I know it sparked a little jealously in me hearing him speak about another woman that way.
We were in a long distance relationship for a good chunk of our first year together. He wrote me a poem on our "anniversary" every month while we were apart. I know it's silly, but I feel like it's a little less special knowing it's been a "move" before.
I love him dearly and he is the most gentle, patient, caring, whole-hearted genuine person I know. I'm 100% positive their relationship is over, but are the "marriage feelings" just something you have a little bit of forever?
Reddit, how do I approach this subject with him? I want to tell him that I saw it and try to ask why he has them still.
I know I basically hurt my own feelings by reading them, but I don't know why he's kept such intimate mementos.
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2023.03.21 18:28 LiamD44 3 questions about 1.4.7 server

My friends and I recently started a 1.4.7 SMP server hoping to capture some nostalgia. I want to force the serverside render distance down to “short” and was wondering how many chunks the “short” preset was specifically in 1.4.7. Also, after lowering the render distance down to some arbitrary number in server.properties, I seemed to be able to increase my render distance beyond it clientside. Is there some other switch I’m missing that was removed in subsequent versions?
My second question is: how can I shrink the world border down to an arbitrary size, say 5120x5120. I tried /worldborder but I don’t think it’s in 1.4.7.
My last question is: how can I allow skins on a 1.4.7 server? My friend said it’s to do with Microsoft’s servers not communicating with legacy versions but I was wondering if there was a plugin or something that could enable them.
Thanks in advance for any help.
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2023.03.21 18:28 AdElectronic6752 Calling a friend out

I have this friend in our circle that some of my friends recently distanced themselves, for a particular reason. My friends and I are also classmates on some courses we took together, and on one subject we are tasked to create a paper about a particular topic that is related to our program. The thing is we took the course last semester and sadly we all failed that course, and the instructions we had for the paper we're going to create was the same as we had last semester. This particular friend was part of our 'paper group' last semester but wasn't part of our group now since our professor advised to have 4 members in a group. Apparently, this friend somewhat proposed to our professor the topic of the paper and was clearly the same as what we had last semester, us, the other group which was also the group we had last semester minus the friend was also planning to use that paper and just change some parts of it was really surprised since our friend did not really asked for permission if he could use our paper, another issue was that he did not really contributed on the paper and it was really us 4 who made the paper, that's why we became really distant to her recently. Now we made a separate chat group without that friend so we can talk about her and our problems with her. Last Monday, she messaged me about a particular group work from a different course but since I slept when she messaged I wasn't able to answer her and then she said it was already taken care of. I took a screenshot of our convo and was going to send it to the group without her but accidentally sent it to her and said a couple of things on the private message, I was really groggy and and maybe I misclicked on the private message. She saw the message especially the screenshot and was taken aback of what I just said. The context of my message was that good thing he knew what to do the group work since me and a groupmate was really filling out the space she can't fill up in the group. She told me she understood and thanked me of what I said and told me it was a wake up call for her to not try to be a freeloader. Of course I was very guilty of my action and did not know what to really do since I cannot make an excuse about what I just did. I told her I'm sorry I snapped at her and I was very guilty. Now I don't know how to face her since I'm seeing her everyday.
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2023.03.21 18:27 NabokovDarling Vengeful anger

I’m going to try to leave out as much detail that’s irrelevant as possible. I’m only wanting advice, please do not bash anyone included in this post. Please be respectful to all participants.
Aspen, Birch, and Cherry are in a dating separate triad. Aspen and Birch have an issue that requires rekindling after thinking distance was what was required to help heal the issue. During this time, Cherry feels neglected or unwanted as a partner but does not communicate these feelings. Cherry acts out. Aspen and Birch are now back on the same page, but now Cherry is about to step out of the relationship. Instead of doing so, after days of ignoring both partners, Cherry sets up to discuss what’s been going on. But before meeting with Birch, Cherry has intercourse with Aspen. immediately beforehand. Before leaving, Cherry is asked if they think it’s cool to wear an outfit that shows the aftermath of said intercourse and Cherry shrugs off any consideration that this may not be cool (given that Aspen and Birch hadn’t heard from Cherry for a majority of about 4 days, despite attempting to reach out). Aspen is also uncomfortable with the situation at that time. Cherry revealed they had been considering leaving the relationship before these events. Cherry has also recently been seeking partners to have in case their relationships fall through.
Birch feels compelled to leave, as these actions and events feel malicious. Birch separating from the triad would end up putting Aspen in many lines of fire that aren’t deserved, and may also cause a breakdown of the entire dynamic.
What would you, as any character mentioned, do moving forward?
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2023.03.21 18:27 EisenZelle99 Why is the area west of Nashville way less dense+populated than areas north+south+east of Nashville?

Of the counties surrounding or near Nashville, Rutherford (SE of Nashville, 552/sq mile) is the densest+most populated, followed by Williamson (S, 420/sq mile), Sumner (NE, 371/sq mile), Wilson (E, 259/sq mile), Robertson (N, 145/sq mile), Cheatham (E, 133/sq mile), and Dickson (E, 111/sq mile) in that order.
The area west of Nashville only looks somewhat hillier on a topography map, and it seems to be a roughly similar distance from Nashville as Mt. Juliet or Franklin. Commute times (on Google Maps) only look longer for areas north of the Cumberland River, not south (probably due to distance from I-40). Housing prices seem to follow a similar trend as density, with housing west of Nashville being cheaper (except for Robertson being between Cheatham and Dickson). Oddly, recent population growth (according to the US Census) was slower west of Nashville despite housing being cheaper. Given rising housing prices in Nashville as well as north, south, and east of it, why have areas west of Nashville remained comparatively sparse and cheap? Is it hillier than it looks on a map, making development harder? Even that seems odd, given East TN's substantial population.
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2023.03.21 18:27 Dometalican_90 My predictions for weapons of the next season

My predictions for weapons of the next season
Also to add, 3 new Weapons:
  1. Splat Mop: Brush category that is slower for running, slower swings, and uses more ink but has larger range and more damage. Pair this with Burst Bomb and Reef Slider for the comp.
  2. Splatana Dualper. Think double-ended Splatana (like dual wielding Lightsabers). It could have less range than the stamper with the same swing speed but would allow for TWO slashes whose animations are active at farther distances to combo. Pair this with Curling Bomb and Trizooka for more options.
  3. Jaw Brella. A splat Brella that's slightly shorter than the Tenta Brella, less powerful shots (more long range) but the kicker: the Brella ITSELF being an insta-kill. It's a shield and a 'crush'. When launching the Brella, it would use more ink than the Tenta but even the launched Brella could instantly splat opponents and stop after two of them or when the ink runs dry. Finally, it should have the ability to launch in the air (not super high but certainly higher than the other Brellas). This could pair with Angle Shooter and Super Chump to round it out.
What do you guys think?
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2023.03.21 18:26 MagniLibrary Questions about the conditions of marriage in Islam.

