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2023.03.21 18:54 MiddleCustard8386 Dodgy AF Bristol Landlord stories

As has been common now on here for ages Landlords in Bristol are scumbags. What's the worst dodgy as fuck behaviour you've encountered? I don't mean rent hikes, I mean really dodgy behaviour.
I used to live opposite The Knowle pub, I went in the pub once and the pub landlady asked what building work we were having done as the property landlord was turning up with lots of men everyday that she thought were builders as he was a tradesman. I said we weren't having work done on the property so that was odd. Didn't think much more of it. He then started calling my phone to speak to my female housemate in the next room late at night while drunk. Very fucking weird. We used to leave our rent money in cash on our beds to picked up on the 1st of the month so that should have been the only time he entered our rooms, he entered my room on a random day in the middle of the month while I'm at work to find my girlfriend at the time in bed who rightly questions what he is doing letting himself into my room and he sheepishly makes and excuse and leaves. He forgot to close the curtains one day in the front bedroom, turns out he was having sex with all the men the landlady at the pub assumed were tradesmen and was seen by the people in the pub.
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2023.03.21 18:54 RoadEng808 Hiring for exciting projects!

Sorry if this isn’t allowed, first time posting in here.
I thought I’d post some job openings here we have. There are more than these but thought I would post the ones that are most pressing - feel free to ask about more!
Here are 3 roles:
Senior Roadway Engineer (Texas or Oaklahoma, 2/3 openings PE required, typically look for 7+ yoe). Pay $95-115k
Project manager (Texas based with offices in Austin, Dallas and Houston). 10+ yoe and pay range is $110-140k
Junior Construction Management Engineer (Denver 0-2 yoe) pay is $70-75k.
We have other roles both in these states and others like CA, FL, NV. So please reach out if you’re looking to make a move!
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2023.03.21 18:53 curlycattails How would you answer this question?

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2023.03.21 18:53 wackymayor GWAR tour dates

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2023.03.21 18:52 ElectrumMagicum 'Electrum magicum': questions about an alloy containing gold, mercury, copper, silver, iron, lead, and tin.

I did a quick search of metallurgy, and I saw that you occasionally get questions about weird alloys like Ashtadhatu and other similar alloys, and you've received questions about electrum (itself a mixture of gold + silver). Similar to those, I am curious about an alchemical variation on the alloy electrum known as 'electrum magicum' (EM) and how one might go about producing[1] it safely at home. In books on alchemy and magic, EM is alloy of metal which represents the seven planets of classical antiquity: it consists of
In varying proportions depending on the recipe I found. Each metal is added to the composite during favourable astrological times for that specific addition (so they can't all be added at once, and the interim alloys must be reheated, I imagine). If you ignore the astrology, I am still curious about how the reheating/cooling at each step and associated waiting period for each astrological event might affect the end result.
It is used in things like magical mirrors and bells, as suggested in Book 4, Part II (Aleister Crowley, ca. early 20th century):
The Bell itself is made of electrum magicum, [...] The sound of this Bell is indescribably commanding, solemn, and majestic. Without even the minutest jar, its single notes tinkle fainter and fainter into silence. At the sound of this Bell the Universe ceases for an indivisible moment of time, and attends to the Will of the Magician. Let him not interrupt the sound of this Bell. Let this be that which is written, Liber VII, v, 31: "There is a solemnity of the silence. There is no more voice at all."
A.C. gave an outline of the process, though it doesn't seem he ever did it himself that I know of:
First the gold is melted up with the silver during a favourable aspect of the sun and moon; these are then fused with tin when Jupiter is well dignified. Lead is added under an auspicious Saturn; and so for the quicksilver, copper, and iron, when Mercury, Venus, and Mars are of good augury.
Paracelsus (ca. 16th century) wrote of the process:
Take ten parts of pure gold, ten of silver, five of copper, two of tin, two of lead, one part of powdered iron, and five of mercury. All these metals must be pure. Now wait for the hour when the planets Saturn and Mercury come into conjunction, and have all your preparations ready for that occasion; have the fire, the crucible, the mercury, and the lead ready, so that there will be no delay when the time of the conjunction arrives, for the work must be done during the moments of the conjunction. As soon as this takes place melt the lead and add the mercury, and let it cool. After this has been done, wait for a conjunction of Jupiter with Saturn and Mercury, melt the compound of lead and mercury in a crucible, and in another crucible the tin, and pour the two metals together at the moment of such conjunction. You must now wait until a conjunction of the sun with either one or both of the above- named planets takes place, and then add the gold to the compound after melting it previously. At a time of a conjunction of the moon with the sun, Saturn, or Mercury, the silver is added likewise, and at a time of a conjunction of Venus with one of the above-named planets the copper is added. Finally, at a time of such a conjunction with Mars, the whole is completed by the addition of the powdered iron. Stir the fluid mass with a dry rod of witch-hazel, and let it cool.
(From Paracelsus, 'Sixth Book, or The Composition of Metals'; translation by Franz Hartmann in the 19th century, in The life of Philippus Theophrastus Bombast of Hohenheim, known by the name of Paracelsus.)
A modern guide I found online of someone who claimed to make a magic mirror from it suggests:
(I don't feel the guide took into account astrology though: I think there will likely be more stages than two here.)
So my questions to metallurgy are... what are your thoughts on EM and the above instructions? Is it possible someone could create an alloy using the above? Is there any way to determine its physical properties ahead of time? How can I determine how different ratios of metals might modify the properties of the resulting alloy? What about the properties of intermediate steps? Is it necessary to melt the lead to add mercury to it or is it one of those metals mercury just absorbs into like gold? Is it possible to create an alloy of those seven metals following Paracelsus' instructions or the ones I found online? What would you keep in mind or modify using the lens of modern metallurgical knowledge?
If you can point me to a book or two I can use to make sense of it, that would also be welcome. I've taken some courses in chemistry and physics at the university level (though I went into computer science instead), so I may be able to make sense of books that assume basic knowledge of those, and gain the knowledge to understand more difficult books if you point me in the right direction.
[1] There is some argument to be made that alchemical ideas like this are purely metaphorical. E.g. '10 parts gold' might refer to the amount of 'sun'-like influence you should try to engender in your life: ego, self-expression, pride, leadership, creativity, health, vitality. This is a very 'psychological' view of alchemy and alchemic writings. I'm ignoring that for this post and assuming EM is a real material I could physically create bells and mirrors and pantacles out of.
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2023.03.21 18:52 tropicalazure Scared of reinfection/PEM

