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Slowcooking: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

2010.11.03 18:01 mmmyum Slowcooking: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Slowcooking is a food-related subreddit for sharing ideas, recipes or pictures in which a "Crock-Pot®" style slow cooker was used. Slow cooking is an ideal method for cooking less expensive portions of meat to make them more tender and tasty than by other forms of cookery. Vegetarian and vegan dishes can also be made via slow cooking. - crockpot, slowcooker, crock

2023.03.21 18:24 aidankhogg AWS: Where the f**k am I going wrong?

I've reached a point of rebuilding from scratch, making different changes and tweaks in attempts to identify bottlenecks and am now just utterly ready to slam my head through a concrete wall because getting wordpress setup in a scaleable configuration while not running at the f**king speed of a snail is proving either me an idiot or the task far less simple than it seems.
Initially I'd been building things up as a multisite following the standard technical outline provided by AWS as well as the numerous guides available in line with this. That is: - decent EC2 instances running behind an ELB - separate Aurora database (have gone serverless and stuck to a ~4gb cap in development - EFS to hold all/part of the Web directory (AWS guides the whole apache Web directory, others to stick to wp-content or even just uploads folder due to NFS constraints) - ElastiCache as well as W3 Total Cache to cover a majority of available caching methods
Now, I'd put the initial poor performance down to the the multisite having over 15 subsites with some 200+ plugins installed. As much as using a multisite network covered a fair few bits of the centralisation we wanted and meant there was less cross-site integration work to be done with some aspects such as GamiPress. So I reached a point where in time and future budget, running everyone off one system appeared to be slamming too many use-cases together. So wipe it all out, rebuild the infrastructure, run the sites individually and settle on external/third-party software and services for sign-on etc.
I am however right back where I began and am none the wiser on what or where things are going wrong. So here's a bit of a summary of the infrastructure setup and then brain dump of where I've thought of issues/what has been tried.
// General Setup // - Decent EC2 instance(s) - RDS instance (Aurora Serverless ~5gb cap) - EFS (mounted to wp-content) - ELB
//// EC2 //// The servers themselves are one of the only things I'm pretty confident are not affecting performance. All the same I've changed the between T2, T3, C4, C5, R5 instance classes and tiers within them. On the whole the server has typically had at least 2 vCPUs and 16GB RAM
//// EFS //// I'm aware of the throughout being related to total capacity on the drive when using General mode and have ensured there's at least 260GB of data.
I've tried provisioned throughput of 10-15Mibs (is this just not enough?) and have not really had any better look with the new elastic mode, I get the feeling it's not quite responsive enough in a web server use case, by the time the throughput has spiked for long enough for it to increase the request is timing out (but am really just guessing on this as there's not a lot of indication within the console as to when and how it triggers and scales.
While AWS documentation advises to mount the entire web directory on the NFS, which I have also tried, in the numerous rebuilds I've generally stuck to either just the uploads folder or the wp-content folder to keep a majority of core files running of the local EBS volume.
//// HTTPS and the ELB //// So I did follow the AWS guide for enabling HTTPS using an amazon issued certificate. On one setup i did get this a little wrong and created a redirect loop so am including details here in case I've bodged anything up in respect of forwarding/redirecting. The ELB has two listeners HTTP:80 and HTTPS:443 and both forward to the target group as is. The webserver then has the following in wp-config and the .htaccess
WP-CONFIG define('WP_HOME','https://domain.tld'); define('WP_SITEURL','https://domain.tld'); define( 'FORCE_SSL_ADMIN', true ); if (strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO'], 'https') !== false) $_SERVER['HTTPS']='on';
require_once ABSPATH . 'wp-settings.php';
.HTACCESS RewriteEngine On RewriteRule .* - [E=HTTP_AUTHORIZATION:%{HTTP:Authorization}] RewriteBase / RewriteRule index.php$ - [L] RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule . /index.php [L]
So as far as I can tell the ELB should pass traffic to the webservers as is in whatever protocol, wordpress is clear on the updated URL of https not HTTP and that the server will sufficiently rewrite URLS to stick to HTTPS and ensure a trailing slash.
//// PHP //// For further reference I've also made varying increases to: Max Input Vars Max Input Time Memory Limit Post Max Size
/// Caching /// So on the initial multisite setups, I'd implemented a fair few caching methods, and while they weren't top production spec, there was very little improvement on speed. I don't currently have any caching running on this individual site build, and frankly, I am not bothered about it right now. It made little difference on the multisite setup, and I have been the only user - imo caching should be improving relatively okay speeds. It is not going to shave 12+ second waits (for 1 visitor) down to 1 second for 50 concurrent visitors for example.
Please discuss, help and advise. On the way home from a 10 hour shift so good chance I've missed some details so please do ask away.
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2023.03.21 18:21 SplendidMellon TIFU by willingly depriving myself of sleep for days

Okay it's 1:46am Wednesday the 22nd here and I (22M) have been awake since 12pm Sunday for what I think makes almost 62 hours. I want to list a few observations
For context I’m an Architecture student in Australia and have an assignment due Thursday night and I had barely started. I’ve been fueling this exercise in what now feels like self torture with, and do your best not to judge me:
-A steady supply of (prescribed) ritalin, starting with 40mg at the beginning of a dedicated study session and an additional 20mg every 3 hours to account for the half-life.
I estimate I’ve munched down on about 300ish mg so far :(
-Caffeine. Far too many monster mango locos, monster zero ultras, and cans of red bull. A simply exquisite ritalin pairing that I could not recommend more, provided you want a couple of your primary senses, and what feels like new ones all together, to gain the ability to scream at you with each rapidly quickening heartbeat.
-Food. Sort of. On Sunday I ate approx 300 kcal of leftover pasta. Monday was a big one. Unfortunately I did forget to eat all day so it was a single godly meal centering on the divine Large Zinger Box. This was paired with 3 wicked wings, a maxi popcorn chicken, a supercharged slider, and a pepper mayo slider. No idea the calories but well and truly a “feel like absolute shit” quantity. Tuesday I had 2 baos, a far cry from the prior binge.
-Pure rage, and stupidity (also vaping)(+rep nicotine)
WOO The Issues!!
-okay the biggest thing is paranoia. At almost all times I can see movement just in the corner of my peripheral vision. Any small noises become an immediate spike of dread. I'm sitting in my uni commons room completely alone and don’t really feel safe (i know i am)(probably). I fear they notice me seeing them and hide really quickly. Will need to investigate further.
-Lack of ability to think/plan. I just spent a good 3 minutes trying to plan how I would walk out of this building. None of the routes made more sense than another and I couldn't mentally envision myself moving at all so they seemed equally good and worth re-pondering to get to the bottom of this dire conundrum. I should also add that I had no intention of standing, let alone going anywhere, it was just to see if I could, then I got lost in it until I realised I'd been staring at the wall for far too long. I'm also realising I can't conjure any mental images up either. Really cool for the drawing part of this assignment where I can't think of what I'm going to draw.
-I just zone out mid-thought and forget what I was thinking about. To be fair I'm like that normally with ADHD too, but I feel like my head’s a colander and my, obviously revolutionary, thoughts are that sweet sweet starchy pasta water flooding out.
-Big jitters, earthquakes in the palms of my hands. Surgery patients fear me and Jazz pianists want to be me. (currently listening to Ryo Fukui’s - scenery, incredible jazz album)
-Not a single thought of value
-Positives however… not looking nearly as dishevelled as I should be. Don't get me wrong, my body's a mess. I’m pissing constantly. Each one a new hue between a radiant yellow and a tasteful sage green… you just read it you know it’s not good, BUT,, Hair’s sitting kinda nice, eye bags are hardly there, skins not looking too bad. Overall I'd say a visual improvement.
In conclusion, I spent an hour writing this because I couldn't slam two brain cells together to save my degree. I fear if i wrote “to save my life” some subconscious force would keep them apart just to end this. I might even support the cause at this point. My now 63 consecutive wakefull hours have gleaned me an abundance of sweet fuck all. I truly believe the pitiful collection of sub-par work I slapped together could have been done in a day or so of being rested. And NOT ONCE did that fucker in the corner of my eye offer to help. I will be surprised if it's finished in time. I’m expecting the worst :)
I’ve been awake for over 60 hours to work on a uni assignment. Have done less than I would have had I not. My once throbbing juicy brain is a mere paste pooling at the base of my skull. I fear failure is unavoidable and the consequences of my hubris lasting.
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2023.03.21 18:20 Sukhman__ IM IN BISCY MATH HOMEWORK🤭🤭🤭🤭

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2023.03.21 18:17 NattyB Cohutta's daughter was diagnosed with Down Syndrome

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2023.03.21 18:10 inmate911 One oddity about post-apocalypse movies and series: gender and racial equality!

Two examples: The Handmaid's Tale, and HBO's The Last of US, but there are many others.
In the case of Handmaid, no one apparently notices... race: black women and white women are treated as equal. Does that seem realistic to you? I think a theocracy would not value black women the way they value White women. They wouldn't be treated as equal. This show is at least partially honest about women, how absent civilizational, institutional, and governmental protection, women end becoming a bit like Cattle.
In the case of The last of US, it may be a post apocalyptic world but it's a racial and gender utopia. Women, and, blacks are truly treated as any other in this world. No one apparently notices color in this world.
Does this seem believable to you?
It's not wholly implausible, but it's just unlikely.
In a post-Apocalyptic world, you can forget about Women's rights and you can forget about minortiy rights.
Both concepts require a very strong government and have to be institutionalized.
Neither are 'natural,' in fact the opposite is natural: tribalism and domination of the weak by the strong.

Your thoughts please.
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2023.03.21 18:07 barukspinoza Why do you chose modesty?

TW adult themes and SA discussed
So why do you chose modesty?
It is of course no one’s business but your own, but I’m interested to hear from you if you would like to share!
My reasons for pursuing modesty are many, and this is a new journey for me.
I developed very early and this resulted in a lot of male attention. In elementary school the boys had no interest like that (as it should be, we were just children after all!) so unfortunately it was older teens and adult men. My family did not protect me.
This turned in to a negative feedback loop in which I basically subconsciously thought my only worth and only interesting characteristic was my ability to look/be s*xually pleasing. So I dressed and acted in ways I really didn’t want to but felt compelled to.
I firmly believe that no matter what you wear, you can be a target of unwanted male attention. I’m not pursuing modesty to “hide” or avoid another SA. I am dressing in a way I want, in a way I find comfortable. I’m sick of being pressured to dress in tight clothes that “shows off my features” as it had once been put by one of my teachers.
Another reason is becoming more serious about my faith. While in my religion it isn’t super common to cover hair or even dress modestly anymore, my hair being covered serves as a reminder of my faith. Which in turn reminds me to be a better person, mother, and wife. In those moments I am having an ugly thought I hope that it will just be a reminder to act with more grace, compassion, and understanding.
In the moments I am feeling pressure to act a certain way it will be a reminder that I am beholden to no one besides God, my husband, myself and my daughter. I owe truly nothing to anyone but those just mentioned.
It is also a physical reminder of my devotion to my husband as his wife. Something just feels special about holding something back just for him beyond the s*xual. I have not been faithful in the past to him. Not that it is an excuse at all, but we have had such a traumatic 15 year relationship going through addiction, assault, homelessness, etc. not to mention the development changes you go through from ages 14-30. We are both very sick and traumatized people learning how to be normal.
We have come to the point where we either call it quits and move on or both give 100% and cultivate a healthier relationship. We decided on the latter.
We both deeply love each other, but we have also deeply hurt each other. We have started secular therapy, regularly attending church with the intent of pursuing RCIA and becoming official members, among many other things to work towards the type of relationship we know we can have. So far - it’s working beautifully and we have never been happier.
Other fringe benefits I’m excited about are not having to worry about my hair looks, and keeping my hair protected from the elements.
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2023.03.21 18:05 sideswipe781 UFC San Antonio Betting Preview (& UFC 286 Review)

Bet record: 17-31, Staked: 53.75u, Profit/Loss: +4.96u, ROI: 9.24%, Parlay Suggestions: 21-6
If you’re not bothered about my ramblings on last week’s opinions, scroll down for UFC San Antonio Breakdowns
(For context, my UFC 286 Preview for that event can be found here: https://www.reddit.com/MMAbetting/comments/11qh6nn/ufc_286_betting_preview_ufc_las_vegas_review/)