As'Salam Alaykum Wa RahmatuLlah Wa Barakatuh,

I have a question about the conditions of marriage in Islam.
Let's say a person demands from his/her future life partner that he/she has never committed Zina, that he/she has never made Riba, that he/she has never drunk alcohol, that he/she has never taken drugs, or whatever other condition.
We know that we should not reveal our sins, but what should a potential partner do if he/she does not fulfill a condition of marriage? Should he/she hide his/her sins and get married despite the fact that he/she does not respect a condition requested by the person? Should he/she hide his/her sins and distance himself/herself from the person out of respect for his/her marriage conditions?
Also, if it is Islamically forbidden not to respect a condition of marriage and the person not respecting the conditions gets married anyway, whose fault is it? To whom does the sin apply? If the marriage is not valid, who will be "condemned" for Zina?
Finally, I often see it said here that it is forbidden to not respect a marriage condition, and that it is better to walk away from a person if you don't respect their requests... but are there any Islamic sources to back this up?
Thanks to you. For the record, I am not in this situation at all but the subject interests me.
Baarak'Allahu Feekum.
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2023.03.21 18:25 tonnie_taller Serial gas stove user Stacey Abrams trolled for joining group that wants to ban them

Failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is being called out for featuring a gas-powered stove in a campaign ad after joining an environmental group that is pushing to ban such stoves. Rewiring America, a self-described nonprofit “focused on electrifying our homes, businesses, and communities,” announced last week that Abrams, a Democrat, will join its team … Continue reading Serial gas stove user Stacey Abrams trolled for joining group that wants to ban them
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2023.03.21 18:25 maximusaemilius H1: "Uhh.... hi Mom, hi dad, do you remember that diplomatic mission with the new alien species i was sent to right? There might be a sliight pregnancy problem now." H2: "Goddammit Adam, please tell me you havent impregnated an alien female..." H1: "Yeah about that..."

