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BlackCoin is a digital currency similar to Bitcoin. It is a pure Proof of Stake coin, except stage of initial distribution, when it was mixed PoW and PoS coin. For more info, go to http://blackcoin.org/

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BoH5e is dead, the UnearthedArcana Curated List is its effective, and vastly more up-to-date, replacement: https://www.reddit.com/UnearthedArcana/wiki/list

2023.04.02 10:18 Self-ProclaimdSexGod Dizziness and muffled ear

It started yesterday and has been happening ever since, I’ve felt dizzy and only my left ear has become muffled. This has happened maybe 3 - 4.
It starts off as me feeling disoriented and dizzy. After that comes the muffled ear. This ear is only muffled for maybe 30 sec to a minute. Last, I feel a weird sound in the same ear. The whole ordeal is maybe about 1 minute and 30 sec.
Oh yeah and i do feel nauseous as well during that period.
I just want to know what this is and why it started
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2023.04.02 10:18 silvershaade adult male corn refusing food

i know this probably gets asked a lot so i apologise!! but i lost my other boy very suddenly this time last year and ever since ive become a bit of a hypochondriac 😅😅
ive had sebastian for ~6 years, got him when he was roughly 3 from a friend of a friend who couldnt look after him anymore. he has always been a great eater and never refused a meal with me once. he eats once every 10 days. normal shed schedule, very active, healthy weight. but this is his 4th rat thats he's refused!! he eats thawed. this morning i heated it with a hairdryer and brained it (for the first time 🤢) and he sniffed it and then moved away. last time i tried to feed him, 10 days ago, he striked and began eating like normal, but 30 seconds later spat out the head and went back into his hide.
i know they lose their appetite around this time of year but can anyone tell me if thats what this is or if i should be concerned? he seems completely fine in every other regard. drinking, sleeping, and handling like normal - no physical changes. ive checked his husbandry over and over again and everything seems normal. i'm just concerned that its been 40 days since he last ate when normally the most he'll go is 10. and again, perhaps i am just being a hypochondriac for no reason but his 'brother' (same clutch) died very randomly around this time - fine one day, gone the next, so i worry quite a bit now and monitor him very closely
any help or comments is appreciated!
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2023.04.02 10:18 Puzzleheaded_Car_856 Can anybody help me find the matching posters for 3 and 4?

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2023.04.02 10:18 Harvestmoonsuchti404 My crush is becoming a terrible person but i can't let them go.

So, i don't like talking about my feelings, but i really need to vent about this, because it bothers me. (TLDR at the end)

So, in germany you go to secondary school when you go to 5th grade and you stay with a class until 11th grade, where you get a personal schedule and have different classes in every lesson. So i am in 10th grade now and this is my last year with my class. That was just information to understand the text better??