UFC 286
Bets: 4-3, +5.74u, Parlay Suggestions: 3-1
✅ 3u Gunnar Nelson & Marvin Vettori both to Win (-115)
✅ 2u Jack Shore & Impa Kasangany to Win (-180)
✅ 1u Jack Shore to Win in Round 2 or 3 (+241)
❌ 1.5u Omar Morales to Win (-110)
✅ 1u Leon Edwards to Win (+250)
❌ 1u Juliana Miller & Omran Chaaban to Win (-125)
❌ 0.25u Marvin Vettori, Gunnar Nelson, Jack Shore & Juliana Miller all to Win (+205)
As I said in my initial comments about UFC 286, I think it really under delivered from a fan perspective because of the lack of high level UK prospects. Without a Molly McCann, Darren Till, Paddy Pimblett or a Tom Aspinall, the fans just weren’t as excited or vocal throughout the card.
With that said, I’m always having fun if I’m making money! This was my third winning event in a row, a streak of over 10u profit in March. It was obviously a card of strong favourites but I’m mostly happy with the spots I chose to pull the trigger on. The Nelson/Vettori parlay was nice as both men delivered exactly what I expected them to, and Jack Shore also came through to cash a bigger priced prop bet. It’s really satisfying when your reads on fights turn out to be spot on, and your bets cash with relative ease as a result. Here's some live thoughts on the card + my breakdowns:
- So proud of Leon Edwards man, that was one hell of a performance. The way he levelled up that takedown defence and made his shots count in the clinch. It was one of those complicated fights to score in that he was moving backwards and fighting defensively for the most part, but he certainly landed more shots and had the better moments. Really happy to have gotten 2/1 and 3/1 (boosted) on the dog there.
- Jesus Christ Rafael Fiziev is quick. The combinations he was throwing in the first minute of round three were some of the most terrifying spurts of offence I’ve seen in some time. And then just a minute or so later Justin Gaethje starts winging massive uppercuts and cannot miss with them. That was such a good fight, real back and forth stuff. I feel like Gaethje was lowkey a really good underdog spot all week but it’s hard to give those opinions credence sometimes when the masses are all hyping up Fiziev. At least I identified Fiziev was not a good bet.
- Massive shoutout to Gunnar Nelson for performing exactly like a -400 should, as I expected him to! He got in, landed a takedown, and found the sub soon after. I still wish he would have done that against Takashi Sato, bur he rounded out the parlay with Vettori and made it a winning night for me! Along with Hadley, he was the best parlay option on the card (as I suggested).
- Casey O’Neill didn’t shoot for a takedown. Not the fight anyone was expecting. It’s disappointing when that happens but there’s not really a whole lot you can do. Jennifer Maia is a really underrated striker so god knows why Casey chose that path. When you consider the way Jake Hadley approached his fight and compare it with O’Neill…that’s the difference between good fight IQ and bad. I actually said in my analysis “I trust O’Neill’s dedication to her gameplan here” which is hilarious. Don’t think I can be blamed for not seeing it coming though haha.
- All week I was a little bit confused by all the love for Roman Dolidze, as I got on Marvin Vettori pretty early and didn’t really see a whole lot of reasoning that I understood. To be perfectly honest, Dolidze had more success than I expected him to, and any fighter other than Vettori would probably have wilted and got stopped. With that said, that’s exactly why I bet Marvin, so I don’t necessarily think it was a bad read at all. A solid parlay leg.
- Jack Shore vs Makwan Amirkhani played out exactly as I expected it to. Amirkhani’s a good grappler, so I wasn’t surprised nor worried when he clearly won round 1. In fact, I was more confident in winning my bets as soon as the horn sounded, and it showed. I don’t really understand how a professional fighter can have such a glaring cardio issue and not address it or adjust his style. I hope they keep Makwan around, those Round 2/3 props will always be good. Happy to finally win one of those bigger priced prop bets. I’ve historically been pretty good with props but somehow been on a dry patch since I started posting here.
- Chris Duncan v Morales was a frustrating one. Morales will look back on that one and be pissed off at himself, because he should absolutely be winning that. Chris Duncan really isn’t very good and I am already looking forward to fading him in the future. Hope they try and build him up because there’ll be a good fade waiting to happen. Annoying fight to lose but fair play to Duncan for identifying the path to victory. Glad I went with a smaller stake for a volatile fight.
- A shame what happened to Dusko Todorovic. Christian Leroy Duncan is a really exciting striker so I was looking forward to seeing more of him, but you never want to see that happen. I hope we don’t have to wait until the next England card for C L Duncan’s next fight, but I also hope they give him a bit of a lay-up for to allow for a proper “debut”.
- Nicely done from Jake Hadley, making use of his striking advantage and not getting sucked into a grappling affair. Always annoys me when someone has a distinct advantage but doesn’t use it because it’s not their plan A. He was the best parlay piece of the card. Good for Hadley and I’m excited to see what else he has to offer. Wish I’d gone with him instead of backing Juliana Miller.
- I was keeping half an eye on Herbert/Klein and Wood/Carolina whilst at work. Doesn’t look like I missed a whole lot and haven't bothered to rewatch.
- Juliana Miller with an awful performance. Veronica Macedo looked much improved but it didn’t take a whole lot to defeat an opponent with no plan B. I didn’t anticipate Macedo being the stronger fighter of the two, which changed a whole lot. Poor decision from me to back an inexperienced fighter at -400 like that. Grim. Inexperience really showed.

UFC San Antonio
I'm really excited for the main event of this one, very glad they put this fight together. Unfortunately the headliner is a massive cut above the rest of the card in terms of popularity and calibre, but we’ve had worse cards this year, I don’t mind it. Usually I’d rejoice over the fact we aren’t in the Apex…but we are in Texas, where judging has been historically AWFUL. There isn’t a whole lot we can really do with that information though, except consider how much of a fighter’s win probability is based around them finding a finish. Fighters who are likely to win without the judges getting involved will be the less volatile spots this week.
From a betting perspective, it’s a very weak card. The bookies have done a really good job of pricing the punters out of any value, as my conclusions to most fights see me lining it pretty close to the books, where there ends up being no real numerical edge on either side! Nonetheless, I’ve broken down most of the bouts on the card below:

Cory Sandhagen v Marlon Vera
Marlon Vera has always been one of my favourite fighters. Backing him to win inside the distance when he was a prelim fighter was a spot I always looked out for back in the day, so it’s great to see him climb so high in the rankings. I always support and ride with the fighters that make me money over the years, and Vera has been one of the best of them.
Unfortunately, Vera’s always relied on his power and finishing ability to really carry him through fights, as there are a lot of instances where he’s down on the overall scorecards, before finding a finish. His wins over Dominic Cruz and Frankie Edgar are the two best examples recently, but his issue of being a slow starter also made this applicable in wins over Davey Grant, Nohelin Hernandez and Guido Cannetti. Also similarly, he was being thoroughly outboxed by Rob Font in their main event encounter last year, but the Ecuadorian was stealing rounds with knockdowns in a very similar way.
Considering I expect this fight against Cory Sandhagen to be a closely contested one, Vera’s inability to win minutes and start strong could end up becoming a problem here. The pivotal question in this fight is whether or not Vera can hurt or finish Sandhagen, as I certainly lean towards favouring Cory if this fight goes the distance and Vera hasn’t scored multiple knockdowns.
Vera is one of the most dangerous guys P4P on the roster, with KO and Submission potential across all five rounds – but Sandhagen has been pretty damn durable in his MMA career. Aljamain Sterling was the only man of 19 able to finish Cory, and it came in under 90 seconds. Sandhagen’s performance there was such a disappointment that I’m convinced there was something else going on that hindered him that night. Petr Yan also dropped Sandhagen with a spinning back fist combo, but that seemed very much like Cory getting caught unaware – and he looked like he recover instantly.
Given the calibre that Sandhagen has fought against in the last four years – I think we have to give him the benefit of the doubt in assuming he can stay safe here. If that is the case I expect him to win rounds with superior output and a faster pace – especially considering he’s got a high likelihood of being one round up after five minutes.
I’m not super confident in that take though as it’s hardly on the level of Garbrandt vs Jones or something! So it’s a fight I’m definitely lining as quite close. Sandhagen deserves to be deemed the favourite for the above reasons, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if Vera’s dangerousness was enough to tip the balance in his favour, or if he was able to win a round by just point striking anyway.
I saw a stat this week that said there have been 10 rounds in 2023 where a knockdown is landed but the round still ended and was scored. Of those scorecards, the fighter landing the knockdown won 8 of 10 times. Whilst it’s highly implied that a knockdown means you’re more likely to win the round based off how the following minutes take place, that does still imply the judges are leaning towards awarding damage over minute winning (I personally hate the way MMA judging has gone these days but it is what it is). Just something to consider when you think about Chito’s path to victory.
At the end of the day, it’s an intriguing fight, and not one I think anyone should be rushing to the betting window for due to the small margins in the various skill discrepancies.
How I line this fight: Cory Sandhagen -150 (60%), Marlon Vera +150 (40%)
Bet or Pass: Pass

Holly Holm v Yana Santos
Holly Holm is one of those fighters who makes your memory play tricks on you. I instinctively feel like I have a good read on her style and overall calibre, but then when I watch tape she’s always a much more underwhelming version of that fighter I have in my head. She just doesn’t really put her stamp on rounds – spending too much time in the clinch and does not have high enough volume. 3.24 significant strikes landed per 15 minutes is a shockingly low number, especially considering it’s Women’s MMA and Holm has a lot of in cage time. To make matters worse, Holm averages 0.72 takedowns per 15 minutes and is now 41 years old.
Whilst there’s a lot of data to crunch on Holm, there’s actually a surprisingly smaller sample size on Yana Santos. Considering Kunitskaya (previous surname) has been a known name in Women’s MMA for some time, it’s pretty crazy to think she only has 7 UFC appearances to her name – most of which are against a lesser calibre than Holly Holm. She’s also coming off a two year lay-off having had a child with Thiago Santos, which adds further uncertainty to an already tepid read.
As I’m sure you may have noticed by now, this breakdown is much more stat-based than I typically offer (though Women’s MMA is a lot more accessible for stats), because I honestly cannot bring myself to re-watch Holly Holm’s career and I’m instead relying on what the numbers are telling me. Perhaps that’s a bit lazy, but this is the 8th week of UFC cards in a row and I am feeling very burnt out! I just don’t think either woman has a particularly commanding style, and there’s a hell of a lot of intangibles floating around this fight (old age, post-child birth, lay-offs, levels of competition, Texas judging etc), so it’s a very easy pass.
How I line this fight: I won’t line a fight I haven’t taped, but I do not recommend Holm at this price.
Bet or Pass: Pass

Nate Landwehr v Austin Lingo
It’s a shame Alex Caceres had to pull out of the originally scheduled bout against Nate Landwehr, but good to see they managed to find Austin Lingo a fight so soon after the Ricardo Ramos one fell through a couple of weeks ago (still annoyed I didn’t get to cash some easy money there). From a fan perspective, this bout is probably the most entertaining of the three available!
Both dudes are hardnosed strikers that like to fight gritty and wear out their opponents. Neither are particularly gifted from a technique perspective, but you’d be hard pressed to find fighters that can out work these two. Pitting them against one another is going to lead to an exhausting fight.
Landwehr is the much more experienced of the two and has clearly had more career success implementing the brawling style, but I think this is just one of those matchups that’s going to be fought quite closely, given how it should play out. Landwehr relies on sheer busyness and drowning his opponents to win rounds but, if he can’t necessarily do that to Lingo, do you really have a whole lot of confidence that he’s going to be the clear round winner? The guy gets hit by 5.56 significant strikes per minute. Considering we are in Texas and there is added volatility to the judging, any fighter that can land 5.56 S.Strikes is live to win a round or two!
Landwehr’s key to winning this fight is going to be in his wrestling, as that’s where he will clearly assert himself. But can he even get it there though? Lingo’s debut performance against Youseff Zalal was a big red flag in terms of his takedown defence, but he looks to have improved it in his following two bouts. However, those came against a lower level of competition so could well be flattering Lingo’s overall ability. His takedown defence stats are quite skewed, and he’s coming off an 18 month layoff which muddies the water even more.
I think the edge in experience and overall competence at the hard-nosed styles means that Landwehr deserves to be favoured here, but I think the pricetag is a bit ridiculous. He should get the win, but I would be very surprised if he does it with the dominance of a -275. The lay off for Lingo means that he can have anywhere from a very low floor to a reasonably high ceiling. Both men are durable and will have moments in this fight, so this is one of the fights where I’m expecting some wild shit from Texas judges. If you’re convinced about betting Landwehr at -300 here, you’re crazy. Lingo the value side, but mostly based off intangibles and hypotheticals, which doesn’t fill me with enough confidence to pull the trigger.
How I line this fight: Nate Landwehr -200 (67%), Austin Lingo +200 (34%)
Bet or Pass: Pass

Andrea Lee v Maycee Barber
This one should be pretty fun! It’s speed and agility vs power and force.
Andrea Lee is a complicated fighter to get a full read on, as her performances have really varied throughout her career. She’s well rounded enough to outstrike most equally levelled opponents on the feet, and her grappling isn’t too bad either. Takedown defence needs a bit of work though.
The biggest issue with Lee is those back-to-back losses to Lauren Murphy and Roxanne Modafferi. It’s just inexcusable to lose both of those of those fights when you’re the calibre that Andrea Lee is. I know you can argue she got robbed against Murphy (it’s probably the key example of Texas judging being so bad), but she let the fight become quite close. And yes, Barber lost to Modafferi, but that was all determined by an injury and anyone who tells you otherwise is a hater or hasn’t watched it.
I’ve always thought Barber was overrated in terms of skills, but her physicality and strength are a bit of a gamechanger in the Women’s divisions. She’s well-rounded, but statistically has lesser output than Andrea Lee…which is always concerning. I expect this one to be quite competitive, where Andrea Lee could easily stay safe on the outside and jab her way to a win, as long as she gets on her bike and utilises good footwork. Maycee will plod forward and look to land the power shot, but that’s not a particularly high percentage outcome to rely on in Women’s MMA. If she can get her hands on her and utilise the clinch, I think it’s all one way traffic from there though. Maycee is reliable to do that, at least.
I can understand Barber being the favourite based off the finishing upside, imposing striking with good metrics and ability to land takedowns…but I’m just still not wholly convinced by her ability as a mixed martial artist outside of the way she implements brute force. It might be enough here, but I just don’t like her at this short of a price. Lee has a clear path to victory that, whilst I’m not convinced she can execute it, should be taken seriously.
How I line this fight: Andrea Lee +163 (38%), Maycee Barber -163 (62%)
Bet or Pass: Pass

Alex Perez v Manel Kape
It’s just impossible to know what we’re getting from Alex Perez at this stage, isn’t it? I like Manel Kape and rate him relatively highly, but I have always maintained that Perez on his best day could well be a champion at Flyweight. I bet him in most of his fights in the buildup to the title bout against Figgy – and I bet him there as well. Unfortunately Figgy was still in his explosive prime so it didn’t work out, but I expected Perez to become somewhat of a title eliminator gatekeeper from then on. Since that loss two and a half years ago his career has taken a peculiar turn – eight fight cancellations and a 91 second loss to Alexandre Pantoja.
There are just so many question marks surrounding Alex Perez at the moment, and that makes it impossible to know what to expect in this fight. If he was at his best, I’d consider him a slight favourite here, but who knows. Kape’s weakness is clearly defensive wrestling, and he can sometimes be low volume enough on the feet that he makes fights closer than they need to be. Perez has a good enough style to make that work and win here…providing we get him at his best.
I didn’t dive into much tape for this one as I knew I wasn’t going to bet it at all. If you think Kape beats Perez based off the footage available then you’re getting a decent price!
How I line this fight: Didn’t tape, won’t line it.
Bet or Pass: Pass