"So, you're telling me we found another sapient omnivore species?"
The commander grunted, ripping his boot from a watery patch of mud and nearly crashing into the swampy water between two twisted tree roots.
Sunny reached out with one of her four armored arms and caught him by the back of his pack, pulling him upright.
He nodded a thanks to her and adjusted his gear.
Behind her Ramirez ducked under a low hanging branch, slogging through a pool of knee-high water, adjusting the containment pod, holding Krill more comfortably over both shoulders.
Krill, comfortable and warm inside his containment pod, watched the marines, scientists, and a linguist struggle through the mud under a covering of impossibly tall, twisted trees, their canopy blocking out all light that might have dared cut downwards towards the watery floor below.
"Not entirely sapient, I suppose."
Krill answered,
"Unfortunately the way in which they communicate is going to drastically reduce their ability to create complex structures and perform mathematical equations."
Together they maneuvered themselves over a root, which at some point in the distant past, had decided to grow upwards instead of down. At about four feet high, it had changed its mind and arched back down into the water. Perhaps it had been smaller then, but at four feet wide, the root was an absolute monstrosity now.
The trees themselves were massive, challenging, and sometimes outgrowing the legendary redwood forests of the western Americas, but unlike the redwoods, these trees didn't stand tall and proud. Instead, they chose a twisted path much like the branching veins which made up a human vascular system. They twisted and undulated, interlocking past each other with branches that were well over two feet wide in many cases, and stretching to over four feet wide in others.
No one direction was good enough, and the trees twisted, ducked swirled and reached, grasping for any sort of light to be found.
On top of the darkness cast by the trees and the soggy nature of the forest floor, it was also horribly hot and humid, giving the impression of a microwaved wet blanket thrown over the world. Where heat from the upper canopy met the cooler air of deep forest pools, it created a perpetually thick mist which writhed and undulated through the trees, leaving only the shadowy impressions of twisted trunks and clawing branches past distances greater than 50 feet (15m).
"They communicate primarily through pheromones and heat modulation. From what I understand, the language in itself isn't precise, and really only works in generalities and feelings than it does in absolutes."
Commander Vir kicked a rotting log out of the way, ducking as a massive green bug buzzed over his head and into the fog.
Turns out the hotter and more humid a planet gets, the bigger the bugs get,
"But we were still able to communicate with them?”
Krill nodded from inside his case,
"Yes, generally speaking. For a species that cannot communicate in absolutes, I hear they are quite reasonable. They seem willing to accept our friendship, and have..... invited, I guess, us to participate in some sort of primitive ritual."
Vir perked up, flashing a bright smile.
“Reasonable? Peaceful? Rituals? And definitely CANNOT communicate in ABSOLUTES!? Am I the only one who thinks that sounds familiar?”
Sunny sighed,
“No Adam I am reasonably sure that they are not Jedis…”
“C’mon, that would be so cool! Like lightsabers, the force and stuff… maybe they look like tiny Yodas? I mean it fits, with the swamp, the speech impairment and all…”
He nearly fell over another root.
“Adam, focus. We have a mission here.”
The commander nodded, scrambling over another tree branch,
"Alright, so... where are these things anyway? How do they look?"
His boots hit solid ground, covered in some sort of wet spongy fungus and he glanced down at his GPS.
“Considering they talk by smell, my bet is on Elephants with giant human noses. What do you think Mav?”
Ramirez turned around to look at Maverick, who had stopped walking.
“Giant… fucking spiders…”
Commander Vir was still looking at his GPS and no one else answered, so without looking up he broke the silence and said:
“Wow you are always so negative; it better not be, I want my space Yodas…”
More silence.
This time it was broken by Ramirez.
“Giant fucking spiders… with… Wolfheads!?”
The commander was still diddling around with the GPS in his hands.
“Oh not you too Ramirez, also that’s oddly specific, you always had a pretty cruel imagination. Ah there we go I think it’s that way.”
He said, looking up from his GPS to keep moving.
After some steps he realized no one was following him, so he stopped and turned around.
Behind him the other marines were dead silent, heads lifted towards the sky in shock.
One of the marines whispered, scrambling back behind a tree root.
Commander Vir turned and nearly fell into the water again, eyes locked onto the creatures descending from high above.
They were huge, about the size of large horses, and horrifically spider like in their construction, or perhaps an ant. They had large-scale abdomens connected to a thinner thorax. All together they had ten appendages, three pairs of spider-like legs on the abdomen which, instead of ending in a pod or foot, ended in a sharp pointed spike. On the abdomen, they had two arm-like appendages, with too many joints and strange wavy tentacles instead of fingers.
The head was just as disconcerting.
It seemed too large for the body, grossly out of proportion and strangely out of place, like some cosmic sentience had used a random animal generator to assign parts to its body.
The head was wolflike, if you were to strip the skin and fur away, leaving only the muscle underneath. You could see the line of teeth running up either side of the muzzle, while the large red-pink ears rotated continuously.
Commander Vir had backed himself into the bowl of a tree eyes wide. Sunny slogged herself up from the water, placing herself between the strange spidery creatures and the human.
They didn't descend like a spider might, on threads of silk, but they used their back six feet, and the spikes on the end to dig into the bark of the trees with a disconcerting thud thud thud thud.
Finally the largest of the creatures reached the ground, surprisingly silent for its massive bulk.
Glancing around Sunnys tensed body, he noticed something he hadn't before, and that was a strange small mass gripping onto the spidery creature's underbelly. Upon closer inspection he counted ten legs and a surprisingly spidery head buried against its underside... a completely separate creature holding on to its companion.
Behind the largest creature, he noted ANOTHER type of creature. It boasted the same sort of structure as the large creature, but its abdomen was devoid of scales, and covered in strange black bulbs suctioned onto its body by way of a strange, sticky black-green webbing. Its head was also constructed differently more like a lizard than a wolf, with large bulbous eyes that could rotate behind its own head to look in all directions.
Commander Vir fiddled nervously with the advanced translation headset he wore, strapped to his helmet, supposedly it was supposed to be able to understand what these things were saying.
"Sky... friends."
The translation was somewhat garbled, but he understood it was the large wolf-head who spoke.
He walked forward, pushing Sunny gently to the side despite her clear reluctance,
"Yes, we are friends, and we are here to offer peace to you, and the assistance of the Galactic Assembly."
He wasn't entirely sure how that was going to translate over in smell, but the creature seemed happy lifting its head and gnashing its large canine teeth.
"Agreement... for a favor."
Commander Vir grew unsure then, letting off a reluctant,
"What favor?”
The spidery shape moved closer sniffing at him with its large wolffish nose. Sunny stiffened at his side, and he put a hand on her arm to calm her.
"Ritual... you watch and help."
"None of us will get hurt... will we?"
The creature stopped and pondered the question for a long moment,
"No danger... live... healthy... happy."
Commander Vir nodded slowly,
"Alright, what do we have to do?"
The creature hefted its large bulk, and turned in the opposite direction,
It commanded, scuttling off into the trees.
"This is very interesting."
Krill was saying to one of the accompanying scientists, who nodded vigorously in agreement.
"What's so interesting?”
Commander Vir whispered, from where he stood at the edge of yet another, but larger fungus covered clearing, watching as the creatures scuttled back and forth.
The scientist learned in in excitement,
"It seems that these creatures have a ternary gender system."
Before the commander could ask, the scientist continued,
"For ease of speech, the large ones are the females, and those things on their bellies are probably the males. The medium ones are the third gender, the 'they' if you will. It looks like the male impregnates the female who then attaches the eggs to the third party. Dr. Krill tells me that the third party have a very high heat signature, probably to incubate the young. Those attachments probably provide nutrients into the egg and may even transfer DNA over as well."
"Wow... freaky."
The commander muttered in fascination.