I keep feeling like I'm coming down with a bug that never develops, which I understand can be a sign of PEM. I've been resting, keeping up fluids, taking vits... But today I woke up feeling astonishingly crap. Sore throat, body aches and just can't seem to wake up properly. I'm taking things easy today (again!) but I don't understand why this is all happening suddenly when I'm so careful to not over exert beyond short trips out the house, gentle walks around my local area and it's been over a year since my initial infection.
(For context, I used to travel regularly long distance and hike... none of that anymore!)
That said, I do have a relative I live with who refuses to mask anymore, which is causing a lot of friction in the house. They go out, socialise in groups etc and refuse to mask, DESPITE knowing full well what one infection has left me like. I'm terrified of getting it again, and moreover, we have an important family event coming up next month that I am desperate to be well for.
I made it this far without reinfection... just let me have a month more.... please. Just a month more.
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2023.03.21 18:52 Rob-from-LI Breaking News: Your taxes may go up, down or stay the same.

Breaking News: Your taxes may go up, down or stay the same.
Is it just me or was someone trying to fill space on the cover here?
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2023.03.21 18:52 nostone3241 The connection between Freemasonry, Indian residential schools, the Indian wars, the Indian removal act, the Indian act and the Indians-as-Israelites theory.

My name is Thomas Saul, I am a member of the Skatin Nations tribe in British Columbia, Canada. I am of Salish, and European descent. I began this project around May 2021 when news broke about the Kamloops residential school where the remains of 215 children were allegedly found. As a teenager I briefly Attended Norkam secondary in Kamloops, and have friends and family who still live in Kamloops, so this hit close to home. Upon my research into The origin of this residential school I found that Israel wood Powell, a Freemason, was the Indian Superintendent at the time it was built. Four generations of my family attended residential schools, some in Port Alberni and some Mission City, so naturally I wanted to know more. I have come to the conclusion that Colonisation, Freemasonry, and residential schools go hand in hand. Its a Fact, both the United States and Canada would not exist without Freemasonry, Therefore many Freemasons played a leading role in the genocide of Indigenous Americans. “Freemasonry, as it exists in various forms all over the world, has a membership estimated at around 6 million worldwide.”
Genocide: The UN definition, which is used in international law, states that genocide is: "any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group," as such:(a) "Killing members of the group;"(b) "Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;"(c) "Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;"(d) "Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;"(e) "Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group."
The supreme governor of the Church of England is the head of the Church of England, a position which is vested in the British monarch. The father of the Royal Proclamation of 1763 King George III was not a Freemason, George III had announced that the colonies would no longer seize Native lands or purchase them without treaties. Starting in 1763, no English settlers could legally travel through or acquire land west of the Appalachian Mountains. The proclamation specifically stated that Native Americans had been subject to “great Frauds and Abuses” and that their sovereignty should be protected. Freemason Thomas Jefferson in his list of 27 grievances accused the king saying “He has excited domestic Insurrections among us, and has endeavoured to bring on the Inhabitants of our Frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known Rule of Warfare, is an undistinguished Destruction, of all Ages, Sexes, and Conditions.’’ Thomas Jefferson did this to build support for the revolutionary act that the Declaration of Independence would represent. It was suspected that the Freemasons were behind the Boston Tea Party, the American War of Independence, the french revolution, and Napoleonic France triggering British prime minister William Pitt’s, the Unlawful Societies Act of 1799 where he aimed to see Freemasonry abolished. Some Freemasons addressed Pitt explaining how vast their membership is and its connection to Royalty and As a result, Freemasons were excluded from the Act, but lodges were obliged to return a list of members to the local Clerk of the Peace every year, which are recorded in the Quarter Sessions.1. King George IV reigned from the death of George III until 1830, he was the first of many British Freemason kings and was the head of the Anglican church. William IV, Edward VII, Edward VIII, George VI were also masons. In the 209 years since the Union of the Premier and Ancient Grand Lodges to form the United Grand Lodge of England, a member of the Royal Family has been its Grand Master for more than 150.
A Freemason warrant of constitution is the Document which authorizes or gives a Warrant to certain persons therein named to organize and constitute a Lodge, Chapter, or other Masonic Body. The first Warrant for a military Lodge was issued by the Grand Lodge of Ireland in 1732 to the First British Foot Regiment. Within a few years the Grand Lodge of Scotland and both the Grand Lodge of England, Modern and Ancient were issuing Warrants to military Lodges. In 1733, 18 men gathered at the Bunch of Grapes Tavern on King Street in Boston and organized the first Masonic Lodge in North America. The first record of a military Lodge Warrant being issued in the new world happened during the French and Indian Wars. It was issued by the then Provincial Grand Master at Boston to the 28th British Foot in an expedition against the French at Crown Point. Edward Cornwallis became founder in December 1748, of a military Lodge in his regiment, the 20th. Foot, No. 63, on the registry of the Grand Lodge of Ireland. The warrant was issued to Lord George Sackville, Lieut. Col. The Hon. Edward Cornwallis and Captain Milburne. When in 1759 this famous regiment gained new honors at the battle of Minden, that name was immediately adopted as the name of the lodge. Cornwallis’ second lodge was founded in Halifax early in 1750 or possibly earlier, under a “deputation” or dispensation from Major Erasmus James Philipps of the 40th. Regiment at Annapolis Royal, Provincial Grand Master for Nova Scotia under Henry Price of Boston. Of this lodge, known as the First Lodge, Cornwallis was the first Master. Cornwallis In October 1749, issued an order that came to be known as the Scalping Proclamation. His government would pay a bounty to anyone who killed a Mi’kmaq adult or child in a bid to drive them off mainland Nova Scotia.