Chidi Njokuani v Albert Duraev
It’s crazy how much Albert Duraev’s stock has fallen, all in one loss to Joaquin Buckley. Before that bout he looked sensational on the Contender Series, and followed it up with a dominant win over Roman Kopylov as a -450 favourite. He absolutely does his best work in the grappling and showed that he doesn’t have much of a plan B if he can’t land takedowns or settle his opponent on their back. I’m also not too convinced by his cardio, and any opponent that will make him work hard to secure top position can weaponise his questionable endurance in the later rounds.
Buckley’s such a physical and stocky guy though, I think he’s naturally going to be a tough opponent to take down when you’ve got a bit more of a wirey frame like Duraev does. Chidi Njokuani isn’t so muscular and stocky, so I think it’s fair to assume that Duraev’s going to be more of a threat with the takedowns than he was against Buckley.
The problem is, Chidi showed some really impressive get ups after the initial takedown and doesn’t usually settle on the bottom whilst he’s fresh. Dusko Todorovic isn’t the best grappler in the world by any stretch, but Chidi was doing all the right things to prevent hit back from lying flat on the mat, and if he has similar success against Duraev he’s cruising.
The finish to the Robocop fight was a bit of a concern, but that fight heated up to a ridiculously fast pace in round 1 that I think Chidi cardio dumped, got rocked, and kind of quit on the bottom against Rodrigues. The same could happen again, but it would rely on Duraev pushing the pace aggressively with his striking, which isn’t something he often does.
Overall, I think Njokuani definitely deserves to be a favourite here as he is much more dangerous on the feet and has shown us already that he can successfully answer the questions that Duraev will ask. The Russian also does not have much of a plan B and doesn’t always do a whole lot with his top control except set up submissions. Considering Njokuani is a BJJ Black Belt, and the judges probably won’t appreciate those kind of optics from Duraev, I’m not massively convinced by his chances here.
I’m interested to see what kind of price they’re giving for Njokuani ITD in this fight, as I’m quite convinced by his finishing ability since he moved up to Middleweight, and Duraev is very hittable if he gets stuck on the feet. If I can get + money on it I think I’d have a small wager.
How I line this fight: Chidi Njokuani -175 (64%), Albert Duraev +175 (36%)
Bet or Pass: 1.5u Chidi Njokuani & CJ Vergara Both to Win (+122)

Steven Peterson v Lucas Alexander
I complain pretty much every week about the UFC’s current fighter calibre having massively declined recently, and nothing proves my point like Steven Peterson finally becoming a betting favourite for the first time in 8 UFC bouts. The guy has been the perfect litmus test to determine whether any fighter is UFC level, and those he has beaten were notoriously bad at the time and didn’t last long at the top level (Chase Hooper excluded because he had some “name value”).
He’s got some similarities to Austin Lingo in that he is some generic white guy with bad tattoos, that doesn’t have any real skill but is gritty and dedicated to the fight. If you can’t put him away, you’re going to have keep your shit together or he might surprise you by sheer output and ruggedness. No fighter that is credited mostly for their ability to take a punch and walk forward deserves to be a -175 favourite, but they also don’t always deserve to be massive underdogs either (see breakdown of Landwehr vs Lingo). The thing that baffles me the most though is that Peterson isn’t much of a finisher (6 of his last 7 went the distance), meaning the books are putting a fair bit of stock into his ability to win a decision.
So…Lucas Alexander. His UFC debut was a quick loss via RNC, but it came off a slip from a kick and the rest was kind of a formality at that point once Brito got the back as a result. Personally I don’t really put much/any stock into that loss as I don’t think it showed us anything about him apart from his defensive grappling isn’t elite? Ask yourself this…if this was Lucas Alexander’s UFC debut, would the line still be the same? It depends on what the regional tape looks like, but I’m quite sure it wouldn’t!
Therefore, we have to go back to the regional scene to actually get a glimpse of Alexander…and there is a lot more to be intrigued by than you might think. He’s a better technical striker than Peterson! He’s got great fluidity and movement, throws a varied arsenal of kicks and combos (lots of leg kicks, which will halt that forward pressure), and switches stances quite often. I’m not too sure how he’ll deal with being crowded by Peterson and his intense style, but I fully expect him to get the better of the majority of the striking exchanges whilst they’re at distance.
To win this fight cleanly, the grappling is the answer for Peterson…but Alexander’s defensive wrestling and get ups aren’t bad at all from what I’ve seen! I’ve seen evidence of him using the cage to get back to his feet and reversing position in the clinch, as well as maintaining position in top control. Apparently he’s a black belt as well, but I try not to immediately assume that makes you a good grappler (he does have 3 submission losses tbf). I did see a few submission attempts and successful reversals from bottom against Jeremias Fernandez, and was impressed with how he handled being on the bottom. The two regional scene submission losses both came in 2018, and honestly he looks like he’s improved his wrestling/grappling a lot since then so I’m not massively concerned by them.
Peterson has averaged just 1.61 TDs landed per 15 minutes, which isn’t a massively high number and doesn’t really fill you with a whole lot of confidence that he’s going to stick to a grappling based gameplan in this fight, especially when we know how much he enjoys brawling. If he does come with that kind of gameplan then I guess I expect him to be favoured (still hard to say how good/bad Alexander’s grappling is), but if he opts to strike I think he’s at a disadvantage.
For me, this fight is clearly a pick’em, or at least leans slightly towards Peterson as the favourite. I do expect Alexander to perform better than his +150 price tag suggests, as I think he’s got the potential to keep out of danger with the grappling and actually outscore Peterson on the feet. This fight probably goes the distance and, given the hesitance I have about Texas judges, I’d much rather be on the + money side there as well. Alexander is still being regarded as a “UFC debut” fighter in my eyes so I won’t be staking much here…but if you’re betting Peterson at -180 I think you’re crazy.
How I line this fight: Steven Peterson -120 (54%), Lucas Alexander +120 (46%)
Bet or Pass: 1u Lucas Alexander to Win (+150 or better…waiting to see if the juice continues)

Trevin Giles v Preston Parsons
Preston Parsons looked really good in his win over Evan Elder last year, with the latter going on to impress everyone with his latest performance against Nazim Sadykhov a few weeks ago. Parsons has a really suffocating wrestling/grappling style, forcing his opponents to work and threatening with a variety of submissions. He can be a little “submission over position” but he’s got an arsenal of really good sweeps from bottom. His striking also looked decent in the loss to Daniel Rodriguez, throwing shots at angles and landing pretty cleanly on D-Rod a few times.
He faces Trevin Giles, who has had a pretty eventful UFC career so far. Giles suffered back to back R3 losses to Zak Cummings and Gerald Meerschaert in fights he was clearly winning, where lapses in concentration saw him snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. He then went on to be the benefactor of one of the worst decisions in MMA history when he beat James Krause by decision. Giles hasn’t really gone on to do a whole lot in his UFC career since, but a well-aged win over Roman Dolidze stands out as the highlight.
Giles has decent striking himself, but he is such a low volume fighter that I think he’s going to struggle to win rounds against Preston ‘Pressure’ Parsons if he doesn’t do damage. The younger fighter will be happy to push the pace in this one, varying up his striking with a few takedown entries and just overwhelming Giles, who likes to fight patiently and methodically on the feet. Giles looks clean when he’s involved in a staring match on the feet, but when the tempo turns up and things get a bit wild he kind of loses all composure and technique (see losses to Morales and Du Plessis recently). Giles is also a decent enough grappler, but he’s prone to reversals on the mat (which Parsons will definitely try to execute), and can accept bottom position if his initial guard sub or two get shut down.
I’m struggling to really see why this one is being lined as a pick’em here, as Giles doesn’t hold a whole lot of advantages that I think he’ll be able to implement. He’s clearly a good striker, but the low volume should prevent him from really being able to show that off properly, and he won’t be the fighter looking to put his stamp on rounds when he’s fighting at a tempo way higher than he wants. He’s more experienced, but we’ve also seen lots of examples of poor fight IQ consistently creeping into Giles’ game and he hasn’t addressed the flaws of his style.
I’d line Parsons as a small to moderate favourite in this fight, and I’ll be betting him for a couple of units as a result.
How I line this fight: Trevin Giles +150 (40%), Preston Parsons -150 (60%)
Bet or Pass: 3u Preston Parsons to Win (+100)

CJ Vergara v Daniel Da Silva
To me, this seems like one of those fights where the UFC are acknowledging Vergara has paid his dues, and are giving him a bit of a softball as a result.
No one really knew what to make of Vergara when he got to the UFC – a KO win on the Contender Series in 41 seconds is usually a red flag more than anything! They lined him up with Ode Osbourne for his debut, where he was a +170 underdog. He put a really impressive display in that fight, with many thinking he actually won against a guy that is quite well respected at Flyweight.
Next, he was a +270 underdog to Kleydson Rodrigues, who was making his debut as a highly, highly touted prospect. Everyone and their mothers was on Rodrigues in that fight, yet Vergara fought a really smart and dedicated gameplan and won a close split decision. I had a big bet on Kleydson in his fight a few weeks ago, and rewatching the Vergara fight had me respecting him all over again. Given what we saw Kleydson do to Shannon Ross (not that the latter is a world beater) did nothing but improve Vergara’s stock.
Then, for his third UFC bout, he gets Tatsuro Taira! Probably one of the top 5 hottest unranked prospects in the sport right now. That was the first time we saw Vergara actually look like the +220 underdog that the books had him as, but given the hype around Taira that’s actually a respectable number to be graded at! There really isn’t a long list of fighters who are willing to fight Taira at the moment, so the matchmakers have probably scheduled this fight as a thank you for Vergara being a company man.
They’ve given him Daniel da Silva (Lacerda) as a reward. DdS is a pretty wild fighter, with 15 bouts all ending inside the distance (and none even reaching round 3). That kind of kill-or-be-killed style is certainly fun to watch, but it doesn’t really work out as well as you’d think when you hit the big shows. Don’t get me wrong, he looks pretty decent in round 1, but Vergara is a durable guy that has shown good IQ in the cage so far. He should find a way to stay safe in that opening round, probably by landing a takedown and coasting in top control like Jeff Molina did (also, shoutout Jeff Molina for handling the social media chaos with grace last week!), or by pushing that ferocious striking pace and keeping da Silva on the backfoot.
Even so, da Silva is a liability to himself in Round 1 as well, as we saw in losses to Francisco Figueiredo and Victor Altamirano. Getting kneebar’d by Figgy’s subpar brother is a pretty bad look, and he had absolutely no answer for Altamirano’s ground striking as soon as he was on his back. His commitment to the guard sub is insane, and it’s probably going to be responsible for yet another loss here against Vergara.
I think we’re getting a decent price on Vergara here. The blueprint has been written on Da Silva and, whilst Vergara will have to be careful for the opening few minutes, I think CJ’s got him covered here. I jumped in on the -275 as a parlay piece, as I think there’s an argument Vergara should probably be a bigger favourite here?
Also, as a side note from watching Molina vs Da Silva – Damn James Krause was a good coach. What a waste!
How I line this fight: CJ Vergara -300 (75%), Daniel Da Silva +300 (25%)
Bet or Pass: 1.5u CJ Vergara & Chidi Njokuani Both to Win (+122)

Vinicius Salvador v Victor Altamirano
I loved Vinicius Salvador’s DWCS performance against Shannon Ross and I’m really excited to see him make his debut, but I’m not massively sure about how good he is as an overall fighter. His style instantly makes him a fan favourite, but using nothing but head movement to defend, and having that cocky style that throws ridiculous highlight reel kicks isn’t really a positive trait when you’re looking to put your hard earned money on a fighter. It looks cool and can sometimes impress the judges…but it’s a risky game and can easily see you getting caught clean or making mistakes. There’s a reason Michel Pereira doesn’t fight like a lunatic anymore.
Salvador hits hard and absolutely has knockout power, having finished 13 of his 14 wins by KO (the other was a submission). He’s also lost inside the distance in three of his 4 losses, and Shannon Ross did have him hurt for a second or two in the DWCS fight. He’s a chaotic fighter, and I’m really annoyed we got robbed of the chance to see him fight Daniel Da Silva a few months ago. It would have been fireworks.
This might sound stupid as a genuine piece of logic and reasoning, but I have always fully believed the notion that Mexican fighters have the best chins and next level toughness. It’s kind of a dumb narrative for me to hang my hat on, but I am always hesitant to side with a knockout-based fighter if it’s a Mexican opponent they’re trying to put to sleep. We saw Altamirano eat a few clean and heavy shots from Daniel Da Silva in his last bout, which makes me think I might have to side with my illogical narrative once again.
With that said, I still think Salvador deserves to be favoured by a small margin here. Victor Altamirano just isn’t very good. His win over DdS was kind of a high variance random knee, and he was clearly losing that fight up to that point. He was competitive in the win against Carlos Hernandez, but I feel like that fight didn’t do much to show off the skills of either guy and it really solidified that they are equally matched as entry level UFC fighters. It was like an intense sparring session, where neither guy had any real sting on their shots and only looked to point score, with a bit of cage pushing thrown in for good measure.
The power discrepancy between Altamirano and Salvador is too big to ignore here. Salvador is going to come out hot and look to take Victor’s head off, and I just don’t think Altamirano is going to be able to earn back the respect of Salvador here. The striking should be one-way traffic whilst they’re fresh, simply because Salvador’s going be doing damage with almost every shot that he lands. As the fight wears on though, I expect Altamirano have a lot more success in the later minutes, as he settles into the fight and has grown confident he can withstand the power (as well as some of the sting coming off Salvador’s shots).
Altamirano doesn’t look like wrestling/grappling is his preferred skillset, but I think he would do well to lean on it a bit here. I haven’t been able to really find any tape on Salvador’s defensive wrestling/grappling, but I have to assume that a fighter with as little technical discipline as him is probably not the greatest grappler in the world.
I see Vinicius Salvador as something similar to the Brazilian equivalent of Trevor Peak. It's easy to get ahead of yourself and try to fade a guy with brute force and no technique, but it’s important to realise that the judges don’t score technique and as long as Salvador is landing something, he’ll earning favour with the judges and threatening to score a finish too.
I don’t think Altamirano is the guy to capitalise on those defensive lapses of Salvador, so I think the Brazilian is the rightful favourite. However, there’s not enough value on the line to justify a bet here, and Salvador could easily be the maker of his own downfall with his reckless style, and that’s not the kind of guy I like to back.
Very excited to see this one play out. I will probably throw Salvador into a couple of my untracked degenerate parlays, but officially it’s a no-bet for me.
How I line this fight: Vinicius Salvador -120 (54%), Victor Altamirano +120 (46%)
Bet or Pass: Pass