"Kind of gross if you ask me."
Sunny muttered.
"I'm with her. Its kinky, but too kinky for me…"
Ramirez muttered, receiving a few nods from the other marines.
"Oh please."
Krill whispered,
"I know what human reproduction is like, and it's arguable way worse."
The scientist waved them all off,
"The big one there, the one that's been talking to us. I think she's the queen, and judging from those egg sacks, this is probably mating season, if they have one."
"Creepy, but cool, I guess."
The captain muttered. They watched for a little longer as the queen scuttled around the clearing and then returned to look at them, lowering her meaty wolffish head to the commander's eye level.
"Ritual... find... eggkeeper."
She scuttled away.
"Oh... this is some sort of… Mating ritual maybe? To choose that third party you were talking about?”
"This isn't exactly the kind of "Mating ritual" I wanted to see."
Ramirez muttered. The other marines turned to look at him with raised eyebrows. Sunny stuck her tongue out in disgust.
Off in the clearing, some of the smaller females had moved themselves onto the high branches scuttling through the trees to examine the "they" who waited patiently. It appeared that side was very important in the ritual, as they all fought for the largest counterpart. Once found, the wolffish head would lower, and open up to reveal a tube under the tongue. From there she would... disgorge the egg onto the abdomen of the 'they' and the mucus would solidify to hold them on.
"It has to do with size."
Krill hissed,
"But it seems that it has more to do with heat. The big ones only get chosen more because they also happen to be warmer than the smaller ones. I'd say they incubate at an average of 90 degrees Fahrenheit, so 32 degrees Celsius."
They watched this for a while, the scientists taking notes and the marines making inappropriate jokes.
Eventually most of the creatures had finished, leaving only the queen left over.
Everything went still when she began to move, and she scuttled around the clearing, looking over all the available 'theys' she could find, but she just didn't seem satisfied.
Commander Vir tugged at the collar of his jacket, a line of sweat dripping down his face.
She continued her circuit once and then twice; at some point she turned her head, large eyes locking on the humans.
She sniffed at them.
The human laughter died as she advanced.
"What is she doing?"
The commander muttered under his breath.
The scientist that stood next to him, hidden partially behind Sunny, answered
"I... I'm not sure."
She scuttled even closer, and the humans backed away.
"Hey doc... didn't you say something about... them being attracted to heat? And like the “they’s” being around 90 F/32 Celsius?”
Ramirez wondered, hiding himself behind a root.
"Yeah... I did, why?”
"Not to freak anyone out or anything but... isn't average human heat about 98.6 Fahrenheit… so 37 degrees Celsius?"
What followed was a rather violent game of nose goes, but instead of involving touching one’s nose to see who was the last person standing, it involved a mad rush to reduce body heat.
The smartest marines took the initiative and dove into the water beside the clearing, completely submerging themselves under the surface.
Others chose to cover whatever exposed skin they might have had in mud, as if to mask the heat.
Still others chose to cut and run.
Unfortunately, with his position at the head of the group, commander Vir wasn't fast enough.
She came at him in a scuttling rush, and in a frantic leap to get away, his boot caught on a root and he hit the ground hard.
Sunny tried to leap in front of him, but was bowled over by the mad rushing form.
"Shit! Shit! Shit!"
Commander Vir repeated, scuttling backwards across the ground, as the large spidery shape loomed over him.
He stopped dead in his tracks, backed against a tree root.
She leaned closer.
He raised his hands above his head blocking his face,
"Please don't lay your eggs in me. Please don't lay your eggs in me."
She reached out one of her forward hands, surprisingly delicate, as she cut through the first layers of his jacket, and shirt.
They fell away in slices revealing the pale human skin underneath red and sticky with the tropical heat.
His chest and abdomen heaved with his breath as he tried to scramble away, but she caught him with the prong of one of her back legs pinning him in place.
"Fuck... Help... HELP."
Sunny wasn't fast enough, having been tipped head over heels into the water, with the rest of the marines in similar positions, Krill contained inside his tube unable to help but also unable to look away.
She lowered her head, and the man screamed. It was cold, gelatinous and slimy at first, but even as it touched open air, he could feel it fusing against his skin solidifying. He thrashed and wriggled, but she was far too strong holding him in place.
Finally though, she backed away, leaving him panting on the ground shaking and trembling leg throbbing where he had been pinned.
She leaned her head down to examine him,
They locked eyes,
"Friends... now... Keep them... warm."
She retreated, and he struggled to his knees, turning to look down at his body which was now partially obscured by a sticky pod of six black eggs, pulled tight against his skin. His hands were shaking, as he reached down to touch them, cold and smooth.
He tried tugging on one, but nearly fainted at the pain it caused against his skin.
The creatures were withdrawing back into the trees, leaving him kneeling on the fungus, hands trembling as looked downwards.
Sunny was the first to recover, scrambling out of the water and over to him, placing a hand on his back as she examined the strange eggs attached to his skin,
"Mother of-"
The marines cut her off as they came wriggling from the trees,
"Commander, commander are you ok..."
One of the marines cut around front, frozen in his tracks, eyes wide once he saw,
Sunny reached out as if to tug on one of them,
He snapped, jerking away from her.
The others gathered around to look with exclamations of shock and disgust.
The commander looked up at Sunny pleadingly.
She decided to take charge, helping him to his feet and then pulling him into her arms,
"We have to get him back to the ship, let's move, NOW!"
"What do you think, Dr."
Dr. Katie examined the scan with a frown,
"It's very, very strange, that's for sure."
Commander Vir lifted his head to look down at them,
"Well what the HELL does that mean?”
Krill shoved his head back onto the table,
"Stay still."
Dr. Katie hummed softly as she continued to examine the scans,
"It looks like these little filaments have breached the skin ... and.... well at least one of them has made it to your liver, this one here has made it to your lungs."
"What about white blood count?"
Krill wondered,
"The body must have noticed something by now?"
Dr Katie shook her head,
"Nothing, the body seems to have accepted it. I took some samples and... well I think I might know why."
She rolled herself to the side in her chair and over to one of the adjoining computers,
"See this, this is HIS DNA ...and this is the DNA of the strands."
Krill pearled over her shoulder,
"What the... they look almost identical."
"Yes... I don't think the body knows anything is wrong."
She turned her chair back around to look at the commander,
"Congratulations commander, you are perhaps, in the weirdest way possible, the only man in the history of existence who might just experience the miracle of life. You are going to be a dad!"
The look on his face made it clear he wasn't interested in being congratulated,
"What the actual fuck does that mean?"
He snapped, Dr. Katie rolled closer,
"Well, to explain in terms you may understand. You are doing more than keeping them warm. Those filaments that you saw are acting like umbilical cords. The one at your liver is using it as a filter, and to take in nutrients as it seems to have branching filaments to the stomach and intestines. The one going to your lungs is taking in carbon... not sure what that's going to do to your breathing if anything. But at this point I don't think that even Dr. Krill, as good as he is, can remove them. We would have to remove too much of your internal structure to it to be viable, plus they don't seem to be hurting you."
"Not hurting me! NOT HURTING ME! You said it yourself they are SUCKING OUT MY VITAL JUICES."
Dr. Katie shrugged,
"Welcome to pregnancy... sort of.”**
”Look we will monitor you, make sure they aren't sucking away to many nutrients. Look on the bright side, you can probably eat more, and judging from an analysis of the egg sacks, the average gestational period is only around two months."
Sunny, who had been standing next to the man at the head of the exam table, couldn't suppress a short chirp of laughter.
He glowered at her,
"What's so funny!?"
She chirped again placing a hand on his arm,
"You're gonna be a mom."
If looks could kill, shed be reduced to a singularity,
"Get your hand off me or ill break it in half!"
She continued chirping but removed her hand just in case.
This was going to be a very awkward call to the UNSC and the GA.
For that matter, it was going to be a very awkward call home.
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2023.03.21 18:24 CollinPlaysGames Looking for people to play with I play everyday, Discord- CollinGames#8239