Sir William Johnson, an agent for the British Indian Department met Joseph Brant, a 9-year-old Mohawk boy while doing a land deal with Joseph's father King Hendrick. Sir William eventually started a common-law relationship with Joseph's sister Molly giving him incredible power over her tribe. Johnson groomed young Joseph Brant to become a loyal warrior and eventually leader of the six nations tribe. At 13 years old Joseph accompanied Johnson on his first tour with the military. Missionary Samuel Occham, a student of Eleazar Wheelock (father of The Great Awakening) procured a 19-year-old Joseph Brant to attend Moore's Indian charity school in Lebanon Connecticut with the blessings and charity of William Johnson. Freemasons Benjamin Franklin and Benedict Arnold had also donated money to Wheelock’s cause. William was the British Crown's first superintendent of Indian Affairs for the colony in 1756 and Joseph Brant was appointed as a captain in the Indian Department. Many Freemason colonists were high-ranking military who waged many wars on the Indigenous American population, scientists say so many Indigenous people were killed as a result of colonization it caused a mini ice age. After the North American wars, many Freemasons took positions as Indian agents helping to remove and segregate the native population. Anyone who wanted access to the six nations had to go through Indian agent Sir William Johnson and his family which includes the Brant family and the Kerr family through various marriages. At one point Johnson proposed that the moor's Indian Charity School move from Lebanon, Connecticut, to Johnstown but it never happened. Eventually, Johnson withdrew the support for Wheelock. In a letter Wheelock had suggested to Lord Dartmouth "The Nations will not make war with us while their Children, and especially the Children of their chiefs are with us” Dartmouth college claims that In 1766, Johnson was invited to join the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts (SPG), the largest and most influential Anglican missionary society in the 18th-century British-Atlantic world. He began working to place Anglican missionaries like Freemason and bishop Charles Inglis, rather than Congregationalist and Presbyterian ones, among the Six Nations. I believe Moore's dubbed “the great design” was the original model for the Mohawk Institute and the Canadian residential school system.
On April 10, 1766 Sir William Johnson was raised to the position of Master Mason of St Patrick's Lodge No. 4 where many Freemason Indian agents like John Butler, Guy Johnson, Sir John Johnson, William Johnson Kerr, Christian Daniel Claus, Gilbert Tice, George Croghan and A protégé of Reverend Eleazar Wheelock, Rev. Samuel Kirkland attended. In 1770 Johnson's fellow St Patrick's lodge Freemason Rev. Samuel Kirkland coincidentally parted ways with Wheelock and Moors charity school. Eventually Kirkland founded the Hamilton-Oneida Academy as a boys' school in central New York. In 1776 Joseph Brant was initiated into the Freemason fraternity in London England where it is rumoured a benefactor of Moors charity school king George III gave Brant his masonic apron. When Brant returned to Canada he became affiliated with Lodge No. 11 at the Mohawk village on the Grand River, of which he was the first Worshipful Master, and later affiliated with Barton Lodge No. 10. Joseph Brant invited fellow Freemason and grandson of Eleazar Wheelock to be a minister to the Mohawk. To Joseph It was imperative that Freemason Rev. Davenport Phelps was made minister of the Mohawks, so he reminded the Bishop, through Sir John, of the pledge which the Archbishop of Canterbury had made to him in the presence of the King, that whenever the Indians, by the erection of a church, should be ready for religious instruction, he would do all in his power to supply their wants. A Freemason named Rev. Robert Addison helped make this happen. Mr Addison, a relative of William Johnson, had been minister to the Six Nations and Joseph Brant and Freemason John Norton were his translators. Freemason Reverend Davenport Phelps and Jarvis Wheelock, the brother of Eleazar, were invited to Canada and granted land by Freemason and founder of the family compact John Graves Simcoe, the man behind the Simcoe patent. Mrs Simcoe in her Diary says, “In April of the following year Mary Brant (sister of Freemason Joseph Brant and common-law wife of Freemason Indian agent Sir William Johnson) successfully prescribed a favourite Indian remedy, the root of sweet flag (acorus calamus), for Governor Simcoe, who had been extremely ill with a persistent cough. The medicine relieved his malady “in a very short time. This brought the Brant family and Simcoe family close together. Davenport Phelps became the Worshipful Master of The Barton Lodge under Freemason William Jarvis and he was the first chaplain at the Mohawk Chapel. Davenport was the leader of many Indian agents who were members of The Barton Lodge. I suspect Davenport's mission was to help with the so-called Indian problem.
Chief Joseph Brant has been accused on many occasions of selling off land for his own enrichment and in a lot of cases he sold land to Freemasons. He granted 999-year leases to many families, the Nelles, the Young’s, the families of Adam Young UE, his three sons, Lieutenant John Young (Indian department) UE, Sergeant Daniel Young UE, and Private Henry Young UE, along with Captain Henry William Nelles UE and his families (Rev. Abraham Nelles). Many of these Indian agents were members of The Barton Lodge. Both Captain Henry William Nelles UE and Adam Young UE, fourth great-grandfather of Robert Collins McBride UE, were also the first Freemasons to settle in Haldimand County. Freemasons Robert Kerr and Rev. Robert Addison, William Kennedy Smith, also had land there. "There were very few outright legal sales of our land; 90 per cent of the leased land has never been paid for or paid to Six Nations," according to a research document prepared by Six Nations. Many Freemasons were involved with the Simcoe patent and the Haldimand Proclamation. Lieutenant Governor John Graves Simcoe stated that the Indians could not lease their land since British subjects could lease land only from British subjects. Freemason William Jarvis signed the Haldimand proclamation, Freemason Thomas Ridout surveyor-general was behind the Ridout survey, Freemason Sir Peregrine Maitland lieutenant governor informed them that they had no title to the northern part of the grant, Freemason John Butler acted as an agent of purchase on behalf of the government, Freemason chief John Brant) and Freemason Robert Johnson Kerr finally went to England to lobby on behalf of the Six Nations.