Tamires Vidal v Hailey Cowan
The UFC are being very generous to Hailey Cowan, aren’t they!? After trying and failing to set her up with one of the worst fighters on the roster, Ailin Perez, they’re trying again to offer her a bit of a soft entry into the UFC.
The problem is that Cowan is just simply not very good, so I think she’s going to struggle against anyone that’s borderline UFC calibre. Tamires Vidal sits on the fringe, and she seems to be the much more dangerous of the two and actually has some process to her striking, so I think Cowan deserves to be the underdog once again.
The betting line here has been on a real journey already. Books opened Cowan as a +200 underdog, and it looks to have been jumped on by some opportunistic value bettors – and rightly so! I just hope the steam has come in because they think the line was wide, not because they have any real faith in Cowan!
I’m intrigued to see how far the overcorrection goes, as this one really should land around a pick’em. The books won’t mind tipping the balance towards Cowan if it means they’ve got equal money on each side, as this isn’t going to be a high stakes fight so they’ll prioritise keeping the book green.
I have to remind myself of the calibre I’m dealing with here though…both women are low level and high variance is at play! If all the money on Cowan continues to come and Vidal’s price gets bigger, then a true value bettor should pounce on any decent size + money…but you really do have to accept that you’re getting into bed with variance here.
How I line this fight: Tamires Vidal -110 (52%), Hailey Cowan +110 (48%)
Bet or Pass: Pass

Bets (Placed bets in bold, others are pending as line may improve)
3u Preston Parsons to Win (+100)
1.5u CJ Vergara & Chidi Njokuani Both to Win (+122)
0.25u Njokuani, Parsons & Vergara All to Win (+330)
1u Lucas Alexander to Win (+150 or better)
Parlay Do’s: Njokuani, Parsons, Vergara
Parlay Don’ts: Sandhagen, Holm, Landwehr, Barber, Peterson, Cowan

UFC 287 (Breakdown next week but don’t expect line to hold)
2u Michael Chiesa to Win (-150)
Best of luck with your bets!
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2023.03.21 18:04 SaHaRzZz Broke up with gf and full of regret(?

My ex and I broke up 24 days ago, we said we'd do no contact for at least month, but she texted me 4 days after the breakup to get her stuff back. I argued that it's not the time and I didn't want to bring it to her because I'm still hurt and the past couple of days were hard.
But I ended up deciding to give her her stuff back because I didn't want her to be cold without her only coat.
I drove back with tears and it was hard, but she called me a day later and we started chatting, and it became daily, we chatted like we used to, for 9 days we had a good time as friends, and I still missed her, but I loved her personality and thought I was doing the right thing for not trying to get her back romantically.
10 days ago, which is 9 days after we started talking again, she called me at midnight and said that she wants to talk for a bit before sleep, and that we haven't talked the whole day when she told me the previous day to contact her (she initiated calls in the 9 days), I was with a friend playing a video game and told her I can't talk right now, I can talk 30 minutes later, or I can get a few minutes, she wanted 10 minutes, and I told her I'd call her back 5 minutes later.
I called her 2 minutes later, and she was surprised that it faster, and I told her that I have 5 minutes, she got upset and wanted 15 minutes, and I told her that I can't leave my friend hanging as it was a last game before sleep, and she took offense and told me that she hates to be a last priority, and I got upset and didn't want to feel bad, so instead of the healthy approach of making the right choice and staying to calm her down, and spend the time with her, I told her she's not a last priority and hung up.
I texted her at 3 am that I hope she sleeps well with a smiley, and felt really guilty for leaving her like that.
she didn't respond the next day, and I thought she's mad at me, and the whole week I felt bad and didn't feel like doing anything really, and a few more days gone past and nothing, I texted her at Thursday, 5 days after I left her like that, and I asked to talk in VC (voice channel in discord), and she said no, and that I hurt her. I apologized and wanted to talk about it, but she declined, and I got upset and told her that that's it, I'm done, and I blocked her on every platform except Whatapp, I then unblocked her as it was only for unfriending purposes, but I still wanted to contact her and be able to talk things through.
I texted her late at night, 2:30 am, and told her that I'm really sorry for how I treated her, and I wanted us to go through it and work things better, she still didn't want to talk.
I then started thinking deeply on what must have gone wrong, and I turned to friends that have a good relationships and asked for advice, I told them about the full uncensored version of my story, I spoke to one friend the entire night and he stayed with me until almost morning, because I couldn't sleep, eat, drink or take a shower.
I really went and told them how I fucked up everything, which is true, I ignored her feelings a lot of the times, thought that these things pass, and sometimes I left her feeling bad before bad, because I didn't bring myself to comfort her at these times.
Although I really loved her, I really hurt her too, and I even told her in the last month that I'm starting to lose something from the relationship, which after self digging into my life, was not because of her, because she was the only light in my life.
I self reflected and really started looking at past arguments, at past disagreements and past behaviour, and I realized that the things I were afraid of, and the things I claim to not want, I actually did want, so very much.
Like spending 3 days together on the weekends instead of 2, like cuddling to sleep, like going on more dates, like treating her like a queen and supporting her no matter what.
I behaved childish and like I wasn't in a relationship, I didn't think for the both of us, I was defensive easily and instead of thinking of what I'm saying and how I'm affecting her, I didn't stop to think of her.
I was so hung on bad opinions from friends that didn't like that relationship, on my mother that thought it was causing me harm, I loved her and didn't want to leave her, I couldn't, the only way it happened was because we both brought it up.
I told her how I feel and about my self reflection, and told her that I see things more clearly and I want her back and that I promise to be better, and I really did mean that, I wanted to do all the things I haven't done, like celebrating milestones, like celebrating her birthday properly like I never did, like taking her out to her favorite places a lot more often and giving her more than she expects of me.
I asked her if we could talk on the phone, and she said agreed, so we spoke at Sunday, and we talked for about 2 hours and 15 minutes, and we joked and had a bit of a catch up and also talked about what happened, and I told her how sorry I was, how I am really changing and really there to listen and to be more in the relationship instead of myself, and that I wanted to fix the things I haven't done.
She told me it was too late, and that if only I'd come to that conclusion sooner, things would have worked out differently. She told me that I've gotten too many chances, and I hurt her too much, to a point where it's unfixable.
after we hung up the call, I ordered her flowers and some chocolate, flowers that I should've brought her many times and I didn't.
It arrived after 2 hours, and she called and told me that they are pretty and she thanked me for them, I told her that I'm happy she's happy, and that I'm glad I did something right.
She send me a picture of them after the call, and I told her "Pretty flowers to a pretty Lady".
The next day, I wanted to ask her out for a fun day, like going bowling or to play pool or an outside activity, and I called her and we spoke about it and she declined, we spoke for about an hour~, after she said she didn't think it was a good idea we talked about lighter things, and had a fun conversation like we used to do. I still tried to win her back and told her how sorry I was, how I am making a change and want her back, and if she'd only give me a chance.
That same day I decided to drive to her, since I haven't seen her at all since we broke up on the phone, and I arrived to her house with a song I have written about our situation, about how sorry I was and how I mean well and only want a chance to show her that she can trust me and we can be together.
I knocked on the door, said hi, that I have written her a song and want to sing it to her. I'm a musician by the way.
I asked if she would let me in, and she said yes, and so I sang it to her and she was a little embarrassed, but I've had confidence in my singing and guitar playing, and the song isn't half bad either, so I felt good about doing that.
She kept the lyrics and we talked about the situation and about other things as well, like her life and pet and hobbies and new friends and new things in her life.
I tried to get to her heart and tell her that I really am sorry, and I knew that I did change and was willing to be there for her and I wanted personally to do the things we didn't do, not only for her, but also for myself.
She said that she is not interested in getting back to where we were, and that she doesn't trust me, and that what I would say and act like.
I tried to say that I really did mean well and I don't want to hurt her, I am committed and I want this relationship the be a long term one, where we will be happy and not in the same situation at all. I told her how I miss her and how I really want to be there for her in the good and the bad.
I asked her if she wants to go out to eat something, and she said it's not a good idea, and that she has plans with friends and she needs to leave soon. I asked her if she wants me to drive her and she said that it's okay and she'd walk. Then I got ready to leave, it was after like 1.5 hours in her house btw, and we went to the living room, where we spoke for like 20 minutes or so and random things, music and stuff.
After the 20 minutes she told me she's late and if I'm still willing to drive her, I said of course and I drove her to her friend's house.
We spoke while driving there, it was a 1-2 minute drive, and when she got out of the car I told her that I'll be happy if we'd talk later, and she told me goodnight, and so I told her goodnight back.
I was ready to head home, but I wanted to do one more gesture, for the sake of me not doing enough in the relationship itself, and so I went to a close store and bought her her favorite strawberry gummies, her favorite flavored Pringles, favorite snack and a Plushy I saw and thought she'd like.
It all took me like 15 minutes, and I went back to my car and wanted to put it on her door's handle and drive back home, and when I got out of the parking lot and ready to head to the road, I saw her to my left looking at me, and so I backed up and parked, and we started talking for like 15 minutes, maybe more.
I asked her if she came here to buy something, and she said no, that she saw my car from a far and came to check if it's me. She told me that she came late and there was no more things to do there so she came back home.
After a few minutes of chatting, me standing with my back to my car and she standing facing me, I told her that I might as well give her what I planned to on her door's handle, and she didn't want to accept it at first, she said she didn't want to mislead me and me spending money on her, and I told her I want this, and asked her to accept it for me.
She saw that there were her favorite strawberry gummies in there, along with other stuff, and I was glad it made her happy.
At that moment a car behind her reversed really fast in her direction, and she got startled and I reacted quickly by pulling her towards me and holding her away from the car, a mindless driver almost hit her, but she was fine.
I asked to drive her home, I joked about the streets being dangerous, although it was really close to her home, and she declined and I said alright.
We said our goodbyes and hugged a meaningful hug, and she told me thank you and waved, and I smiled back.
I drove back home and she called me as I parked my car at my home, she thanked me and ate the Pringles I gave her, and we spoke for an hour about random things, I was happy to hear her voice and appreciated her honestly about the things we talked about.
Afterwards she told me she has to go back to study, and I told her that we can talk afterwards and she said okay, and we hung the call after an hour.
I went back inside my house feeling better, and after 2 hours, where I got that she didn't call me back, at the usual hour she used to talk to me before sleep, I wrote her goodnight and she replied with goodnight.
I ate a bit more, finally, and I went to sleep early than usual, and at morning I wrote her good morning and wished her well on her day. That's today by the way.
She didn't reply, and 7 hours later I asked her if she's here, and she replied and we talked, I asked her if she wants to study coding together because I wanted to freshen up on it, and I knew she was on the same page, but she said that it's a bad idea, and I told her again that I miss here and that I did change for the better. But she said it's too late and it's a bad idea, I asked her if she locked herself out, she said yes, and after talking for a few more minutes she said she thinking it's better if we don't talk, and I said okay and that I'll respect it.
Since then we haven't spoken, and I'm trying to divert my mind, but everything reminds me of her strongly as it did the last week and a half, I cry everywhere, outside, my room, my bathroom, the kitchen, everywhere.
We spent most of our time together in my room, and it's getting sad whenever I glance at my bed.
I've been really depressed the last couple of days, I ate once a day maybe 100 calories, because I forced myself to, and drank 200ml of water per 2 days. I also didn't shower the past 4 days, and only did shower and shave an hour before driving to her place.
I feel like we were a perfect match, and I didn't realize it until she was gone, we connected in ways I never connected with anyone before, and it took me a long time to find her.
I miss her so much, and it pains me to move on, I really don't want to give up on her, and I've stayed with this thought through out the entire time we were split up, I love her as the person she is, true and honest love. I'm broken.
And just to add up, there's more to the story in terms of past, we broke up 3 times in our 7 months relationship, the last few months were hard, I was dealing with myself and thought she is to blame, and I didn't initiate and led almost nothing in the relationship, I hurt her a lot, and sometimes didn't realize the severity of it.
I love her so much and want her back, I know I can fix it and I know that we fit so perfectly, but she doesn't trust me to it.
I really was the bad person, it's so sad to me that now that I really do know better, I have already lost her completely.
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2023.03.21 18:03 Green_Handle_5426 4th shot last night. Long post.