When i got into secondary school, i remember i missed my old class so much that i didn't talk to anyone at my class at all (I got misdiagnosed with Autism because of that, but that's a different story) until like 6th grade. I didn't even know that some people in my class existed. And one day there was this person my class teacher sat next to me, let's call them Sam. Sam was one of these people i didn't know i went in a class with them despite for being in this class for like 4 months?
We both were the tallest people in class so i remember a kid complaining to the teacher they won't see anything in class now. I don't remember how i felt about Sam while they sat next to me, because my memory in 5th grade is blurry, because i didn't talk to anyone at that time and i annoyed my older sister at the breaks.
I am 90% sure that Sam was crushing on me at some time. One time it was raining but i went outside anyway. Sam ran to me and told me to get back in because recess got cancelled. So basically my entire class didn't know i was outside because i made myself pretty much invisible in class but Sam remembered me. Maybe it was because they cared about me or because my class teacher told them to get me back in school. If it was the first option i really appreciate that.
Well, we sat together in class until somewhere in 6th grade where one of us (i don't remember who) complained and Sam got seated next to another kid.
In 6th grade we had a class trip. Some weeks before the trip I was playing truth or dare with some kids in my class and they asked me who the person i get along with the most is. I said that it was Sam. I didn't think much about it, but the kids made it a pretty big deal thinking i am in love with Sam.
At the class trip one of this kids constantly tried to get me and Sam together (They were asking me who in the class i would like to date, dared me to ask Sam out and in truth or dare everytime it was my turn they asked me if i like Sam etc)
One day at the class trip there was a kid me and my friends hated. We said that they were a pervert and a pedo (The kid had a lower voice than the rest of us and they also looked older despite being even younger than some of us) and Sam said to me "If they ever harass you i will protect you" i was confused and asked why. Then Sam said "Because i am your partner (As in romantic)" i cringed and said "No we are not. What makes you think we are dating?" "Well everyone says that we are dating" i got very mad and said "Just because some stupid people say we are dating that doesn't mean anything at all" then Sams voice lowered and they said "Okay, we're only dating in school" and then i shouted "No! We aren't together at all!" And that was the end of conversation. I wasn't paying much attention anymore to Sam at that day but they were talking to me normally. The next day i got into a fight with a kid and a friend said everyone is mad at me for getting into this fight. I asked Sam if they were on my side and they just said they are neutral. So i suppose they were quite hurt because i basically rejected them earlier. I didn't even know that they were trying to ask me out because i am/was pretty oblivious and sometimes.
Me and Sam eventually became friends a month after the class trip. That was when i started having a crush on them. But it only lasted for like 3 weeks and i didn't tell anyone. At that time Sam probably still had a crush on me too because there were some signs.
But some months later i got into a huge fight with a friend of mine who was also Sam's bestie and then we weren't friends anymore and they probably lost feelings for me at that time too.
We weren't talking to each other until somewhere in 7th grade. Another friend tried to set me up with Sam but i didn't like them anymore. Especially because in 7th grade there was a phase were Sam and their Bestie would pick on me for no real reason. So i was basically extremely mad at Sam and hated them (Oh god now that i am writing this i realize even more what a terrible person Sam is) and i was also very mad at my friend for trying to set us up. The friend said they wanted to do this because everytime i was next to Sam both of us became a bit nervous, but i didn't notice and said it was a coincidence. (For me at least!)
In 7th grade i also realized that i am AroAce (How can i have a crush then you might ask? I will come to it eventually!) and didn't really care about having crushes anymore (I was also shipping Sam with their Bestie at that point. Sorry, that was a cringe phase but everyone goes through something like that hahah)
In 8th grade me and Sam became "Friends"? again (But from that day on it wasn't like it used to be, i will explain it soon) and we were walking to school together from swimming lesson. Alone. I don't know what we were talking about but they said they are straight and i jokingly said they are in love with their Bestie and Bi. (Sorry for that) Sam said they have a proof they are straight and i asked what it was. They got nervous and said "I....I...um...Nevermind" and i was wondering what it was the whole day. I think they wanted to tell me they used to have a crush on me because why were they so nervous?

In 9th grade we went to another class trip and my friends teased me and said i went out at night to meet with Sam. Me and Sam were both annoyed and denied it. At that time i started to catch feelings for Sam again. We were staring at each other a lot and we also sat next to each other very often. But when we were playing truth or dare a kid asked Sam who the ugliest person in class was. And Sam said that i am the ugliest person. I didn't really care about their answer, because i don't really find them pretty too (i like their smile and voice, and i used to like their personality, now they are basically evil. More about that soon) and i wasn't interested in a relationship with them. And that small crush i gained on them quickly disappeared again.

In history lesson in 9th grade we had WW2 in History lesson. A lot of people in my class made jokes about that (But i didn't find them funny at all, also because my ancestors suffered from this terrible events) and we are in germany, so many people in my class made jokes that they have an "Ariernachweis" (Proof that you are fully german) and Sam was one of them. That was when they started to basically become a Nazi. There is this term called "Alman" in germany. It is a term used for typically german people. They often say phrases like "Anzeige ist raus" (They will report you to the police) or wear socks and sandals. Sam makes to this day extreme Alman jokes and that is when they started to become a bad person in my eyes. I don't know if they are serious (Probably not, both of us are in the same friend group and there are the most people foreginers) but it makes me uncomfortable.
In 10th grade, now, i started to gain a crush on Sam again, and i don't know why. Actually it's not a crush. I mentioned that i found out i'm AroAce in 7th grade. Well, i am only Aromantic. I am basically s€xually attracted to my crush and that is something i don't like, i call them "Crush" anyway because it's easier to explain. I never wanted to be in a relationship with them anyway. My family wouldn't like that. My older sister dates a guy who acts a lot like Sam (Makes Alman jokes etc) and my parents hate him. And my family is more important than a relationship so i would never want to date Sam or anyone similar to them.