Freemasons King George IV, and King William IV, reigned from January 29 1820 to June 20 1837. The idea of residential school was brought forward by the Freemason Governor of Upper Canada, Sir Peregrine Maitland, within the context of a proposal he made in 1820 to the Colonial Office "for ameliorating the condition of the Indians in the neighbourhood of our settlements." Maitland's proposal contained most of the civilising concepts and techniques that would be adopted in the next three decades. The American Freemason, President Andrew Jackson succeeded in pushing the Indian Removal Act through the United States Congress in 1828 leading to the trail of tears. John Brant solicited help from the New England company to build the Mohawk institute, the first residential school in Canada. The mohawk institute operated from 1831 to June 27, 1970. John Brant appointed Rev. Abraham Nelles son of Freemason Robert Nelles as principal of the Mohawk Institute. Abraham after over 30 years was succeeded by Freemason Robert Ashton. Oronhyatekha aka Peter Martin was also a Freemason and played an important role in the development of the Mohawk Institute. The Arthur of the Historical sketch of the Barton Lodge, No. 6, G.R.C., A.F. and A.M., says “the name of Brother John Brant is connected with important events in the history of Canadian Masonry.” John Brant is responsible for the formation of at least 12 residential schools in Ontario, while Freemason Israel Powell the superintendent of Indian affairs in British Columbia Powell “was able to boast that the government had established seventeen Indian schools, one for each year in office.”. Powell sought to establish several boarding schools across the province and particularly pushed for creating a school in Kamloops to address communities in the province’s interior.The school opened in Kamloops in 1890 and became one of the largest residential schools operated by Indian Affairs. The Freemason Organisation is vicariously liable for all abuses in those residential schools.
In 1837 a Rebellion in Upper Canada was led by William Lyon Mackenzie, who was a fierce critic of Simcoe’s Family Compact, an elite clique of businessmen and many Freemasons. Mackenzie opposed a system of land grants that favored settlers from Britain. Many Freemasons such as William Botsford Jarvis and Sir Allen Napier Macnab who was Joint premier of the Province of Canada helped stop this rebellion. Sir Allen Macnab was succeeded by Freemason Sir John A. Macdonald as Joint Premier. This Rebellion of 1837, this triggered the 6th generation Freemason Lord Durham to write The Durham Report, he was appointed governor in chief of British North America. In his 1839 Report on the Affairs of British North America, he recommended that Upper and Lower Canada be united under a single Parliament, with responsible government. In 1863 a steamboat named the Brother Johnathan) carried smallpox from San Francisco to British Columbia killing 1/3rd of the Native population. Many Freemasons like Thomas Harris the first mayor of Victoria, Israel Wood Powell who served in the Victoria Rifle Volunteer Corps which was established to protect the colony from the indigenous population, Amor De Cosmos who was the extremely racist editor of The Daily British Colonist, and Ronald J. NcDonell clerk for magistrate Pemberton who forced The Nuu-chah-nulth to leave their camp, escorted by two gunboats. There are many many more who may have purposefully mishandled the smallpox epidemic of 1863. British freemason Edward Jenner created the life-saving smallpox vaccine but on the other hand Freemasons Jeffrey Amherst and Col Henry Bouquet have been accused of distributing smallpox contaminated blankets to their enemies.
As early as 1866 Israel W. Powell, with his colleague Amor De Cosmos, had proposed confederation with the Canadian colonies. Israel Wood Powell, Superintendent of Indian affairs also outlawed potlatching an indigenous ceremony In British Columbia. Following the Lord Durham’s report, Freemason Henry Howard Molyneux Herbert, 4th Earl of Carnarvon proposed The British North America Act, 1867 Under section 91(24) of the Constitution Act, 1867, the federal government has exclusive legislative authority for "Indians, and Lands reserved for the Indians." Of the 36 Fathers of the Canadian confederation, 11 were Freemasons. One being Freemason Sir John A. Macdonald, He was named by the United Grand Lodge of England as their Grand Representative near to the Grand Lodge of Canada. Sir John A. Macdonald took a page from American Freemason Andrew Jackson's book by removing the Indigenous people from their land. He was proud that he was able to subdue the Indigenous people with less blood shed than his American brethren. One Of Macdonald's Legacies is the Canadian Pacific Railway which displaced many tribes across Canada. Sir John A. Macdonald's campaign promise in the 1870s was that he would have a railway built that would link the country from coast to coast. Freemasons Richard Marpole, Sir Sandford Fleming, Sir George J.A. Bury And the Chinese Freemasons of Vancouver and Alberta made Macdonald’s promise come true. As quickly as the railroad was laid Freemason lodges were erected. Louis Riel a Métis hero, led two resistance movements against the Government of Canada and its Freemason Prime Minister, John A. Macdonald. Riel sought to defend Métis rights and identity. The Wolseley expedition was a military force authorized by Sir John A. Macdonald to confront Louis Riel and had been dispatched to Red River under Freemason Colonel Garnet Joseph Wolseley. Another of Mcdonald's legacies is the North West Mounted Police. Macdonald established the N.W.M.P in 1873 which boasted 750 Freemason members in its time. He claimed that “it was intended to have a body of mounted rifles to protect the people from the chance of an Indian war.’’ Meanwhile, The Pacific Scandal, the first major post-Confederation political scandal in Canada, Sir John Macdonald and senior members of his Conservative Cabinet were accused of accepting election funds for the contract to build the C.P rail.