I took my 4th shot last night, so I’m 3 weeks in. I’ve lost a grand total of 16lbs. My starting weight was 248lbs. I have always been able to lose weight easily, so it’s no surprise to me. As I’ve stated in other posts, I’m losing weight to see if I can get rid of my chronic pain, losing weight is the one thing I haven’t tried. The pain is better for sure, but it still nags at my brain.
Things I’ve done to help the Wegovy work, because I realized before I gave myself the first shot that my choice in foods and the quantity I ate had to change. I only eat 2 meals a day, just like before. I have 1 cup or 2 cups of coffee in the morning with a banana, that will hold me through lunch which I eat around 12:00 to 12:30. Lunch consists of a big salad and some protein, and a banana or an apple. When the hunger hits around 3 I have another fruit. Dinner is around 7:30, and I eat pretty much the same thing as lunch but more. I’ll be 7 years sober in July, and what carried over from drinking alcohol is drinking water, I have to swallow liquid constantly to keep satiated, so I drink about 4 to 5 liters of water a day.
One of the things that have helped me tremendously is the app Yuka, as human beings now a days we really don’t know what we are eating unless it’s fresh or we cook it ourselves. Yuka rates foods you scan from 0-100, you will be surprised how many foods are in your pantry that are poor or bad. Most protein bars are just fillers, and have very little nutritional value.
Things I eat very little of. Bread, rice, pasta, ice cream. Things I cut out completely, candy, fast food, chips(Doritos, potato chips, etc), protein bars.
This post is meant to show you what I’m doing, not what you should do.
But, by taking wegovy, the ball is in your court. Good luck.
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2023.03.21 18:02 GovernmentDoingStuff Your Guide to the Sweet 16 Part 2

Yesterday I covered Thursday's Sweet 16 games. I have a part 2 today that will go over Friday's games. These next two days can't go by fast enough!
Game 5: (1)Alabama vs (5) San Diego St.
Team Profile: (1) Alabama
KenPom: 2
T-Rank: 2
Major Contributors: Brandon Miller
Alabama has been one of the best teams in the country all season long. Nate Oats’ squad plays an NBA style, up-tempo offense. The man of the hour is freshman forward Brandon Miller who is one of the top players in the nation. Alabama also has veteran PG Jahvon Quinerly leading this team on the floor. The Tide also possess one of the nations top defenses that seems to heavily contest every shot
Team Profile: (5) San Diego St.
KenPom: 15
T-Rank: 10
Major Contributors: Matt Bradley
San Diego State brings an elite defense into this tournament where they are allowing the 4th fewest three point shots in the country. San Diego St. is extremely experienced, every rotational piece is a Junior or a Senior, end even then, that includes just two Juniors. The Aztecs like to slow the game down and take their time creating open jumpers or lanes to the hoop
Game Profile:
Spread: ALA -7.5
Alabama without a doubt should be favored with how dominant they are on both sides of the ball. If the Tide can speed this game up, San Diego St. will get uncomfortable and make mistakes which Alabama will capitalize on. For the Aztecs to succeed, they need to be efficient and methodical on offense and defend the way we know they are capable of. The Aztecs best asset is their experience, I wouldn’t be surprised if they try and score at the rim to get freshmen Miller and Clowney in foul trouble early. If SDSU can hang with Alabama deep into the 2nd half, their experience may allow them to prevail.
Game 6: (1) Houston vs (5) Miami
Team Profile: (1) Houston
KenPom: 1
T-Rank: 1
Major Contributors: Marcus Sasser
The Coogs have been dominant this season. They come into this one top ten in offense and defense with stud PG Marcus Sasser leading the way. Houston defends hard and has one of the best offensive rebounding rates in the nation. It isn’t always pretty, but Houston basketball is extremely effective. Sasser and one of his co-stars, Jamal Shead have battled injuries down the stretch here, but when healthy, it’s hard not to see Houston as the nation’s best team
Team Profile: (5) Miami
KenPom: 32
T-Rank: 34
Major Contributors: Isaiah Wong, Nijel Pack, Norchad Omier
Advanced metrics don’t love Miami, but they keep winning. The ACC regular season champs are led by one of the top point guards in the country with Isaiah Wong. The Canes have a very good offense in part due to Wong’s abilities as a scorer and passer. They are great at getting high percentage jump shots and drives to the rim. Miami’s defense has been very suspect most of the season. They lack the length to be elite on that end of the floor. However, they have shown the ability to force turnovers and generate fast break scores that way
Game Profile:
Spread: HOU -7
Houston is incredibly tough to beat when healthy, but Sasser and Shead are arguably the most important players on this team and injuries to them could be the end for Houston. If the Coogs are efficient with their shooting, they should eventually pull away and win this game. Miami on the other hand has to take advantage of Sasser and Shead who are not 100% and they are equipped to do that with a great guard of their own.
Game 7: (6) Creighton vs (15) Princeton
Team Profile: (6) Creighton
KenPom: 12
T-Rank: 13
Major Contributors: N/A
Creighton is balanced personified in college basketball. They are top 25 in offense and defense and don’t have one dominant player, but rather a deep roster of stud playmakers. Creighton is really good at scoring off of 3s, and overall they are really good at staying out of foul trouble. Their only real deficits are not forcing a lot of turnovers and they don’t grab a lot of offensive rebounds
Team Profile (15) Princeton
KenPom: 91
T-Rank: 94
Major Contributors: Tosan Evbuomwan**, Keeshawn Kellman
Princeton are the darlings of this tournament reaching the 2nd weekend as a 15 seed. They are led by Tosan Evbuomwan who has one of the highest usage rates in the nation. Princeton doesn’t have any particular stat that jumps out, but they are very good at defensive rebounding and preventing 2nd chance points. They also like to score inside with the infamous backdoor cut.
Game Profile
Spread: CREI -9.5
Creighton is the largest favorite of the Sweet 16, and it isn’t hard to see why. There are so many guys that can contribute to this team’s success and they have very few weaknesses. If Creighton plays up to their capabilities, Princeton doesn’t have much of a shot. That being said, Princeton has an opening in the rebounding game. If outside shots aren’t falling, Princeton should allow very few offensive rebounds to Creighton which can allow Princeton the ability to capitalize on the misses with offense on the other end.
Game 8: (2) Texas vs (3) Xavier
Team Profile: (2) Texas
KenPom: 5
T-Rank: 6
Major Contributors: N/A
Like Creighton, Texas doesn’t have one star, but a collection of great pieces that can hurt their opponents. The Longhorns are great on both ends of the floor, top 15 on offense and defense. Texas wants to use their warchest full of guard talent to penetrate the defense and score in the lane. They are a team without many weaknesses, but they also don’t possess any outlier strengths
Team Profile: (3) Xavier
KenPom: 15
T-Rank: 20
Major Contributors: N/A
Xavier lost their one major contributor in Zach Freemantle about a month ago. They have weathered the storm and a near upset to make it to this point. Xavier is the best shooting team left in the field as they make 39% of their 3s. Defensively, there are some definite question marks around this team’s ability to stop elite offenses in the country. If you can’t stop them, outshoot them. In the absence of Freemantle, Souley Boum has been the unofficial leader of this team on the court.
Game Profile:
Spread: TEX -4
The Longhorns are favored and rightfully so. It’s hard to bet against a team in March that has elite guards and has few holes in their game. If the Longhorns can defend the arc and keep Xavier from bombing them from deep, this should be a very winnable game for Texas. Xavier is going to need to shoot well from deep in this one. The good news is that they have the talent and personnel to do just that. This could very well be the most entertaining game of the Sweet 16.
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2023.03.21 18:02 AMC4x4 Can't "activate" Paramount+ & Netflix through +play

Wondering if anyone else has run into this.
I paid for the $99 Paramount+ and "get Netflix on us" deal. Verizon website says I need to "activate" the Paramount+ before I can go on to activate Netflix. There is an ON/OFF toggle button that you're supposed to hit. The reps keep telling me it needs to switch to ON before Verizon will recognize that I've activated it. The issue is that when I click the toggle, it takes me directly to Paramount+. I have set that up, and that service is activated, and my billing on Paramount+ even says it's managed by Verizon, yet the Verizon site doesn't recognize I have activated this and the toggle always shows "off." Every rep tries to get me to switch the button, and all it does is take me to the Paramount+ site.
I have now spent many hours talking with a dozen reps, all who promise to fix the issue or say it will be resolved within 24 hours along with comforting words like "don't worry," "if we can put a smile on your face, it will be worth it," "We're going to make sure you have a great day." I have been tossed around voice directory hell, been tossed from chat rep to chat rep - who mostly seem to wait until the site times out so they don't have to help me anymore or who don't respond via Verizon's odd SMS support system and next thing I know I'm on with a new rep who has no idea what my issue is (so I have to explain once again).
I was just on with a Verizon "Tech level 2" rep right who claimed I should try it in the app. I said I had looked for it but couldn't find it (trust me, it's NOT available through the app), so I was very glad to know I could try through the app, just needed them to tell me where to find the toggle in the app.
Left me waiting for 15 minutes. I said "are you still there?" They said they were looking for that info.
I knew they wouldn't find it. Sure enough, my next message is "thank you for being transferred to Level 2 - can I get your name?"
HOURS I have spent on this. If anyone has any clue how I can get this resolved, please let me know.
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2023.03.21 18:02 Shanks_Du_Couteau The riot contraddictions on kat

I'm not totally mad about incoming nerf, i mean divine is so much better even if i have more fun with ap build. I prefer that she is not powerful cause she is a very popular pick maybe a little bit weak consider the negative wr and the abnourmus popularity of asol which is our favorite prey after veigar
The only thing that drives me mad is the riot contraddictions with kata management. if I remember correctly several times the balancers nerfed my beloved divine to push kata on the ap (last summer buff). the problem is that THEY DRIVE US INTO DIVINE instead full ap nash.. and thats why:
a)STATS USELESS you have chosen nashor as core item of kata but on Thursday it will have 2 stats which are not optimal on kata
WHY I SHOULD BUILD AS on a full ap build? AS scales with ad scaling on ult riot. Why add another almost useless stats? I think after divine is not that bad but just my take.
b) COST INCREASE TOO MUCH FOR KAT the nashor will cost 200 gold more by postponing the spyke for which kata ap becomes a de facto champion by nerfing a not strong champ
Why i should chose nash if with longsword start divine is cheaper (2950) and i can spyke earlier
We lose lots of ap for the onhit thing. Since the lich is a suboptimal item in the ap build, the only item that takes advantage of the onhit is the nashor. kata has lost tons of ap ratio with the rework of the items for a mechanic that is exploited by an item and that has created more problems and madness than anything else.
Divine builds abuse better the onhit thing why i shouldn't build it riot?
d) MR STATUS The mr items do their job too well and are too easy to itemize in ad builds. Champions who are behind build maw or fon and become immortal even in situations that should die despite the mr. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that kata 15 0 should win against a bruiser with 5 kills equal lv but neither that it survives with a minefield of daggers after 4 resets. the divine in these situations proves to be more solid and secure than a full ap build with void in my opinion. it's a delicate point and I can understand that a tank and a bruiser, even if with few kills, shoot straight and go straight 1v5. Is the next point that I don't understand and the most important
It is from the durability patch that the mages are the pick. LOWRISK SECURE REWARD Against assassins that with all indirects nerf are HIGHHH RISK NOT SO HIGH REWARD
Mages got TOO MUCH HELP over the months. At the starts all of that was right cause they were weak but riot give them sooo much. already with the durability they were in good shape. Being not happy riot has rebuffed the damage of the towers making it more difficult to punish / abuse the mage who makes mistakes under the tower. even the minor takedown exp you can get from bot roaming is a situational indirect nerf to roamers assassins.
These are just crumbs though, the thing that really broke wizards is the ROD and the archangel. just think that mages who synergize well with the everfrost which is an excellent and very funny item build the rod... (like sylas) understand how broken it is. It is an item that gives everything:life, mana ap, sustain in lane, even cdr even one more level and detaching it takes nothing if not 10 minutes, very low sacrifice for a mage that all he has to do is vomiting aoe spells in fight.
No important drawbacks and intermediate items are so powerful and they give a more safe laningphase
In midgame they have like 2.7/3k life which is insane.
If kata is meant to be a weak laningphase champ how kata can burst a mage in midgame with rod stacked? The answer is probably going for a divine base build. Not guarantee kill but it is right as it is imo, assassins should be a skilled class but i feel like is so unfair if you dont have enough damage to kill a class that you should kill counters excluded
The magebuff thing is a huge mess for kat in fight cause with a decent positioning the dont recieve damage and they are unburstable so no resets and you had to play differently and you will have less kat moments compared before rod arcangel. The fact that you had to play very perfect is a good thing but going full ap like you meant riot is sometimes impossible.
The juice of all this is that: Im not saying nerf rod for kat im saying take your time to make a balancing project on removing her onhit that causes only madness builds and buff her ap or give her other stuff based on ap.
Idk but i think that if they dont nerf divine kat im fine with that state cause i feel like divine is a huge solution for kat problems rn. If they decide to nerf divine without a huge kat change i feel like we are fucked.
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2023.03.21 18:01 general-logan Fit male creators...please help with phenomena of "immediate following" on Twitter

I would really appreciate if some male creators (in the young/fitness niche) could help me try to understand how it's possible to gain a very quick following in this arena, specifically on Twitter. There are several examples of guys I want to reference who have had immediate exposure/gained an immediate significant following right after creating their Twitter accounts and tweeting for the first time. To be clear: I understand the traditional "advice" for growing a following like be active, follow other similar accounts, RT groups, and whatever else advice that is geared for "over-time" building. But here, I'm specifically trying to understand what certain guys are doing to get immediate blow-up without doing any of those longer-term things. This can apply to various niches including generic fitness-focused content, any amount (or lack thereof) NSFW content, and male findom niche. I see it in all types.
Example 1: 19 year old fit, athletic, and attractive guy with no prior significant social media following. Had about 1,000 followers on Instagram but that's it. Just a populatypical high schooler going into college.
So, how did this happen for this guy?
Example 2: 20 year old fit, athletic, college guy. Prior significant social media following on Instagram but he created his Twitter as a "secret," didn't promote it from IG at all. Findom niche.
So I'm specifically trying to figure out what the secret is to this immediate attention and growth. We all know you can grow slowly over time, but it's the immediate attention with no obvious explanation (when compared to others who don't get that) that seems so mysterious.
I am trying to get going and my tweets have not gotten any traction at all. I am young, fit, and have presented my accounts in the same ways these other examples have done. What I did for Twitter was I took an account I had created last year and initially used for casual consumption of content and cleaned it up and started "fresh" even though it's not a brand new account. I have 190 followers on it, but I've tried for 2-3 months to put out media and nothing gets any traction. No more than a few hundred views and no engagement at all. I tried to convert my account to a Professional account, but I can't because apparently I broke some terms of service rule last year before Elon Musk revolutionized the platform, and it won't let me use the Professional account setting. I'm not shadowbanned, so nothing wrong there. But sometimes I wonder if there's something wrong with my account specifically or not. Like did the algorithm already "give up" on my account, so maybe it would be better to create an entirely new one to truly start "fresh?" Is there such a thing as that?
I would seriously appreciate if any other male creators out there would be willing to talk with me about this and whether it's some trick getting Twitter's algorithm to love you right away, or some other secret strategy, or just pure luck. I am open to private messaging as well or further conversation elsewhere. I could use some personal mentoring/advice here. Thank you so much.
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2023.03.21 18:01 MailWeak7086 I saw evidence of serious crime on someone’s computer - what are my options ?