We recently made a class trip to Prague. I planned to confess to Sam to make me feel better. (I wanted to tell them i love them but i dont wanna be in a relationship or something else, especially because they can't stand me) but that is when i realized that they are a VERY BAD person. They compared Prague to germany 24/7 (In a bad way) and even if it was a joke, i felt terribly bad. I tried to let them go but i am that person that falls in "love" and can't let them go. Sam is the only person i ever had a "crush" (Well, you know.) on. I only find people attractive that act/look similar to Sam. (I heard 2 of my classmate discussing that their younger sibling falls for someone who looks like them, they said it's because they fall for someone who reminds them of someone they love but that person disappointed them basically. I felt that.) And i really try to stop loving them because they are a bad person in my eyes but i can't. That's it. That's my vent. (I feel better now)
I really miss the old Sam. The Sam who was a little Nerdy but still charming. The Sam who wasn't comparing everything to a trashy country. The Sam who didn't shout at you and told you to leave Germany because you said they will lose the world cup. I miss the Sam who did Pokemon jokes instead of Nazi jokes. But there is NOTHING i can do to bring them back.
TLDR: I am attracted to a person who makes Nazi Jokes and if i would date them my family wouldn't like it, i try to stop having a "crush" on them but no matter what i try, it doesn't work.
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2023.04.02 10:18 BelphegorX100 Moving to Chennai for my Mtech

Hello Chennai!
I am a student from Kolkata, Bengal who recently got an opportunity to pursue Mtech at IIT Madras. This will be my first time in Chennai, and I am excited to explore the city and its culture. However, I do have a few questions, and I was hoping that the folks here could help me out.
Firstly, I am curious to know about the lifestyle in Chennai. What are the general attitudes and behaviours of the people? What are the popular pastimes and hobbies? How is the nightlife in the city?
I am also a non-vegetarian and was wondering if there are any non-veg options available near Nungambakkam where I will be staying. Are there any particular dishes that I should try out while I am there?
Safety is always a concern, especially for someone like me who is new to the city. How safe is Chennai, particularly for non-locals? Are there any particular areas that I should avoid? Are Tamilians friendly in general?
Finally, I would love to know about some cool places to hang out with friends. What are the best restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars? Are there any popular tourist spots that I shouldn't miss?
I have also heard rumours about people beating up non-natives recently from the social media. Is there any truth to this or is this another BJP propaganda? I am also a big advocate of regionalism but this is something which I am a little worried of and I would appreciate any information that you could provide on this matter.
Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions. I am excited to start this new chapter of my life in Chennai and can't wait to explore all that this beautiful city has to offer!
Joy Bangla. Velga Tamil
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The Course includes:

• 1. Acquisition Genesis
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• 6. Paid Systems
• Agency Content (Bonus)

You can find all of them on - Our Discord Server
Discord: PLIATSIK#0227
Telegram: t. me/PliatsikG (Remove the space between "t." and "me" for the link to work properly or search directly for my telegram name: PliatsikG).

50+ Vouches from clients
750+ Members on our Discord Server
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2023.04.02 10:16 kaerie13 Why Raeliana Ended Up At the Duke's Mansion is premiering April 10!

Why Raeliana Ended Up At the Duke's Mansion is premiering April 10! submitted by kaerie13 to OtomeIsekai [link] [comments]

2023.04.02 10:16 Leafyleaf14 2024 scenarios if it was actually an interesting election

2024 scenarios if it was actually an interesting election submitted by Leafyleaf14 to YAPms [link] [comments]

2023.04.02 10:16 sirgog Convince me I'm wrong. Wave Of Conviction Ignite Elementalist + New Lightpoacher Looks Amazing

New Lightpoacher: "The Lightpoacher Unique Helmet no longer has Recover 4% of Life when you lose a Spirit Charge. It now has 100% chance to gain a Spirit Charge on Kill (previously 15-20%), and Gain 5% of Physical Damage as Extra Damage of each Element per Spirit Charge."
If you have 7 abyss jewels (2 in helm, 2 in Darkness Enthroned, 3 socketed in passive tree), this is 105% phys added as extra while you have momentum in a map.
With Shaper of Flames, this is a lot of extra damage for physical spells that ignite. EK and WoC are the best choices here, although if you want to be a hipster don't let me stop you running Glacial Cascade or Purifying Flame.
You can use Asenath's Gentle Touch and get a lot out of them here - Lightpoacher's phys as extra applies to corpse explosions and Shaper of Flames applies there too.
I feel like there's a very good squishy softcore zoomzoom build in this shell, and it could probably upgrade into something tanky with 75% chaos resist, Incandescent Heart, Aegis, Determination, Divine Shield and the amazing new armoES hybrid masteries.
You also are in the extremely weird position of wanting mods on abyss jewels that aren't generally chased after - you can use 0 damage abyss jewels that have some combination of life, ES, armor, ailment avoidance and even resists.
I think there's a real build here.
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2023.04.02 10:16 throowwwwaawaayyyy 29 [M4F] Kasama ngayong Sunday