The near completion of the railway allowed troops from eastern Canada to quickly arrive in the territory causing Riel to surrender to Canadian forces. The NWMP barracks was where Louis Riel was detained after his arrest in 1885 for leading the North-West Rebellion. Many Freemasons were involved in the defeat of Louis Riel. The RCMP museum had a display of the noose which hung Riel. Macdonald said this about Riel "He shall die though every dog in Quebec barks in his favor." John A. Macdonald is also one of the fathers of the Canadian Indian act First passed in 1876. In 1879 Freemason Nicholas Flood Davin wrote the Report on Industrial Schools for Indians and Half-Breeds, otherwise known as The Davin Report. An amendment to the Indian Act in 1894 under Freemason Prime Minister Sir Mackenzie Bowell, made attendance at day schools, industrial schools, or residential schools compulsory for First Nations children, resulting in over 100000 Indigenous children being forcefully removed from their families by Indian agents and the RCMP. From 1740 to 1896 The Mexican government's response to the various uprisings of the Yaqui tribe have been likened to genocide particularly under Freemason Porfirio Diaz. Due to slavery and massacre, the population of the Yaqui tribe in Mexico was reduced from 30,000 to 7,000 under Diaz's rule. One source estimates at least 20,000 out of these Yaquis were victims of state murders in Sonora. It was during this period of the conflict that the United States Army fought the last battle of the American Indian Wars, the final battle being the Wounded Knee Massacre December 29, 1890, and in the subsequent Drexel Mission Fight the next day. In recent history the statues of Freemason John A. Macdonald, Freemason Edward Cornwallis, Freemason George Washington, Freemason Lawrence Sullivan Ross, Freemason Robert E. Lee and Andrew Jackson have all been vandalized but no mention of their affiliation to the Freemasons in the news. We can't point fingers at the church or government without first confirming whether or not the accused are Freemasons. The Order of the Eastern Star, Job's Daughters, and Rainbow Girls are masonic fraternities for women such as the daughter, widow, wife, sister, or mother of a Master Mason. All masons will cry out that Freemasonry has nothing to do with what an individual member has done, yet they all praise these men and prop them up as heroes. Freemasons claim to have superior morality compared to the average person, that they are the most honorable men on the planet, yet they refuse to acknowledge their members role in the genocide of the Indigenous Americans.
You may believe Freemasons are irrelevant nowadays but that is far from true. Winston Churchill is regarded as one of the greatest wartime leaders of the 20th century. Churchill was initiated into Studholme Lodge No. 1591 on 24 May 1901. He said of the Pashtun people “all who resist will be killed without quarter,” Pashtun territory was occupied by the British in 1848 and divided into two areas. Winston Churchill's policies caused a famine that claimed more than 3 million Indian lives during the The Bengal famine of 1943. President Harry Truman, known as one of the most dedicated men to have joined Masonry on the morning of August 6, 1945, ordered an American B-29 bomber to drop two atomic bombs over the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The two bombings killed between 129,000 and 226,000 people, most of whom were civilians. John Edgar Hoover, more commonly referred to as J. Edgar Hoover, was an American attorney and director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Hoover was raised on November 9th 1920 in Federal Lodge No. 1 in Washington D.C. In 1919 Hoover became the head of the Bureau of Investigation's (predecessor of the FBI) new General Intelligence Division. The division was also called the Radical Division because it was the task of the division to find radical elements in American society to monitor and disrupt their activities. The Duke of Kent was initiated as a Freemason in Royal Alpha Lodge No. 16 in London on 16 December 1963. The Duke of Kent, is now UGLE’s longest-serving Grand Master. The Duke’s brother, Prince Michael of Kent, is also a Freemason and is Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons, and Provincial Grand Master of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Middlesex. On 6 March 1953, HRH Prince Philip progressed to the Second Degree of Freemasonry, before advancing to the Third Degree on 4 May 1953.
I encourage those who have been affected by the actions of Freemasons to begin a class action lawsuit against this organization in what ever country, state or province you live in and hold Freemasonry accountable for genocide. The first thing a Freemason will say when presented with this evidence is you don't know how masonry operates, that the lodge is not responsible for individual members actions. That is exactly what the Catholic church said before the Canadian Court of Appeal on July 28, 2020 had found the Archdiocese vicariously liable for abuses committed by a civilian employee. I witnessed countless people stand up against the Catholic Church for what they have done and the Pope came to Canada and apologized. Now it's time to turn your sight toward Freemasonry. You must understand that all Freemasons on the American contenent have greatly benefited from the genocide of Indigenous Americans.
“ Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's acceptance of an inquiry's finding that Canada committed genocide against Indigenous people could have tremendous legal impact if a court ever weighs Ottawa's responsibility for crimes against humanity, experts say.”
"I didn't use the word genocide because it didn't come to mind but I described genocide," Pope Francis told reporters on the papal flight from Iqaluit to Rome on Friday.
“The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it.”
President John F. Kennedy
“President Kennedy issued an Executive Order prohibiting use of facilities on military bases by groups not integrated. The result was to bar Masonic lodges from using the bases.” Masonic Parallels with History - A Chronology of General and Masonic History by Alphonse Cerza. themasonictrowel
Freemasonry in Nova Scotia
Freemasonry at the Two Sieges of Louisbourg 1745 and 1758
Freemasonry in Quebec
Sir William Johnson, the Brant family, the Kerr family and the British Indian Department
Mohawk Institute (Mush Hole)
The rebellion of 1837
Manitoba Freemasons
Saskatchewan Freemasons
North-West Rebellion
Provincial Premiers Alberta masons
The Canadian Pacific Railway
Smallpox epidemic of 1862
British Columbia Freemasons
Freemason Prime Ministers
American Freemasons and the genocide of the
Indigenous peoples.
Spanish Freemasons
Royal Freemasons
300 Years of Freemasonry Celebrated at Royal Albert Hall Global Event
Freemasonry according to Masons.
The Fourth Council of Toledo Canon 60 and Indian Residential Schools
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2023.03.21 18:50 Body_Useful Salem shipping things out quicker than usual?