A group of people have been targeting my home in the UK. So far they have:
  1. Sabotaged my car
  2. Broke into my house a number of times
  3. Stolen money from me
  4. Threatened to kill me
The Police are aware of some of it, but basically I’m being blackmailed into silence. I have said as much to them when reporting the car sabotage.
Recently, one of the perpetrators lent me their computer during a meeting - asking me to look at an email that they had received. I looked at more than just the single email, and saw many more emails showing how the group were coordinating the attacks. In an attempt to gather evidence for the Police I:
  1. Took screengrabs
  2. Took photos of the emails on the screen using my iPhone
  3. Took notes detailing who said what, to who and when
  4. Explained what I had seen to the lender of the computer - and discussed it with him. He apologised and promised to pay damages for what had been broken
As it was a meeting, I asked and received permission to record audio of the whole thing. (This shows that I was given permission to look at the computer for between 10 and 15 minutes before I handed it back. The audio also shows that the owner of the laptop acknowledged what I had seen)
I’m concerned that if I go to the Police, they’ll make a hash of things and all the evidence will end up getting deleted. The attacks on my home and person will then continue. I’m also concerned that I could get into trouble for looking at more than I should have.
Any advice will be gratefully received.
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2023.03.21 17:58 rusticgorilla Republicans roll back child labor protections while attempting to cut food benefits


Child Labor


Earlier this month, newly-elected Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R) signed a bill into law that rolls back child labor protections across the state. H.B. 1410, the “Youth Hiring Act of 2023,” eliminates the requirement that children under 16 years of age obtain a work certificate from the state before starting a job.
"The Governor believes protecting kids is most important,” Sanders’ spokesperson Alexa Henning said in a statement, “but this permit was an arbitrary burden on parents to get permission from the government for their child to get a job."
While proponents insist that the new law isn’t a threat to children’s safety and simply gives parents more power over their child’s upbringing, opponents warn that the legislation puts vulnerable children at risk of exploitation:
"When we think about kids working who are 14, we think about who this might protect, it's not the 14-year-old who's working at the ice cream parlor in your hometown, whose parents have given them permission to work. We're worried about the children who are at risk of being exploited and who are being exploited today," Laura Kellams, the northwest Arkansas director of the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, a group that advocates for children's rights in the state, said earlier this month during a committee hearing on the bill.
The situation isn’t hypothetical—just last month Packers Sanitation Services Inc. was fined $1.5 million for employing 10 minors at meatpacking plants in Arkansas, as well as across nine other states. While the Department of Labor did not check their immigration status, all of the children spoke Spanish as their primary language.
The Labor Department said children, ranging from 13 to 17 years old, spent overnight shifts cleaning equipment such as head splitters, back saws and brisket saws, and were exposed to dangerous chemicals such as ammonia. The risks inside meatpacking plants also include diseases from exposure to feces and blood, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.


Iowa state Sen. Jason Schultz (R) introduced S.F. 167 in January to expand the occupations 14- and 15-year olds are allowed to work to include certain jobs in meatpacking plants. As OSHA outlines, work in meatpacking plants exposes individuals to hazardous chemicals and dangerous machinery.
S.F. 167 also extends the hours that minors can legally work and allows 16- and 17-year-olds to serve alcohol with the permission of a parent.
The Senate Committee considering the legislation has approved the bill and sent it to the full chamber for debate.


Missouri state Sen. Andrew Koenig (R) introduced S.B. 175 to remove the requirement that minors obtain a work permit in order to obtain a job. The Senate Education and Workforce Committee passed the bill in February and it now awaits the full chamber’s consideration.
Proponents of S.B. 175 argue that removing the work permit requirement furthers the goals of “limited government” and makes it easier for minors to obtain important life skills through employment.


Minnesota state Sen. Rich Draheim (R) introduced S.F. 375 to allow 16- and 17-year olds to work in the construction industry.
Construction workers suffer nearly twice as many fatalities per year than agriculture and forestry workers. Additionally, over 165,000 construction workers are injured on the job each year.

Cutting food benefits

SNAP benefits

As emergency food benefits introduced during the pandemic come to an end this month, cutting recipients’ Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program funds by up to hundreds of dollars, federal Republican lawmakers are seeking to limit the program even more.
H.R. 1581, called the America Works Act, would end a waiver program that allows states to bypass work requirements to receive SNAP benefits. The bill would also expand the age range of those who are required to work in order to receive food assistance, raising the age from 49 to 65 years old, and imposes the work requirement on parents of children older than 7. Rep. Dusty Johnson (R-SD) sponsored the legislation along with 24 other Republicans.
Rep. Johnson on his bill:
I was that kid on food stamps—I know firsthand how government assistance can both help and hurt. Education, training, and work provide dignity and economic opportunity. Too many Americans are on the sidelines while we are facing a record labor shortage. We have the jobs, but we don’t have the people to fill them. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to this problem, but there are policy areas where government is hurting, rather than helping Americans re-enter the workforce…
The America Works Act also changes age eligibility for SNAP waivers. Currently, if you are over 49 years old, you can receive SNAP benefits with no need for a waiver. As I approach 49 years old, I know I still have decades left of work ahead of me. My bill changes the maximum age rate of an ABAWD to be 65 years old, consistent with retirement and Medicare age.
Finally, the America Works Act limits the provision that exempts ABAWDs from work requirements if they have any dependent children to if they have any dependent children under the age of seven years old. By seven years old a child is in school nearly 35 hours a week. If a child can go to school nearly full-time, a parent with no other children under the age of seven can work 20 hours per week.

Free school lunches

Minnesota Governor Tim Walsh (D) signed into law a bill last week to provide free breakfasts and lunches to students at schools in the state. The legislation, H.F. 5, was sponsored entirely by Democrats; only 2 of 56 Republicans in the state House voted in favor.
One of the Republicans who opposed the bill was state Sen. Steve Drazkowski, who went viral last week for saying that because he has “yet to meet a person in Minnesota that is hungry,” food insecurity must not exist. In fact, 1 in 6 children in Minnesota experience food insecurity and, under previous law, a quarter of them did not qualify for free or reduced cost meals at school.
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2023.03.21 17:57 boattookhim Should I [27F] trust the most common views that are expressed online, on Reddit and on this subreddit. Or should I trust the views of the people in my life? [33F] [62F] [56M]

Basically I believe the following things (about people in a general sense, I don't mean these apply to every man and woman):
I believe that it's thought that sexism towards women is so much more common than sexism towards men, across the world (especially in Muslim countries) and throughout history, even fairly recent history. (But my parents and sister told me it is more common but not so much more and that sexism is not about hating women nor seeing them as lesser inferior beings, that it's about men having had the roles of power and control, because they were stronger so exerted strength to get them, etc. But that women were also thought to have a just as important role, in the home.) They said violence towards women is not about hatred towards women but instead about power, control, men being physically stronger and testosterone. And that the men who commit domestic violence are also the types to get into physical fights with men in pubs, etc.
I believe it's thought that women like men as a gender more than men like women as a gender due to this. Because people think sexism means mistreating, hating, etc. And that it's thought women treat men better and with more respect.
I believe it's thought that women like men in a more well rounded way than men like women, because of sexism and because because people think men objectify women and "only want one thing" from women, and also that if you took sex away... men would prefer men in all other ways (they think women are unfunny, etc and they think that men are superior, etc.)
I believe it's thought that sexism towards men is only a thing as backlash against sexism towards women. So women who hate men hate them for how men treat women.
I believe traditional roles are not seen as equal but different and are instead seen as representing a belief that women are incapable and to serve men. I believe also that it's thought that women are defined by their relationships to men.
I believe that when men do typically female hobbies and jobs women propel them to success and praise them for the bare minimum (which they wouldn't do for a woman with the same skills), like drag queens and gay male makeup artists. But women doing typically male jobs or hobbies are held to higher standards, have to prove themselves more, are not given the same support and are even verbally abused or threatened online. (Female gamers, female Mps, in sport, female celebs, etc.) And that there are boy's clubs that are hostile towards women in male dominated workplaces, but not girl's clubs that are hostile towards men in female dominated workplaces. I believe that having female main characters, idols, etc is not something many men want nor can relate to, while male main characters, idols are fine for women.
I believe it's thought that women (especially teen girls) hate each other, get jealous, compete and have internalised misogny, but that men have stronger bonds, friendships and camaraderie. (Even though my psychologist told me that it's instead believed that women mostly support each other.)
My parents and sister told me I was wrong about all of these things and that most people don't think these things, my sister identifies as a feminist herself. But online and on Reddit everybody has the same views as me. Why the contrast? What are your opinions? (Also when I asked my psychologist, she had the same opinions as my family.)
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2023.03.21 17:57 boattookhim Should I [27F] trust the most common views that are expressed online, on Reddit and on this subreddit. Or should I trust the views of the people in my life? [33F] [62F] [56M]

Basically I believe the following things (about people in a general sense, I don't mean these apply to every man and woman):
I believe that it's thought that sexism towards women is so much more common than sexism towards men, across the world (especially in Muslim countries) and throughout history, even fairly recent history. (But my parents and sister told me it is more common but not so much more and that sexism is not about hating women nor seeing them as lesser inferior beings, that it's about men having had the roles of power and control, because they were stronger so exerted strength to get them, etc. But that women were also thought to have a just as important role, in the home.) They said violence towards women is not about hatred towards women but instead about power, control, men being physically stronger and testosterone. And that the men who commit domestic violence are also the types to get into physical fights with men in pubs, etc.
I believe it's thought that women like men as a gender more than men like women as a gender due to this. Because people think sexism means mistreating, hating, etc. And that it's thought women treat men better and with more respect.
I believe it's thought that women like men in a more well rounded way than men like women, because of sexism and because because people think men objectify women and "only want one thing" from women, and also that if you took sex away... men would prefer men in all other ways (they think women are unfunny, etc and they think that men are superior, etc.)
I believe it's thought that sexism towards men is only a thing as backlash against sexism towards women. So women who hate men hate them for how men treat women.
I believe traditional roles are not seen as equal but different and are instead seen as representing a belief that women are incapable and to serve men. I believe also that it's thought that women are defined by their relationships to men.
I believe that when men do typically female hobbies and jobs women propel them to success and praise them for the bare minimum (which they wouldn't do for a woman with the same skills), like drag queens and gay male makeup artists. But women doing typically male jobs or hobbies are held to higher standards, have to prove themselves more, are not given the same support and are even verbally abused or threatened online. (Female gamers, female Mps, in sport, female celebs, etc.) And that there are boy's clubs that are hostile towards women in male dominated workplaces, but not girl's clubs that are hostile towards men in female dominated workplaces. I believe that having female main characters, idols, etc is not something many men want nor can relate to, while male main characters, idols are fine for women.
I believe it's thought that women (especially teen girls) hate each other, get jealous, compete and have internalised misogny, but that men have stronger bonds, friendships and camaraderie. (Even though my psychologist told me that it's instead believed that women mostly support each other.)
My parents and sister told me I was wrong about all of these things and that most people don't think these things, my sister identifies as a feminist herself. But online and on Reddit everybody has the same views as me. Why the contrast? What are your opinions? (Also when I asked my psychologist, she had the same opinions as my family.)
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2023.03.21 17:54 boattookhim Should I [27F] trust the most common views that are expressed online, on Reddit and on this subreddit. Or should I trust the views of the people in my life? [33F] [62F] [56M]