Hey everyone I am slightly new to dayz have almost 10 hours logged. Looking for people to play with, I play everyday. I am 21. I play on a US server on dzsa launcher. Really the only mods on the server are that you can join a party with your friends to see their distance and it also comes with a map. As a new player, this is so much more fun to me because its a million times easier to mee up with friends and play and learn the game. My discord is CollinGames#8239 add me and lets play!
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2023.03.21 18:22 splinterTHRONS 一旦和王晶翻脸,我就会一下子准备好我自己走向终结同时不无作为的样子

这是我曾经向我的朋友倾吐我身上的灾难,发泄压力时所作的解释。老实讲,不熟悉英文的话,机翻就好,内容有些部分换成中文会难以启齿 The thing is about 2019, I have accumulated a little influence through activities in some of the larger online communities. but,I have not used that for my personal image. Since I certainly thought that the Internet in China could be intentionally controlled by the government (not just censorship), I analyzed the state of public opinion at the time and found the target of someone I thought was an official.
He pretends to be a sane populist ,and, while uninteresting, always conducts relatively influential online activities. I deliberately pretended to be close to the same point of view as him and then kept shifting our conversation in other direction, implying that I knew he is official, he finally admitted, the evidence is that after that I tried to do something that might normally would get hit by censorship in common, but unexpectedly didn't get any.
When I say officials here, I don't mean the very obvious kind of robot opinion-controller who serves an unintelligent public. He disguised himself as a sane person to engage in so-called opposition activities, and, most importantly, he had the power to cross the distance of social software through personal connections to keep me safe from the direct hit of censorship.
I kept in touch with him until June 2020. At that time, China's internet censorship became very strict and I thought it was time for me to do something else, so I alienated him. Looking forward to 2021, I think the opportunity is ripe. At the time, a group of what I thought was a government-manipulated opposition group developed, all operating outside of GFW, at the time - mostly reddit. I was there to help build that community, like I didn't know that the administrators of that community and the manipulators behind it were the government. I did a lot of activities pretending to be someone who happened to be very smart, undermining their control, including debating with all kinds of people, making predictions about what was to come (my predictions were accurate enough to prove that I was obvious genius). When the time was right and that group had grown very influential (although a lot of the opposition who held by GFW didn't look there at all, but there was a great reputation there, so... ), I disclosed the purpose of what I did , continuing to announce to everyone that this is a hoax. My approach works. since I started doing it, knowledgeable, creative users keep silently leaving there. I put out a lot of evidence of experimental action, and that community quickly became unsustainable. But these so-called opposition groups are people with no economic motivation and little ability to organize, so I don't intend to let things develop too much. I'm just here to bust the government's scam. I don't know how important my actions are, but after I've been doing it for a while, there are people who are suspected officials who start doing unusual things, and they go around saying don't overdo it.
Chinese people are very stupid, they see these unusual things, a small number of people know what's going on, they don't help me but leave on their own, most people pretend it's not under the control skills of social psychology occur,choosen ignore. That's when I realized that if I continued, I'd only be able to develop this into something that I couldn't go back to, and I'd hit the upper limit of tolerance they've been hiding for control. So I gradually moved away from the opinion where I expressed my surrender.
The end result was that I brought 4 months of chaos to that community, but the subsequent impact was not measurable. That group can no longer grow up now. Although many people are silent, occasionally someone suddenly remembers my prophecy and what I said. I'll make an example of how important that community is. I think that in the West, both racists and feminists are, to a certain extent, tools of the government to control public opinion, and they have both been for a long time. This practice is only going to get worse in China. The meaning of that community in China is the sum of racism + democracy + good populism, and the voices of rogue feminists can't be compared to them, and can't seem to be comparable to them when they are active. But after my campaign, their voices are very weak compared to feminists. (I don't think feminists = bad people, but they will never become a group with sincere intentions under the manipulation of the government... omit this part)
My living conditions were so bad that I had no way of getting a job under very strict censorship, after I suffered a lot from worrying about the future: I tentatively disclosed my previous activities to the official I knew before identity in. I can't be a part of the work they do, I just want to prove my abilities and try to be their advisor and find opportunities to immigrate (sounds like adventurers from the colonies). If they don't accept it, they may arrest me right away. But surprisingly they didn't, I was terrified at first, and then I waited for the opportunity with peace of mind. I've been waiting since January of this year, until May to test their receptivity, and even started to do something outrageous (usually at least result in my account being banned), but nothing happened. until June. Because I see that the government's lockdown policy due to the coronavirus is about to lead to famine. I thought that was bound to happen, so quickened the urging of their voices
After I've said the above, I need to briefly describe my story and what that means. (They are all successful examples, I have not made a prediction of failure since 2020)
Basically a very early prophecy: I told them a week before the war in Ukraine that war was coming.
I think the US will find various reasons to ease the blockade of China
I think Xinjiang is more likely to be the focus of attention than the human rights situation of Chinese nationals or Tibetan/Myanmar
i think switzerland will suddenly take a stand in the ukraine war
The predictions I have made so far include:
The United States will focus on many social problems to one-time solution, and in fact has always regarded China as the target of its actions
Putin had a back deal to start the war in Ukraine (I said it here too, and showed that the war would last a long time. Now I say if the US is ready to act against China, the war in Ukraine will end)
Enthusiasm for these actions which going to China in the United States will suddenly rise, and tech giants and social media giants are looking for opportunities to indulge public opinion
Europe will temporarily remember the justice of colonialism
Apart from international issues, my predictions on social issues require too much explanation to write here,so ,I will explain the impact I have made.
The current enthusiasm for constitutionalism and enlightenment in China is the result of my previous actions
The smooth progress of the current power struggle within the ccp is partly the result of my previous actions. Roughly speaking, I have spread that China is not an autocratic monarchy but an aristocratic republic.
The acceptance of elitism among Chinese people is improving, which is also the result of my previous actions.
As you might imagine, these influences were caused by my Voltaire-like "performance". . .
No one else is on the same path as me but me, so you can almost be sure that it's all my credit
The public opinion environment in China is a very bad place. People are so stupid and lack personal credibility that they are actually easily manipulated by the government, so you can also think that I influenced public opinion by influencing individual officials. A lot of the public have long forgotten me, just as they have forgotten many things, but the officials who manipulated them had remember
After I finished my previous actions, I chose a new place (an anonymous board) to negotiate with them anonymously (what happened here is not new to me). This is the third time I've been looking for them, I don't know who I'm treating/how much power he has, I don't know how widely my deeds have spread, but since June, all this has made me Crazy development.
At first I was just urging them normally that they should hire me as a consultant, then I found out that some kind of response to my words was going on for a long time and still happening now. When I say I'm short on money right now, another person complains "My girlfriend doesn't reply to me, just asks me for money". I did not ignore such replies this time. A big part of my mental illness is because I'm an mtf and it's impossible to disclose that identity in the environment I'm in. I haven't made it public, but if they were an officer with knowledge of psychology, they would probably guess. So I jokingly said, "I'm so ugly, I'm pessimistic because I can't dress as a woman," and they started responding with a lot of encouragement.
It was an open environment, so our conversation went on in a signal for a few days, and I kept making it clear that my attitude was that I wanted money. Here's the summary: There is one specific individual, as an official, who knows about a recent selfie on my phone (government and business unite, a commonly invasion of privacy), and wants to be in a relationship with me! ?
I don't know his gender, age, position, attitude towards what I've done, what he's been up to lately, but he encouraged me to say I'm not ugly and that he's okay with rough dress.
I'm pretty confident about my appearance as a man, but chronic stress has made my skin really bad. Because I'm an mtf, I've been giving up on my male appearance all the time, and there are even many small accidental wounds on my body (he doesn't know this). As a woman, my appearance can only be said to be more like a child, but I is taller.
I realized that even though we were not publicly identified, officials like each other would not be low-ranking officials. I politely declined, guessing that the other person might actually be a female (older), but that the other person indicated that he was male and would not mind some violence if I had been refusing.
It looked like a shit story.
and when it happened, it was really bad. I can't just say no outright, it's dangerous, and I really need the money to get away from China's impending disaster, so I can't provoke him.
From June 4th to June 8th (I said it here, and...I actually meant it), I negotiated quite a lot, and finally chose to accept his proposal, but kept my desire to emigrate (I hope He will give up when he sees me in person). The final answer to the matter was ,the limited frame he said yes is june 8. he refused , let the negotiation stand in the am 0.00, saying "I hope we can easily have sex with each other and not think about it in the first place. my identity". He said he wished he and I would start with some sex-related conversations, almost wishing me to flirt.
Here, I thought that he might just be dissatisfied with me because of my previous actions, and at the same time dare not really hurt me, so he used this method to insult me. So I have always refused, my negotiating condition is unless he can guarantee to let me immigrate.
Our "negotiations" have since broken down, and I've even begun to do something dangerous that would make me re-emerge as troublesome by the government that he was forced give me answer. He tolerated these, but made no statement. Knowing now, I still don't know what my future holds and how exactly this happened. I still haven't seen him in person, don't know his age or gender, and haven't been punished for what I did.
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2023.03.21 18:22 Azhaius What distance should the legs be set to for a 72in top?