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2023.03.21 18:50 Relative_Ad6326 New to real estate investing in Los Angeles CA

Hi everyone I’m a (26M) and I’m trying to buy a rental property. I have about 40K saved, I make 96k yearly and have a 770 credit score (according to Credit Karma). I want to take advantage now that I live with my parents and have no major expenses but it seems impossible here in LA. I’m hoping I can atleast break even on the mortgage payment but with interest rates so high it’s very unlikely. If anyone with more experience can share some advice, I’d truly appreciate it.
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2023.03.21 18:50 Bananenflanke555 Auf das Herz oder den Kopf hören? (On-Off Beziehung)

Ich (m28) stecke seit ein paar Tagen mit meiner Ex-Freundin (w27) in einer schwierigen Situation.
Wir haben uns vor ca. 10 Jahren kennengelernt, ineinander verliebt und dann über lange Zeit leider eine On-Off Beziehung geführt. Anfangs haben wir uns regelmäßig aus sehr kindischen Gründen getrennt, vermutlich, weil wir nicht in der Lage waren, uns mal zu streiten und nicht direkt die Reißleine zu ziehen. Von ca. 2015 bis Ende 2018 waren wir dann durchgehend zusammen und die meiste Zeit auch sehr glücklich. Ende 2018 folgte eine Trennung, nachdem es ein paar Monate zwischen uns schlechter lief. Im Frühling 2019 kamen wir wieder zusammen und trennten uns zuletzt im November 2022. Die Gründe der letzten beiden Trennungen waren dabei so ziemlich dieselben. Die Stimmung meiner Ex-Freundin schwankt immer mal für Wochen und manchmal sogar Monate, sodass es zwischen uns immer super schöne, aber auch immer wieder schwierige Phasen gab. Auslöser dafür sind ihrer Meinung nach meist Dinge, auf die ich keinen oder nur wenig Einfluss hatte. Mal war es Unzufriedenheit bei der Arbeit, mal Streit mit der Familie oder Freunden. Ich habe in diesen Phasen immer versucht, mit ihr zu reden, ihr zu helfen und so gut es geht für sie da zu sein. Leider hat das nie wirklich helfen können. Dazu kommt, dass ich einen recht derben Humor habe und immer mal Sprüche auf meine und auch auf ihre Kosten von mir gebe. In Zeiten, in denen sie gut drauf war, konnten wir meistens gemeinsam drüber lachen, wenn die Stimmung schlechter ist, wurde das regelmäßig zum Problem.
Auch wenn wir nun schon mehrere Trennungen hinter uns haben, haben wir immer nach wenigen Wochen oder Monaten gemerkt, wie sehr wir einander fehlen. Meine Ex-Freundin war nicht nur meine Freundin, sondern auch meine beste Freundin. Wir konnten miteinander über alles reden, wussten, dass wir immer für einander da sein würden und haben uns wirklich sehr geliebt. Es war also abgesehen von den Trennungen nie eine toxische Beziehung, sondern die meiste Zeit eine sehr glückliche.
Nach nun wieder einmal mehreren Monaten Trennung, in denen ich jeden Tag an sie gedacht habe und sie sehr vermisst habe, hat sie sich kürzlich wieder bei mir gemeldet. Wir haben miteinander gesprochen und es ist deutlich geworden, dass sie es noch einmal mit mir versuchen wollen würde. Sie sagt, sie habe durch die Zeit viel gelernt und wünsche sich eine gemeinsame Zukunft mit mir. Wir seien erwachsener geworden und sie hätte erst in den vergangenen Monaten richtig gelernt, wertzuschätzen, wie sehr ich für sie da war und was sie alles an mir gehabt hat. Sie könne natürlich nicht garantieren, dass es diesmal langfristig klappen würde, denn das kann man natürlich nie, aber sie habe das Gefühl, viel gelernt zu haben und die Fehler der Vergangenheit nicht zu wiederholen.