Basically I believe the following things (about people in a general sense, I don't mean these apply to every man and woman):
I believe that it's thought that sexism towards women is so much more common than sexism towards men, across the world (especially in Muslim countries) and throughout history, even fairly recent history. (But my parents and sister told me it is more common but not so much more and that sexism is not about hating women nor seeing them as lesser inferior beings, that it's about men having had the roles of power and control, because they were stronger so exerted strength to get them, etc. But that women were also thought to have a just as important role, in the home.) They said violence towards women is not about hatred towards women but instead about power, control, men being physically stronger and testosterone. And that the men who commit domestic violence are also the types to get into physical fights with men in pubs, etc.
I believe it's thought that women like men as a gender more than men like women as a gender due to this. Because people think sexism means mistreating, hating, etc. And that it's thought women treat men better and with more respect.
I believe it's thought that women like men in a more well rounded way than men like women, because of sexism and because because people think men objectify women and "only want one thing" from women, and also that if you took sex away... men would prefer men in all other ways (they think women are unfunny, etc and they think that men are superior, etc.)
I believe it's thought that sexism towards men is only a thing as backlash against sexism towards women. So women who hate men hate them for how men treat women.
I believe traditional roles are not seen as equal but different and are instead seen as representing a belief that women are incapable and to serve men. I believe also that it's thought that women are defined by their relationships to men.
I believe that when men do typically female hobbies and jobs women propel them to success and praise them for the bare minimum (which they wouldn't do for a woman with the same skills), like drag queens and gay male makeup artists. But women doing typically male jobs or hobbies are held to higher standards, have to prove themselves more, are not given the same support and are even verbally abused or threatened online. (Female gamers, female Mps, in sport, female celebs, etc.) And that there are boy's clubs that are hostile towards women in male dominated workplaces, but not girl's clubs that are hostile towards men in female dominated workplaces. I believe that having female main characters, idols, etc is not something many men want nor can relate to, while male main characters, idols are fine for women.
I believe it's thought that women (especially teen girls) hate each other, get jealous, compete and have internalised misogny, but that men have stronger bonds, friendships and camaraderie. (Even though my psychologist told me that it's instead believed that women mostly support each other.)
My parents and sister told me I was wrong about all of these things and that most people don't think these things, my sister identifies as a feminist herself. But online and on Reddit everybody has the same views as me. Why the contrast? What are your opinions? (Also when I asked my psychologist, she had the same opinions as my family.)
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2023.03.21 17:50 Mewtwoxxx The ultimate way to make any woman fall in love with you within seconds using body language

So I found that there is actually a method to make any woman to fall in love with you within few seconds without talking to her or even looking at her face. And when I'm talking love I mean the strongest feeling there exists. She wants to touch you and share with you her deepest secrets. This is not some sort of manipulation. You should actually be able to change her mind.
I feel like this might be important topic for the asperger community because many of us are struggling in the dating world. It's gonna be a long post but bear with me. It's worth it.
Introduction: Throughout the last 15 years of my live I extensively focused on this. I'm a nerd, bad at sports, don't wear cool clothes, not particularly attractive, was bullied, have aspergers and don't like much of a social interaction. Yet several times in my life it happened that a girl who was clearly way out my league or passionately hated me and made it clear she never wants to do anything with me, suddenly fell in love with me. I've never fully understood this but I tried reverse engineer the moment how did it happened.
I spent lot of time obsessing about this and I managed to isolate some of the moments when this happened and I realized something.
Whether a girl falls in love with you (for the purposes of this method) has nothing to the with the way you dress, what you say, your social status, money or anything other than body language. Literally several times in my life I managed purely through body language make a girl to fall in love with me. You don't even have to talk to her or look at her face. All she needs to do is look at you for a few seconds while you have certain body language. I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it. Literally you don't even have to look at her or talk to her and she herself will come to you and try to interact with you. It doesn't matter whether she has friend zoned you, hates you, has a boyfriend or anything. You don't have to approach her. Often she will actually approach you a try to have conversation about something unimportant to give you chance to "pick her up".
However here's the issue. I was never able to manage to copy the exact body language consciously. And that's why I am here. I need your help. I believe I discovered biggest secret about love - how to make any girl to fall in love with you within few seconds. And I need your help to pinpoint that exact body language. I obsessed over this for 15 years and I still am not able to do this on command. I happened to be able to do this few rare times in the past - usually few years apart.
I analyzed those situations extensively I have some clues that might hint in which direction to go (however my memory might by faulty and some this stuff might not be actually needed or is wrong). However that's the best I have:
3 previous points are probably most important but also most likely to contain some information that is wrong
The list very long and complicated (and some crucial informations are missing) but I assume that there is actually some common denominator that should be much more simple. However I wasn't able to find it. I shared with you everything I know and I'm hoping somebody else will notice a pattern I didn't. People with Aspergers should be very good at this. The solution should be something that most of the points I wrote derive from. Some of the points might be imprecise, misleading, not necessary or even wrong. I can't guarantee it. Don't get hang up on it if one particular point doesn't fit.
I suspect the answer will be some combination of correctly positioning your body (chest and stomach), neck and head. Hands and legs should feel loose like they automatically follow directions from the rest of the body. Also given that your body can last in this position for several days it should eliminate everything that you need to move and change in order to walk, talk, eat, sit or lie (and other common activities). Moving your head too much up especially for a longer period of time is something that will cause you to fall of this mysterious position we looking for (however you can look up to the ceiling/sky etc. for a brief moment as long as you won't raise your head too much). Your stomach stop being relaxed and becoming little bit tense or nervous is also something that will cause you to fall out of this. Same goes for certain moves with your chest. So this might be important information in regards to which way to focus the attention. And remember girl needs to see only upper part of your body for this to work.
How do you verify you're doing it right and it's actually working:
I feel like I discovered biggest secret to dating but I can't solve it myself. I know there is a solution but I can't find it. If there are any people who want to help me to solve this, I would appreciate it. If we find out this secret, it will forever change the world of dating. It's just about discovering which parts of your body you should twist in what way, which muscles to tighten or loosen, how to position your eyes, tongue etc. I tried to solve this for a long time now but for whatever reason I cannot consciously find the right position but I know there is one.
P.S. I'm looking mainly for people who wanna try to help me to solve this. When I posted this on pickup artist forums most of the reactions I got was only along the lines why this won't work. (I think this might be the issue with people who have Aspergers that we cannot credibly communicate our ideas.) However I tested this and analyzed very thoroughly and I'm sure it works. I just can't put the puzzle together correctly. I don't really want to debate whether this works or not. If you think it doesn't, I'm fine with that. I don't need to persuade you otherwise.
I recommend you to bookmark this thread if you interested in examining this more in depth.
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2023.03.21 17:44 CPDlab Looking for research participants for a paid virtual study on depression! (Ontario only)

Looking for research participants for a paid virtual study on depression! (Ontario only)
The Cognition in Psychological Disorders Lab at Queen's University is studying thinking skills and how these are related to everyday activities. The study involves a Zoom call where you will answer questions and complete cognitive tests. Additionally, you will receive surveys to your smartphone for 15 days. You can receive up to $90 in compensation based on how many surveys are completed.
We are currently looking for individuals in Ontario aged 18-45 who do not have a history of any mental health condition. Access to an iOS compatible device and laptop is also required.
For more information, please contact [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) with your phone number and colour of the study poster so we can contact you for eligibility screening. All inquiries are completely confidential.
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2023.03.21 17:43 vvoweezowee [For Sale] Collection of JPN/OG/early reissue pressings of Jazz/Soul/Pop classics (Coltrane, Nina Simone, Herbie Hancock, Bill Evans, Kate Bush, etc.) + several markdowns from previous post

Selling lots of classics, many Japanese pressings in pristine shape. Info regarding pressing version, inserts, OBIs, and sound quality (if I had the chance to listen to it) are noted in the spreadsheet below:
Shipping is from Honolulu, Hawaii via media mail for an added $5 on the listed price. Shipping only to US. All opened records are packaged outside of their covers inside poly outer sleeves. LPs are placed in either antistatic rice-paper inner sleeves or plain white inner sleeves as opposed to their custom printed sleeves. This doesn't apply to sealed records.
Note: Shipping via media mail from Hawaii can take up to 4-8 weeks according to USPS. If you'd like to switch to Priority Shipping, I can come up with an accurate shipping quote depending on the records you purchase. Priority generally comes out to an average of $15, but again, it all depends on the titles you purchase. However, I so far haven't had any issues with media mail; Previous sales have taken a maximum of 3 weeks to arrive.
Please feel free to reach out with any questions and requests for pictures if you're considering purchasing. I want to make sure we're all on the same page about the grading and hope that whichever record you're interested in meets your expectations.