Per title,
I have this desk frame: https://www.amazon.ca/TOPSKY-Electric-Adjustable-Standing-Capacity/dp/B09DY2D5ZL to pair with a 72in butcher block.
To plan for what drawers I can fit under each open section beneath the desk, I'm wondering what the typical spacing for the legs would be?
Apologies if that answer should be in the instructions manual for the frame, I haven't opened the box yet because I'm still treating the block.
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2023.03.21 18:22 ThrowRA-DancingToad should i (19F) break up with my (20M) boyfriend

my boyfriend and i have been dating for 2 months and everything has been great up until now. we’ve had very healthy conversations and have been able to be open and honest about how we feel.
some context is that he grew up a pastors kid, his family very traditional and whatnot. this past friday he found out that i’m bisexual because i told him in a casual way. to me, it seems irrelevant to our relationship because i’m in an exclusive relationship with him, so that’s that. he seemed to be fine with it until saturday night when he asked questions about it because he was curious and wanted to understand. i answered his questions and he seemed to get it and be normal in our relationship until monday morning when he talked to his mom and decided he needs space to think.
this space has given me time to think also and i’m wondering if it’s worth it for me to continue this relationship? i don’t really want to be with someone who’s gonna pull away and distance themselves when things get hard or if they disagree with something. part of growing is helping me understand why you think what i did was wrong (not in this situation, but future ones). also i’m not sure if i can trust him after this without thinking that he has 1 foot out the door of our relationship. i know it’s hard to unlearn 20 years of homophobia, but i think we should be working together instead of separately.
what should i do? should i end the relationship? advice pls.
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2023.03.21 18:21 Galaxy_the_nightwing First Impressions part 43