Ich stehe nun vor der Entscheidung, dem Ganzen nochmal eine Chance zu geben oder nicht. Mein Herz hängt noch immer sehr an ihr. Ich konnte mir die letzten 10 Jahre niemand anderen an meiner Seite vorstellen, als sie. Mir fehlt ihre Nähe, das gemeinsame Lachen und die Vertrautheit zwischen uns beiden. Mein Herz würde sofort ja sagen. Wenn ich auf meinen Kopf höre, dann denke ich an all die vergangenen Trennungen, das Hin und Her, das unnötige Drama und das furchtbare Gefühl nach den Trennungen. Ich möchte nicht wieder so verletzt werden und mit mittlerweile Ende 20 wünsche ich mir eine erwachsene Beziehung, die die Chance hat, für immer zu halten. Ich weiß leider einfach nicht, ob ich auf mein Herz oder meinen Kopf hören soll. Für jeglichen Ratschlag bin ich wirklich dankbar.
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2023.03.21 18:49 I_cookstuff-n-things My better hits in Series 1 22-23 so far. Anyone left I should look for before series 2 comes out?

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2023.03.21 18:49 Longjumping-Eye-9514 Can you tell us any details about this beautiful slag rock? Rockhounds and Whatisthisrock have confirmed that it’s slag. My 5 year old daughter found this while hiking in Valencia, Southern California.

Can you tell us any details about this beautiful slag rock? Rockhounds and Whatisthisrock have confirmed that it’s slag. My 5 year old daughter found this while hiking in Valencia, Southern California. submitted by Longjumping-Eye-9514 to itsslag [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 18:49 fribird7 38 [M4F] Looking for a new friend to chat with.

As the title says, I'm looking for a someone to chat with and makes friends with. You can be someone that wants to chat a short or long time. We can chat about anything you'd like, just as long as we are both enjoying each other's company.
A little about me: I am 38. I have five cats (yes you can see them). I work in IT. I enjoy playing poker and hiking/biking.
If you are interested in chatting, send me a message.
Have a good one!
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2023.03.21 18:48 user34626 A quick look at the website/office shrinkage.

A quick look at the website/office shrinkage.
Starting this off with I'm not one to write DD or any of that, I just see this as something nobody has mentioned or discussed enough even with it being a small detail in plain sight. This is a real scrape which could be labelled as fluff however it's something to take note.
Anyone currently invested into Troika has had a look at their company page and most likely been disappointed when seeing it's just a bare investors page as the main page and only page on the site.
This isn't how it's always been.
An example you can find is this older version shown in an interview with Robert Machinist posted 2 months ago, timestamp 7:37. A lot of this was dropped pages from the NFT projects which makes sense but some of it should have been kept.
Maybe this interview is much older than when it was posted which could be why the page type isn't findable through wayback machine, also the URL is different think it was like that in 2017/2018. (I may be wrong here, this is just findable through wayback machine redirecting the URL to the old website URL)
During late 2018 it had 4 locations listed, these were all kept until the changes further down where the offices start to drop-off the list. The website was also so much nicer back then compared to what it is now. Not amazing but definitely much nicer, lot's of companies used that style/layout back then it was the style in fashion.
Troika had changed it's design to this bare investors page some time between 12/10/2022 and 23/12/2022 when looking through the wayback machine.
The contact us section at the bottom of the page has been dropping locations in the last year quite fast. 3 locations have been dropped from it within the last year. You can find these yourself by using the wayback machine and scrolling to the bottom of each page.
Contact us section 21/03/2023
Contact us section 12/10/2022 - https://web.archive.org/web/20221012040601/https://www.troikamedia.com/
Contact us section 03/08/2022
Contact us section 12/03/2022
They used to even link their social media presence and have a subscription letter below this section back then.
They changed buildings in New York at some time as well within the last 3 months? You can see this comparing the images or using the wayback machine.
I couldn't tell you if this is a downgrade, upgrade, what or why? I also have no idea how to look into this besides plugging the addresses into google. However they did have that original location in New York for over 5 years minimum that I can tell, until they changed location 3 months ago. (roughly when the website went bare)
Yes it could be to save more money as office and occupancy expenses had gone up during those times, mentioned in the 10-KT.
Hoping this adds towards the idea of a buyout because I can't see the company going bankrupt. Watching the price action so far today has been insane. It is being kept within and as close as possible to that $0.001 range near $0.200 as much as it can be. I'd be surprised if it's unpinned to either side today. Some actual big buys today as well.
If you have any thoughts on the removal of all the satellite offices or better knowledge please share.
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2023.03.21 18:48 Curious-Unit-2153 suggestions where to enroll for drone pilot/ operator in Southbay CA (Torrance)

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2023.03.21 18:47 oh_shit_thats_my_bus The final note