  1. Abbey Lincoln - That's Him (E- / VG+) = $30.00
  2. Al Green - Livin' For You (VG+ / VG+) = $10.00
  3. Al Kooper Introduces Shuggie Otis - Kooper Session (VG+ / VG) = $10.00
  4. Albert Ayler Trio - Spiritual Unity (E / E-) = $35.00
  5. Archie Shepp - Four For Trane (E / E-) = $40.00
  6. Archie Shepp - Fire Music (VG / VG) = $40.00
  7. Aretha Franklin - I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You (VG++ / VG++) = $30.00
  8. Aretha Franklin - Aretha Now (G+ / G+) = $10.00
  9. Aretha Franklin - Spirit In The Dark (VG / VG) = $20.00
  10. Arthur Lyman - Island Vibes (VG / VG+) = $50.00
  11. Bill Evans - Conversations With Myself (E- / E-) = $40.00
  12. Bill Evans - At The Montreux Jazz Festival (E / E-) = $40.00
  13. Blue Mitchell - Boss Horn (VG+ / VG+) = $45.00
  14. Bob Dylan - Self Portrait (VG+ / VG+) = $20.00
  15. Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan (G+ / G+) = $10.00
  16. Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited (VG+ / VG) = $15.00
  17. Bobbi Humphrey - Blacks And Blues (VG+ / VG+) = $35.00
  18. Bobby Caldwell - Cat In The Hat (E- / E) = $40.00
  19. Bobby Caldwell - Cat In The Hat (NM - Sealed / NM - Sealed) = $50.00 (Unsure which exact pressing)
  20. Bobby Lyle - The Genie (VG+ / G+) = $20.00
  21. Buckingham Nicks - Buckingham Nicks (VG / VG) = $40.00
  22. Cannonball Adderley - Somethin' Else (E / E-) = $65.00
  23. Change - Miracles (E / VG++) = $35.00
  24. Change - The Glow Of Love (VG / VG) = $15.00
  25. Charles Mingus - Oh Yeah (E / E-) = $35.00
  26. Charles Mingus - Blues & Roots (E / E-) = $40.00
  27. Charles Mingus - Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus (VG+ / VG+) = $70.00
  28. Chet Baker - Chet Baker Sings (E / E) = $70.00
  29. Curtis Mayfield - Curtis (E / E-) = $75.00
  30. David Bowie - "Heroes" = 英雄夢語り(ヒーローズ) (E / E-) = $60.00
  31. David Bowie - Low (E / VG++) = $60.00
  32. David Bowie - The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars (VG / VG) = $25.00
  33. David Bowie = David Bowie - Hunky Dory = ハンキー·ドリー (E / E-) = $70.00
  34. Deerhunter - Fading Frontier (M / M) = $20.00
  35. Duke Ellington & John Coltrane - Duke Ellington & John Coltrane (E / E) = $45.00
  36. Duke Ellington • Charles Mingus • Max Roach - Money Jungle (VG / F) = $40.00
  37. Duke Ellington And His Orchestra - Anatomy Of A Murder (VG / G+) = $15.00
  38. Eddie Kamae And The The Sons Of Hawaii - This Is Eddie Kamae (VG / VG+) = $20.00
  39. Ella Fitzgerald - Ella Fitzgerald Sings The Duke Ellington Song Book, Vol. 1 (VG+ / VG) = $20.00
  40. Ella Fitzgerald - Sings The Rodgers And Hart Song Book (VG+ / VG+) = $20.00
  41. Emitt Rhodes - Emitt Rhodes (VG / VG) = $20.00
  42. Evelyn King - I'm In Love (VG / VG+) = $15.00
  43. Fela Kuti And Africa 70 - Zombie (VG+ / VG+) = $40.00
  44. Fela Kuti And Africa 70 With Ginger Baker - Live! (VG / G) = $40.00
  45. Frank Ocean - Endless (SEALED (Presumably M) / SEALED / VG++) = $380.00
  46. Frank Zappa - Waka / Jawaka - Hot Rats (VG+ / VG+) = $20.00
  47. Freddie Hubbard / Stanley Turrentine With Ron Carter, Herbie Hancock, Jack DeJohnette, Eric Gale - In Concert Volume One (VG+ / VG+) = $15.00
  48. Gene Harris - Astralsignal (VG / VG) = $45.00
  49. Graham Nash - Songs For Beginners (VG+ / VG) = $5.00
  50. Gram Parsons - Grievous Angel (VG / VG) = $20.00
  51. Hank Mobley - Workout (E / E) = $60.00
  52. Hank Mobley - A Caddy For Daddy (VG+ / VG+) = $50.00
  53. Happy End - 風街ろまん (E / E) = $80.00
  54. Herbie Hancock - Takin' Off (E / E) = $50.00
  55. Herbie Hancock - Fat Albert Rotunda (VG / VG) = $45.00
  56. Herbie Hancock = Herbie Hancock - Maiden Voyage = 処女航海 (E / VG+) = $50.00
  57. Horace Silver - Horace Silver Trio (VG+ / VG+) = $35.00
  58. Howlin' Wolf - Howling Wolf Sings The Blues (VG / G) = $40.00
  59. Jaco Pastorius - Jaco Pastorius (E- / VG++) = $35.00
  60. João Gilberto - The Boss of the Bossa Nova (VG / VG) = $30.00
  61. John Coltrane - Transition (E- / E-) = $40.00
  62. John Coltrane - Coltrane's Sound (E- / E-) = $40.00
  63. John Coltrane - Coltrane Jazz (E / E) = $40.00
  64. John Coltrane - Blue Train (E / E-) = $70.00
  65. John Coltrane - Kulu Sé Mama (Juno Sé Mama) (G+ / G+) = $15.00
  66. John Coltrane - Blue Train (VG+ / NM) = $25.00
  67. John Coltrane - Meditations (VG / VG) = $40.00
  68. John Coltrane - Ascension (Edition I) (VG / VG) = $75.00
  69. John Coltrane - A Love Supreme (VG / VG) = $40.00
  70. John Coltrane - Expression (VG / VG) = $40.00
  71. John Fahey - Volume 1 / Blind Joe Death (VG+ / VG) = $25.00
  72. John Fahey - The Best Of John Fahey 1959 - 1977 (VG+ / VG+) = $20.00
  73. John Tropea - Short Trip To Space (VG+ / VG) = $15.00
  74. Johnny Cash - Johnny Cash At San Quentin (VG / VG) = $15.00
  75. Joni Mitchell - Blue (VG / G+) = $20.00
  76. Kalapana - Kalapana II (E / E-) = $30.00
  77. Kamasi Washington - The Epic (NM / NM) = $100.00
  78. Kate Bush - The Kick Inside = 天使と小悪魔 (E / E-) = $45.00
  79. Kate Bush - The Dreaming (E / E-) = $40.00
  80. Kate Bush - The Whole Story (E / E-) = $50.00
  81. Kate Bush - Hounds Of Love (VG+ / VG+) = $85.00
  82. Kate Bush - Never For Ever = 魔物語 (E / E-) = $40.00
  83. Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly (NM / NM) = $25.00
  84. Kendrick Lamar - Untitled Unmastered. (M / M) = $90.00
  85. Kevin I. - Kevin I. (VG / VG+) = $40.00
  86. King Crimson - Red (VG / VG) = $20.00
  87. King Crimson - Starless And Bible Black (VG+ / VG) = $20.00
  88. Leonard Cohen - Ten New Songs (VG+ / VG+) = $45.00
  89. Leonard Kwan And Raymond Kane - Slack Key Guitar In Stereo (VG+ / VG+) = $25.00
  90. LeRoy Hutson - Hutson (VG / VG+) = $30.00
  91. LeRoy Hutson Featuring The Free Spirit Symphony - Feel The Spirit (VG / VG) = $30.00
  92. Lonnie Liston Smith And The Cosmic Echoes - Expansions (VG+ / VG+) = $40.00
  93. Lonnie Liston Smith And The Cosmic Echoes - Visions Of A New World (VG / VG+) = $35.00
  94. Lonnie Liston Smith And The Cosmic Echoes - Renaissance (VG / VG) = $35.00
  95. Lou Reed - Transformer (VG / G+) = $20.00
  96. Louis Prima Featuring Keely Smith With Sam Butera And The Witnesses - The Wildest! (VG / VG) = $25.00
  97. Mac Demarco - Another (Demo) One (NM / NM) = $30.00
  98. Marc Benno - Minnows (VG / VG) = $20.00
  99. Martha Reeves & The Vandellas - Watchout! (VG+ / VG+) = $20.00
  100. Marvin Gaye - How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You (E / E-) = $40.00
  101. Marvin Gaye - I Want You (E- / E-) = $45.00
  102. Marvin Gaye - Marvin Gaye Live! (E / E-) = $40.00
  103. Marvin Gaye - What's Going On (E / E-) = $65.00
  104. Marvin Gaye = Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On = レッツ·ゲット·イット·オン (E / E-) = $40.00
  105. Max Romeo & The Upsetters - War Ina Babylon (VG / VG) = $25.00
  106. McCoy Tyner - Live At Newport (VG / VG) = $40.00
  107. Merry Clayton - Merry Clayton (VG / G+) = $15.00
  108. Michael Jackson - Thriller (VG / VG+) = $10.00
  109. Miles Davis - Miles Davis (E- / VG+) = $45.00
  110. Miles Davis - Agharta = アガルタの凱歌 (E- / E-) = $50.00
  111. Miles Davis - On The Corner (E / E) = $50.00
  112. Miles Davis - Sketches Of Spain (VG / VG+) = $25.00
  113. Miles Davis - A Tribute To Jack Johnson (VG+ / VG+) = $25.00
  114. Miles Davis - In A Silent Way (VG+ / VG) = $25.00
  115. Miles Davis + 19, Gil Evans - Miles Ahead (VG+ / VG+) = $20.00
  116. Milt Jackson - Sunflower (VG+ / VG) = $20.00
  117. Mtume - Juicy Fruit (VG+ / VG+) = $20.00
  118. Ned Doheny - Hard Candy (E- / E-) = $40.00
  119. Nina Simone - Little Girl Blue (E- / E-) = $60.00
  120. Nina Simone - Forbidden Fruit - Nina Simone Collections Vol. 1 (E / E-) = $45.00
  121. Nina Simone - Here Comes The Sun (E / E-) = $45.00
  122. Nina Simone - Baltimore (VG / VG+) = $45.00
  123. Nina Simone - Pastel Blues (E- / E-) = $65.00
  124. Nina Simone - I Put A Spell On You (VG / VG) = $65.00
  125. Nina Simone - Silk & Soul (G+ / G+) = $30.00
  126. Oliver Nelson - More Blues And The Abstract Truth (VG- / VG+) = $20.00
  127. Ornette Coleman - The Shape Of Jazz To Come (E- / VG++) = $40.00
  128. Otis Redding - Otis Blue / Otis Redding Sings Soul (E / E-) = $45.00
  129. Otis Redding - The Dock Of The Bay (E / E-) = $45.00
  130. Patrice Rushen - Posh (VG / VG) = $20.00
  131. Philip Glass - Koyaanisqatsi (Life Out Of Balance) (Original Soundtrack Album From The Motion Picture) (VG++ / VG+) = $30.00
  132. Philip Glass - Glassworks (VG+ / VG+) = $30.00
  133. Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon (VG+ / P) = $40.00
  134. Prince - Sign "O" The Times (E / E-) = $70.00
  135. Prince - 1999 (VG- / VG+) = $15.00
  136. R.E.M. - Reckoning (VG+ / VG+) = $25.00
  137. Ramsey Lewis - Mother Nature's Son (VG / VG+) = $35.00
  138. Ray Charles - Yes Indeed! (VG / VG) = $10.00
  139. Ray Charles - The Genius Of Ray Charles (VG / VG+) = $15.00
  140. Robert Wyatt - Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard (VG++ / E-) = $30.00
  141. Roland Kirk - The Inflated Tear (E- / E-) = $35.00
  142. Roland Kirk - I Talk With The Spirits (E / E-) = $45.00
  143. Ronnie Laws - Pressure Sensitive (VG+ / VG) = $10.00
  144. Rotary Connection - Aladdin (VG+ / VG) = $10.00
  145. Roxy Music - For Your Pleasure (VG+ / VG+) = $20.00
  146. Roy Ayers Ubiquity - Everybody Loves The Sunshine (VG+ / VG+) = $60.00
  147. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Neo Geo (VG+ / VG+) = $15.00
  148. Ryuichi Sakamoto Featuring Robin Scott - Left Handed Dream (VG+ / VG+) = $15.00
  149. Sandy Bull - Inventions (VG+ / VG) = $15.00
  150. Sonny Rollins - Way Out West (E / E-) = $40.00
  151. Sonny Rollins - The Bridge (E / E-) = $40.00
  152. Sonny Rollins - Saxophone Colossus (VG / VG) = $50.00
  153. St. Vincent - Strange Mercy (NM / NM) = $20.00
  154. St. Vincent - St. Vincent (NM / NM) = $90.00
  155. Stan Getz / João Gilberto Featuring Antonio Carlos Jobim - Getz / Gilberto (VG / VG) = $10.00
  156. Steely Dan - Aja (G+ / VG) = $15.00
  157. Steve Reich - Music For 18 Musicians (VG+ / VG+) = $50.00
  158. Steve Reich - The Desert Music (VG+ / VG+) = $20.00
  159. Steve Reich / Richard Maxfield / Pauline Oliveros - New Sounds In Electronic Music (Come Out / Night Music / I Of IV) (VG / VG) = $45.00
  160. Stevie Wonder - Hotter Than July (VG / VG) = $10.00
  161. Stevie Wonder - Signed Sealed & Delivered (NM - Sealed / NM - Sealed) = $40.00
  162. Stevie Wonder - Talking Book (VG / VG) = $10.00
  163. Stevie Wonder - Innervisions (G+ / VG+) = $10.00
  164. Stevie Wonder - My Cherie Amour (VG+ / VG) = $20.00
  165. Suburban Lawns - Baby (VG+ / VG+) = $20.00
  166. Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell (NM / NM) = $20.00
  167. Sufjan Stevens - Chicago (Demo) (NM / Generic) = $25.00
  168. Syd Barrett - The Madcap Laughs (M / M) = $25.00
  169. T. Rex - Electric Warrior (E / E-) = $45.00
  170. Talking Heads - Remain In Light (E / E-) = $45.00
  171. Tame Impala - Currents (NM / NM) = $65.00
  172. Tame Impala - Tame Impala (NM / NM) = $100.00
  173. Tenement - Bruised Music, Vol.2 (NM / NM) = $5.00
  174. Terry Riley - Shri Camel (VG+ / VG+) = $30.00
  175. Terry Riley - In C (VG / VG) = $30.00
  176. Terry Riley - A Rainbow In Curved Air (VG / No Cover) = $5.00
  177. The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds / Carl And The Passions – So Tough (VG+ / G+) = $15.00
  178. The Beach Boys - Sunflower (VG+ / VG+) = $25.00
  179. The Beach Boys - The Beach Boys Today! (VG / VG) = $10.00
  180. The Beatles - The Beatles (VG+ / VG) = $20.00
  181. The Beatles - Please Please Me (VG+ / VG+) = $30.00
  182. The Beatles - The Beatles (VG+ / G++) = $60.00
  183. The Bill Evans Trio - Portrait In Jazz (E / E-) = $55.00
  184. The Bill Evans Trio - Waltz For Debby (E / VG++) = $60.00
  185. The Bill Evans Trio = The Bill Evans Trio - Explorations = エクスプロレイションズ (E / E-) = $40.00
  186. The Bill Evans Trio Featuring Scott LaFaro - Sunday At The Village Vanguard (E / E) = $65.00
  187. The Brothers & Sisters (2) - Dylan's Gospel (VG / VG) = $20.00
  188. The Clash - Sandinista! (VG+ / VG+) = $25.00
  189. The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Time Out (VG / VG+) = $15.00
  190. The Fall - Cruiser's Creek (VG+ / VG+) = $10.00
  191. The Gabby Pahinui Hawaiian Band - The Gabby Pahinui Hawaiian Band (VG / VG) = $15.00
  192. The Horace Silver Quintet - Song For My Father (Cantiga Para Meu Pai) (E- / E-) = $50.00
  193. The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Are You Experienced (G+ / VG) = $10.00
  194. The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Electric Ladyland (VG+ / VG+) = $30.00
  195. The John Coltrane Quartet - Africa / Brass (E- / E-) = $40.00
  196. The John Coltrane Quartet With McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison & Elvin Jones - Ballads (E- / VG+) = $40.00
  197. The Kinks - The Kink Kronikles (VG+ / VG+) = $25.00
  198. The Kinks - Arthur Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire (VG / VG) = $25.00
  199. The Makaha Sons Of Ni'ihau - No Kristo (VG+ / VG+) = $30.00
  200. The Miles Davis Quintet - Cookin' With The Miles Davis Quintet (E / E-) = $40.00
  201. The Miles Davis Sextet / The Miles Davis Quintet - Miles At Newport (VG+ / VG) = $10.00
  202. The Mothers - Uncle Meat (VG+ / VG) = $25.00
  203. The Mothers - We're Only In It For The Money (VG+ / VG+) = $25.00
  204. The Ornette Coleman Trio - At The "Golden Circle" Stockholm - Volume One (VG / VG) = $45.00
  205. The Pop Group - Y (E / E-) = $40.00
  206. The Pretty Things - Parachute (NM / NM) = $20.00
  207. The Rolling Stones - Aftermath (VG / VG) = $15.00
  208. The Rolling Stones - Beggars Banquet (VG / VG+) = $15.00
  209. The Rolling Stones - Exile On Main St. (VG+ / VG+) = $35.00
  210. The Sons Of Hawaii - The Folk Music Of Hawaii (E / E) = $20.00
  211. The Thelonious Monk Quartet - Monk's Dream (VG+ / VG+) = $30.00
  212. The Turtles - Present The Battle Of The Bands (VG / VG) = $15.00
  213. The Velvet Underground - Live At Max's Kansas City (VG+ / VG+) = $15.00
  214. The Velvet Underground - White Light/White Heat (E / E) = $50.00
  215. The Velvet Underground - VU (VG+ / VG) = $30.00
  216. The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Part One (VG- / VG) = $45.00
  217. The Who - Live At Leeds (VG+ / VG+) = $15.00
  218. The Who - A Quick One (E / VG++) = $20.00
  219. The Witch Trials - The Witch Trials (VG / VG) = $10.00
  220. Thelma Houston - Summer Nights (M / M) = $15.00
  221. Thelonious Monk - Monk. (VG+ / VG+) = $25.00
  222. Thelonious Monk Septet - Monk's Music (VG+ / VG+) = $40.00
  223. Tom Waits - Rain Dogs (VG++ / VG++) = $80.00
  224. Various - Even A Tree Can Shed Tears: Japanese Folk & Rock 1969-1973 (M / M) = $55.00
  225. Various - A Christmas Gift For You From Philles Records (G+ / G+) = $30.00
  226. Various - The Harder They Come (Original Soundtrack Recording) (VG / VG) = $20.00
  227. Violent Femmes - Violent Femmes (VG+ / VG) = $40.00
  228. William Onyeabor - Atomic Bomb (NM / NM) = $25.00
  229. Wilson Pickett - The Exciting Wilson Pickett (VG / VG+) = $10.00
  230. XTC - Oranges & Lemons (VG+ / VG+) = $25.00
  231. Yellow Magic Orchestra - BGM (E- / E-) = $35.00
  232. Yellow Magic Orchestra = Yellow Magic Orchestra - Solid State Survivor = ソリッド·ステイト·サヴァイヴァー (E / E) = $35.00
  233. Yumi Arai = Yumi Arai - Misslim = ミスリム (E / VG+) = $45.00
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