First Previous Next
"Everyone agreed?" Her new Community's [Caretaker] asks the group after they made a rough plan. Everyone agreed and split off to quickly set up their various jobs, leaving her with her two Aviae. The [Broodmother] turned to her and had a concerned expression.
"Are you sure about this? He seems very tence and we don't know what stage he's in. He could very well end up hurting you." Squeaks' confidence in her [Provider] didn't waver at the question. Puffing up confidently she replied, completely sure with herself.
"Im sure, I trust him. Either way, someone has to be with the [pup] who can listen for and answer it's Instict-calls." She paused before tacking on, "And keep it calm." The two reluctantly agree to that point.
"Ok. Make sure to get out of there if something does happen, though. We can find another way to calm him." Squeaks nodded at her then turned and scrambled back inside the [main tree]. Climbing up the shaft for the [elevator] she slowed once she got close to the tunnel Damian was perched at the enterance of. Getting out had been pretty easy, all things considered, since he wasn't paying attention to anything behind him (besides the occasional glance back at particularly pained whimpers from the [pup]). The problem lied now in getting back in without being noticed. Damian was constantly scanning and watching the main doorway, making it hard to just get where she was. Honestly, she's suprised she was even able to get this close.
She took a breath then scrambled up his blind spot when he glanced away from her to scan around the tunnel again. She froze in place near the tunnel, desperately hoping her coloring helped her blend in, when his gaze snapped towards her at the quick movement. There was a long tence stretch of silent staring before his eyes narrowed and head tilted ever so slightly. He slowly moved the blade from his legs and set one hand down next to him, sliding his legs close to he edge and letting one drop over. The slow cautious pace of his movements made it seem like he was trying to sneak up on something, but she was staring right at him. Letting her eyes glance around, keeping the rest of her body perfectly still, she was just able to see something out of the corner of her eye.
She couldn't get a good look at it from he way she was positioned but it didn't look too far from her. Before she could try and figure out what it was, Damian went from slow stalking movements to quick lunging ones. She instinctively bolted up higher and wiggled into a small hole in the shaft. Peering out she saw Damian with one hand gripping the edge of the tunnel and the leg on that side bent up close to him with the other leg straightened out more. Both of his feet were pressed against the wall of the shaft, pushing up an at angle to help support some of his weight as he hung there. Glancing at his other hand, she saw a surveillance drone held tightly in his grip.
He studied it, turning it around in his hand to look at it's different sides curiously. Taking advantage of his distraction, she scrambled up the rest of the way to the tunnel and hurried down it slightly. Glancing back, he didn't seem to notice her. Relaxing in relief, she walked more calmly over to the [pup] and softly greeted it.
The [pup] looked at her and barely muttered a returning greeting. Confused, she tilted her head and questioned it.
Quiet-hurt? Hurt-hurt? Hurt-calm? No-call-help?
The [pup] glanced past her at where Damian was climbing back onto the edge of the tunnel then whimpered softly.
Loud-anger-brute. Loud-anger-sound. Quiet-ignore-Runt.
Squeaks blinked then glanced back at said human, who had sat back on the edge, legs dangling, and still looking over the surveillance drone. Not knowing what the [pup] could mean she called out her own loud whimper to test his reaction. Immediately his head whipped around and he stared at her with an incredibly intense gaze that would have seemed aggressive if she didn't know better. He glanced over both of them then his expression relaxed and he made multiple short comfort-hisses at them before turning back around.
When he hissed at them she heard the [pup] whimper fearfully under it's breath. Now understanding the situation she explained it as best she could to the pained [pup].
Pup-wrong. No-angry. Comfort-calm. Care-concerned.
The [pup] made a soft confused noise.
Care-concerned? No-Brute-Protector? Care-Scavenger?
That one took a second for her instincts to translate for her. ''No-brute-protector'? Is it asking if Damian isn't a [Guard]?' Her instincts then caught up with her thoughts and translated for her. 'Oh! It's asking if he's a [Caretaker] instead of a [Guard]! It's Community's equivalent roles must not be able to do both at the same time. Or maybe they can and it's just confused?'
Guard-Caretaker. Provider. Protect-hurt-pup. Wary-unknown-others. Attempt-help-alone.
The [pup] stared at her for a bit as it processed that then glanced at Damian. She wondered what was going through it's head. Still looking at the human, who had thrown the drone away and broken it, it questioned her answer.
Protect-care? Scavenger-Shoat? Sire?
Before she could answer that 'no, she wasn't a child' and 'yes, he was her [Caretaker], in a way', the [pup] pulled itself off the ground and onto all fours. She immediately abandoned answering and instead ran over to try and convince it to lay back down. She was ignored as it slowly, painfully, dragged itself and one of the cloth-coverings down the short tunnel towards Damian. Damian didn't seem to notice until it started to painfully crawl into his lap.
He immediately picked it up and gently cradled it to his chest, softly muttering to it as he wraps the cloth around it. As he did, he stood back up and brought it back over to the cloth pile. When he tried to set it down, it squealed loudly and clung to his torso-cloth as tightly as it could.
No! No-leave! Stay! Brute-stay! Runt-good. Runt-quiet. Runt-stay-Brute!
Damian winced at the loud noise and cradled it back to his chest, softly muttering and cooing at it to calm it back down again. He looked extremely confused at the loud yell, which confused Squeaks. Didn't his instincts translate for him? Sure it might take a few seconds every now and then, but he shouldn't be confused for this long. Maybe his instincts are being repressed because of the effects of the Dark-crest or whatever it was the [Caretaker] and [Broodmother] told her. Deciding to help out, she trotted over and gained Damian's attention.
"It's asking not to be left back here again." Damian looked worried, confused, and fearful all at the same time as he replied.
"But-...but I need to keep watch. You two are safer back here." As he spoke his grip loosened as he subconsciously tried to set the [pup] down. That earned him another loud scream of a squeal, which made him jump and clutch it closer to him.
Why wasn't Brute-possible-Sire responding? Did he not say it right? No, Instinct told him he did. Did Brute not want him to join its Sounder? Then why was he being held? Why was he being ignored? Why was Scavenger and Brute just making not-instinct-traslate-noise? Why was he being put down!
Noooooo! Stay! No-leave! Comfort! Comfort-pup-pain!
Squealing as loud as he could and digging his claws into the not-skin of the Brute's chest, he pleaded to stay. He ignored the pain that burned through his side at his wiggling and protesting. The Brute held it close again and he trembled in both desperation and pain, whimpering his pain softly with each breath. It wasn't long until he felt the grip on him change. Instead of being pressed against his back and legs, he was now sitting on one of it's arms and leaned against its chest.
He glanced back when the Brute started to move. He watched it take apart the den-pile and move it farther up the not-den-path. It remade the den-pile there and sat down in it once it deemed it good enough. He watched Scavenger come over and be lifted next to Brute's neck. He listened to them make those not-instinct-talk-noises back and forth for a bit. Once he realized he wasn't going to be set down again he settled himself and started to doze off.
Bigwings has been gone for a long time. Ree was getting worried as the absence of his clutchmate slowly grew more and more apparent to his still maturing instincts. Damian seemed angry when he left and he didn't like how his parents scrambled around once he was gone. Ree glanced back at his littlefeather. She was chatting away with the two not-flock beings and looked to be perfectly happy to do so. But Ree is her longfeather. He knows her better than he knows himself.
He can see the minute twitching of the fur on her shoulder blades, the slight shifting of her tailfeathers like she couldn't find a comfortable position for them, the subtle shifting of her ear-tufts. She was anxious. She felt vulnerable. She felt scared. She didn't feel safe. Littlefeather wasn't safe. Clutch is seperated. Clutch is in danger! Protect clutch!
Quickly shaking his head and pushing away the fog that had fallen over it, he collected himself. 'No. No! That's not my job. I'm not the Bigwings. Even if I was, we're safe. We're protected. There's no danger to protect from. We're fine. Damian can handle himself. He'll be back.' Despite trying to reason with himself, his instincts disagreed and kept telling him his clutch was in danger. That he had to protect them. To find his separated clutchmate and bring him back. To keep them all safe.
Ree glanced at his Pa. The dark blue bird was watching a screen larger than the other ones surrounding it. Standing, he called back a short 'I'll be back, stay' warble to his littlefeather. He didn't look back at her but heard her reply of a 'be quick' trill. He silently walked up behind his Pa and watched the screen over his shoulder. It took a second or two to figure out what he was looking at. Once he did, his instincts froze from the constant shifting in the back of his mind.
The screen showed a dark tunnel with Damian sat and leaned against the side, a pile of various cloths under him and a bundle of it in his grip. Squeaks, Ree's almost-but-not-quite-clutchmate, curled up on his shoulder. What drew his instinct's attention was the various new wounds covering his clutchmate's figure. It wasnt nearly as many as his hatching. Though, to be fair, he couldn't remember much from that time. It was mostly fuzzy blurs and blobs of bright color. But he had seen the images of all the wounds Damian had gotten protecting them when no one was looking.
Despite that, it was still bad enough for his instincts to churn and twist in his mind. Tying itself into knots with the need to protect his clutch and the horrible feeling of failing to do so. His instincts hated that he had failed and begged him to find his clutchmate. To wrap his wings around him and keep away the world. To keep him safe. To do his job! Shaking his head to clear it again, he made up his mind. Going back to his clutchmate he called out to her with the sounds only clutchmates knew.
'I'll be back [long distance/time pronunciation]. Stay.' Immediately she turned to him with a worried warble.
'You're leaving [long distance/time pronunciation]? Let me co-' He interrupted her before she could finish with a warning growl to his voice.
'No. I'm getting our clutchmate. Stay.' At the sound of the growl she ducked her head, ending up presenting her neck, and averted her gaze in a non-verbal 'Sorry.' He huffed and shook himself off in a non-verbal acceptance of the apology. Tapping the right sides of their beaks together, he trilled out a goodbye. Gaining one back, he turned and carefully snuck out of the room without any of the adults noticing. Once outside the door he paused, not quite sure where to go.
His instincts pressed against his mind and nudged at him in question. It almost whispered in his hear for him to trust it. Let it lead him to his clutchmate. He hesitated. He's grown used to ignoring his instincts since they tried to make him interfere with or completely take over his Bigwing's job, despite him not being his clutch's Bigwings. But.....did he really have another option?
He took a second or two to think it over but eventually shook himself off and let his instincts lightly drape over his mind. Feeling a small......tug? nudge? on his very being, he followed it. He let himself trust his instincts without constantly questioning it's directions and thinking them over before following through with them. He just let himself be led without the consent doubts and mistrust of his instincts. It felt nice. To not have to worry and just let himself be.
Was this what everyone else felt with their instincts? Not ever questioning and turning over every sentence it told them? Just complete trust in it? He can understand why they say it's useful and calming. He understood what he had been told of how peaceful it was to let his instincts drive him and just be a passenger for the ride.
It makes him wonder though. Why was he always in a constant back and forth with his instincts? Why did they think he was a role he wasn't? Why did he constantly have to push away his instincts and ignore them? Each question just led to another question without being able to figure it out. Just a constant loop of why, why, why without the time to try and puzzle it out. Maybe he can take advantage of letting his instincts take over his body. Try and ponder on these questions and figure at least a few out.
And that's just what he did. As his instincts led him through the maze of hallways, ever closer to his clutchmate, he turned his attention to the swarm of questions that had piled up over the time his instincts had developed. He kept a wary eye on his instincts but worked on trying to detangle a few questions and answer them as he floated peacefully in the back of his own mind.
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2023.03.21 18:20 JustTheRealNews Georgia Man Pleads Guilty in Scheme to Defraud Human Capital Management Agencies

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2023.03.21 18:20 Individual-Slip861 Life has been testing everyone lately but we’ll get through it