November 15th, 2020; reddit. 
Only one thing was ever found after Lucy went missing.She had disappeared the day she went on a hike in white lake forest. I remember that day so clearly, and yet no matter how many times I reread this journal I can’t figure out what happened to her. The state has stopped looking for her and left the case without an answer, just another unanswered missing person’s case I guess, but maybe you guys can figure it out. “Morning mom! I cant wait til I get on the paths. Its supposed to be a really nice day out too! You sure you dont want to come with me?” Lucy texted early in the morning on June 20, 2017. “I am sure I dont want to come with you. Unfortunately Im still sick. Make sure to take pictures for me tho! Anyways Im sure you need to get ready, so I wont keep you. Enjoy your hike today tho, we both know you need this break!” I responded shortly after as I was just waking up. “Awe, still? Hopefully you get better soon! Your immune system has been getting weaker, you should really go to the hospital to get it checked out! I’ll make sure to send plenty of photos thouh, I promise!” Lucy replied as I got up to go to the bathroom. She had sent me ten photos from 10:30am to 1pm. The first one was of a fox peering out of a hole underneath a dead tree, the second one helped the rescue team identify the trail she had taken, the fifth was one of her with a doe and its fawn in the background. The photo of her had her wearing a cyan tee-shirt with a black backpack on her back and her brown hair up in a ponytail as her green eyes reflected the forest. Those photos were the only ones that were found useful in finding her. It was a year later that the police had given me the journal after recording everything written in it. She started writing in it the night before she went on that hike. Her first entry was titled June 19, 2017; I can’t wait! After weeks on end of working every day of the week I finally was able to catch a break, so I have made plans to drive out to white lake forest and go for a hike. I’ll be stoping by panera for breakfast on my way. I just have to remember to pack a lunch, some snacks, water, a portable charger, a pen, and this jornal. I have checked the weather and it’s looking like it will be a perfect day for a hike. Hopefully my mom has gotten better so that way she can join me! Honestly after everything with my ex I could really use a day to relax and just enjoy myself. She had recently broken up with her abusive (ex) boyfriend, and he hadn’t stopped bothering her until she got a restraining order. That had been just a few days before she went on that hike. After all that overworking herself as well as the stress of dealing with an abusive ex who wouldn’t leave her alone she really needed a day to relax. If only she had returned home that day. I really miss my baby girl. The next entry in her journal is labled June 21, 2017; Something is wrong. I should have been home by now, but I think I took a wrong turn at some point. I just began to get this feeling of being watched, so I stopped taking pictures and started looking around a lot more without really paying attention to my surroundings. As the sun set over the horizon I was out of food and my water was almost out. Once the sun was down and it grew dark I pulled out my phone for the flashlight. I ended up having to call it a night when my phone died. I slept at the base of a tree last night and when I woke up I drank the last of my water. It tasted a bit funny though, but that might just be me. Anyways I better start moving before I spend the whole day here. I think I see an area I recognize, so that will be the direction I head. It’s the old cabin that is overrun by foliage with a caved in roof. The next page is the last entry, and it is the most worrying one. June 21, 2017; I needhelp if only my phone weren’t dead. I didn’t realize the portable charger was dead. If I hadI would have charged it the night before I’m getting dizzy, so Ihad to stop and take a break.Im currently siting on the porch on theold cabin. I think I hear some The entry cuts off there. The jornal had apparently been found in an overgrown bush in front of an old cabin, though none of her other belongings were ever found. I still wonder what ever happened to her that day, and hope that maybe she is doing well today. I am not sure if you came to this hoping to read a story with a happy ending, but unfortunately this isn’t a fantasy and in real life not all stories have a true ending.
December 20, 2020; reddit
Edit: Wow, I didn’t realize this post would blow up this much. Anyways, many of you have asked some questions regarding more information on the case. To start with, “Who all knew where she was going to be that day?” Well, to my knowledge she only told me, her siblings, and her close friends because she was inviting us to go with her, though I couldn’t tell you if anyone else knew because I’m not sure if anyone else was told by her siblings or friends. Another question that was asked often was “Does any of her friends or family have a close connection to her ex-boyfriend?” While I wouldn’t call this a close connection I do know one of her friends has a brother who is dating the ex-boyfriend’s brother. I have met his family and they are all good people especially his parents, so not only am I not sure where he got the way he treats his partners but I am sure his family wouldn’t let him do anything to Lucy. The last question I will answer is “Is there any way someone could have drugged the water she had left in the water bottle?” I wouldn’t think so due to her being a light sleeper, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible for someone to have drugged her water. Thinking about it though if that were the case then they would have been close enough to her to take her then, so the fact that they didn’t does strike me as odd. Thank you all for your kindness by the way, I really appreciate it.
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2023.03.21 18:47 damage__control anyone remember the teenagersnew band concert?

cant believe this sub exists. kinda feels like home. hope you're all doing well.
tri/emma here, i was very actively in the (predictably, ultimately unfruitful) band concert and had a ton of fun.
hope you're all navigating adulthood okay! happy trails!
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2023.03.21 18:46 necron_overlord16 Complex Race Mechanics in the ChaD Era

With the new blogs and showcase, it seems CA has poured more mechanics into the Chaos Dwarfs than any other race in the game so far.
By comparison, almost all the other races (barring Skaven) seem almost half-baked in light of the glorious summation of these ChaD mechanics.
Will CA, over the course of Warhammer III's lifetime, move to bring the other races to approach this level of depth? Or is this simply a one-off approach to a complex faction?
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2023.03.21 18:46 larryjesusnme33 Maybe next year…

Cancelled our trip to Yosemite (April 1-5), due to not being able to do the bigger hikes in the park because of the snow. A little sad but I’m hopeful we’ll be able to visit soon. Maybe next year…
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2023.03.21 18:45 Netshy1993 To be or not to be in Popesti Leordeni

Salut tuturor,
Am inceput recent sa caut un apartament cu 2 camere de cumparat. Nu ma grabesc neaparat, am destul timp de asteptat. Toata viata mea in Bucuresti a fost traita in S3 cu zone cat de cat okay, copaci, parc cat de cat aproape si maxim 15 minute de metrou. In prezent, jobul meu e la Universitate.
In bugetul meu actual, 76.000-79.000 de euro, gasesc o gramada de apartamente noi in Popesti Leordeni. Chiar am vazut unul recent (Apollo Residence) unde in 13-15 minute de cand ai iesit pe usa esti pe peron la Berceni. Mi-am facut si eu temele si partile rele le-am tot auzit: drumuri inguste, se inunda strada cand ploua, aglomerat, inghesuit, potential de dezvoltatori imobiliari shady prin zona.
Asa ca apelez si eu la intelepciunea voastra: is this true? Aveti experiente bune/rele cu zona asta? Eu n-am neaparat un vibe bun de la ea, dar am observat ca lumea chiar e de ajutor pe bucuresti si-am zis sa intreb.
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2023.03.21 18:44 mourningWank Repost from data is beautiful

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