My husband and I moved out of state to get away from a toxic background. I still love my family and he still loves his, but there are definitely lots of factors that made us want to get away. We packed both our cars about a year ago and left.
He makes good money, not great money, but good. I make decent income. Together, we’re doing alright.
Last week my car got towed because the tires were slashed (still don’t know who did it.) and we didn’t have the money to get it fixed up right away. My apartment complex gave me a warning that if I didn’t get it fixed up, it would be towed. That car meant a lot to me, so my husband and I patched up the tires as best as we could and moved it to an empty part of the complex parking lot that no one really parks at. Next morning it’s gone. Still trying to figure that situation out.
Since then, my husband and I have been using his car, but what do you know, it’s got a blown head gasket (among lots of other problems) and will cost about $3000 to fix everything. We already just paid $700 to get another problem on the car fixed.
We’re gonna have to scrap the car. He’s gonna buy a bike to get to and from work, luckily I’m within walking distance of my job and a small grocery store. The laundromat is far away and too expensive right now, so we’ll have to wash our laundry by hand. I also started an Etsy shop on the side. Doing our best to make ends meet.
We’re both young, no kids yet. We’re not mentally or financially ready yet. We may be struggling but we’re not dumb!
The weird thing is, I’m not worried or scared. I know we’ll get through this. It’s just gonna take some elbow grease is all.
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2023.03.21 18:19 CObearrunner How do you tell someone they aren’t a safe space for you?

Tl:dr: Gay guys family isn’t a safe space to come to for any life issues, but family wants more involvement and relationship but doesn’t realize this is why there’s issues and distance. Pls help.
Hi y’all. 37 gay male here in the US. Like a lot of us, I have a somewhat strained relationship with my family. My family “loves me and supports me” - but they are for the most part, white evangelical Christian republicans. This, especially the church they belong to and are leadership for, is always creating problems for us. The church is tied to a mega church in Australia and while they aren’t preaching on brimstone and fire for all homosexuals, the church definitely has some gross trump-esque opinions. They are not completely radicalized but they definitely are victims to the echo chamber they surround themselves by and the misinformation machine of Fox News. My parents are boomers who are the product of emotionally stunted and abusive parents.
Through my coming out they have proven time and time again that 1. They don’t understand how a gay relationship works. One time my mom asked me who submits to who’s will in an argument because there’s no wife.
And 2. They continually do things that show they have some gross opinions about things. Most recently it’s all about trans folks and drag queens. I’m in a gay chorus and my mom had to “do some serious praying” to get her to come to my Disney show.
I want to have a relationship with them. I want to be a part of things and have a family that I love and knows loves me in return but it feels really difficult when it’s never a safe place for me to exist or even be myself. I would love for them to understand that fact - it’s impact on me - and truly understand what I mean if I were ever to tell them they aren’t a safe space for me to exist. I don’t think they have the emotional maturity to understand what I’m saying and not take offense and let their hurt be the focus.
Obviously it’s not entirely abusive or that unsafe that I’ve needed to sever ties to my family - but it’s definitely not a warm, welcoming, accepting, or even understanding place to exist as anyone who’s not cis white hetero Christian.
Anyone dealing with similar have any success or ideas on how to tell them they’re a contributing reason to my distance and separation from the family? I’m at a loss. I worry we’re never going to have true connection or love when there’s no common bonds beyond blood.
I genuinely am preparing myself for a life without a family once my parents die. My oldest sister might be okay and cool but my radical nut job middle sister and I will likely have no relationship. I’d be lying if I said that didn’t hurt. I love my chosen family. I just wish my birth family were the good people they pretend to be.
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2023.03.21 18:19 StingemBSS Well here's the final setlist.

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2023.03.21 18:19 u857 Is this normal?

So a couple things I’ve been noticing recently: 1. I’ll be writing, typing, or reading something and I’ll see a word and think “is that the right way of spelling it?” Like it just happened with the title of this post, Normal like with a capital N it looks fine, but with a lowercase n it just seems wrong; 2. This has been happening for a few years now, I’ll hear my Name like either right out of my field of view or directly behind me, but always in a distance voice like it’s being said under something; 3. I see things that are like just at the edges of my vision and they’re so real that sometimes I hear them to but they’re not like voices, they’re more like movement sounds and grunts; 4. Every third night instead of a dream, I’ll have vision per say. Not like a fortune teller hs more like an out of body experience that shows me either what the next day has to offer or how the world is going to end: 5. I’ll lose entire days and weeks of memory of somewhat important things just to wake up the next day a different person and remember everything. I’m high functioning with Asperger’s syndrome but this stuff just doesn’t seem normal, well at least not anymore.
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2023.03.21 18:19 FightinABeaver "Feel" of Hardwax/Klister Mixes - Fresh Legs vs Tired Legs

I'm interested in everyone's thoughts and experiences with hardwax/klister mixes such as Start Oslo, Star Beta (M16, M21, M26), Rex N41, maybe Rode BV15 (I've heard less about it).
I've only tried the Oslo line but thinking about grabbing a few of the others in the future.
My experience so far is in line with what I've read online suggesting that kick is can bet described as very on/off, binary or having a firm kick and quick release as opposed to a more traditional wax which is smoother, has a more linear kick pattern or a less abrupt release.
I'm wondering how others have found this for distance events. Is this less forgiving/harder to kick as your legs fatigue?
I generally find most waxes easy enough to kick for the first 20km, more challenging for KM 20 to 40 (as your legs tire out and wax wears off) and then everything past that is where the real concentration on form and mental toughness comes in to ensure the skis are still kicking.
Assuming the conditions are appropriate for it do you find the mixes better or worse in this regard?
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2023.03.21 18:18 LaceyDark Transitioning a cat from outdoor to indoor

So a few weeks ago we started letting this stray cat come inside. We kept an emotional distance because we weren't sure if his owners would come claim him. We managed to contact his previous owners (who no longer live in the neighborhood so they did pretty much abandon him) and explained that we want to keep him and they were good with that. So now we aren't afraid to spend money on him and get attached.
Everything I've read about cats says that there really is no good reason to let them outside unsupervised. There are too many ways for them to get hurt or killed or sick and are apparently considered an invasive species and are awful for the local wildlife. I have a vet appointment set up for him Thursday so he can get his vaccines and a wellness checkup and I plan to talk to them about transitioning him into an indoor only cat.
When he wants back outside his meows sound so sad and I feel so bad for keeping him inside even though I know it is ultimately what will be best for him. He also won't use the litter box. He doesn't use the bathroom inside at all, he will hold it until we let him out.
Maybe I'm looking for reassurance that this is best, maybe some tips that will make the transition easier for him. Or if anyone has successfully made an outdoor cat an indoor cat I'd love to know how it went for you.
If I'm way off the mark here and it's better to leave him as an indoooutdoor cat then please correct me. I'm very new to cats.
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