Baka naghahanap ka ng kasama ngayon? Sa grocery, sa mall, sa pagkain, sa pagtambay o kung gusto mong gawin ngayong araw. Pwede rin chill lang netflix with foods, kwento, lambing. Kailangan din ng interaction with other people aside sa mga katrabaho since madalas wfh pa. I'm around qc near edsa. This could be one time or everyweekend or kapag may time.
About me: •From qc •single •working kaya madalas busy ng weekdays •5'6 at normal pa naman 😂 •moreno na pumusyaw ang kulay dahil sa wfh at naka glasses. •into anime, manga, series and sports. Games ml,ps4. Other sa dm na lang
About you: •Sana within qc, manila or near edsa. •Same interest or not atleast we can share something about what we like. •Cute jk as long as you're confident how you look.
Hmu if you're interested with your asl, something about you or your interests or anong skin care mo? 😂 We can exchange pics din
Happy Sunday!
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2023.04.02 10:15 IndependentNo9223 I don't know what to do...

I don't know what to do about my wife's alcoholism anymore. It's reached a serious tipping point. She's amazing but has mental disorders that are comorbid with her alcoholism. She will get me near the tipping point, fix things, do it again, and cycle. I am also afraid she will harm herself or me if I left. I don't know what to do anymore.
An Apology:
Before I even start, I'm really sorry that I'm bothering everyone because I feel like I should know what to do and not be going back and forth like I've been doing. But, I'm online asking a bunch of strangers for advice (probably because I'm too much of a piece of shit to just man up and do what needs doing).
So, I'm genuinely really sorry. I just feel embarrassed.
My Wife:
One of the smartest, sweetest, amazing women I've ever met. She really is and has been my best friend for nearly 8 years. We do everything together from gaming, books, travel, and she even supports my dream of becoming a writer. We got married about 9 months ago.
I can honestly, without reservation or doubt, say that I love her with all my heart.
She is in the middle of getting a career in medicine.
She has a history of mental issues (primarily bipolar), and I highly suspect she has 1+ untreated neurological issues that result in her struggling with attention, some memory, and other minor things. Because of recent events with work, she is being forced to deal with them.
I'm a writer and work to make real money. I have moved around to help her get her career off the ground and be a good husband. I'm not perfect, but I really try. I have no money. I have a family in the state.
She has had substance abuse problems with on and off throughout her life since she was a teenager. She stopped the hardcore substances around the time I met her and has cleaned up her act substantially. When I met her, I didn't see too much of a problem because I had only seen her in small doses or in social situations.
The deeper into our relationship we got, the worse the issue became. Whenever she'd drink, she became a different person. Whereas she was normally calm, collected, and reasonably friendly when she was sober, she transformed into this raging party animal when she was drunk. It was like she never wanted the party to end and lost all ability to "read the room." Alongside her sudden change of behavior, we would always, without fail, get into a fight. Usually, it was because I was the voice of reason (e.g., "don't go out to 8 more bars and go dancing all night when you have work in the morning," "you probably should lower your voice because you're literally yelling right next to someone," "why are you going in and out of the house and slamming all the doors for the millionth time to yell on the phone at 1 am?", etc.).
For the first few years, I let it go. Every time I confronted her, she told me she would stop (and still do). After the first times, she started sneaking alcohol. She would buy handles, drink them in secret, and leave the empties in her bag/draweetc. like her father used to. I would find them (usually by accident) and she would turn it around on me with accusations that I shouldn't be going through her things.
As time has gone on, the alcoholism stabilized for a while until about 2 years ago. Honestly, I think I still partially blame myself for her deep dive into drinking near the end. I went off to be in law enforcement in another state because we were talking about setting up a life there for when she left medical school. There was no work where we were. So, we both agreed that I go ahead, set everything up, get established, and she would follow in X months. We both agreed on the plan, but she couldn't handle the loneliness. So, she started hanging out with our alcoholic, piece-of-shit, useless neighbor, who I suspect got her back into drinking. Obviously, our plans blew up in my face.
Every time she drinks, we fight over stupid shit. She has driven drunk, spent ridiculous amounts of money (separate bank accounts) on drinking in private, won't tell me when I ask (and know) if she's been drinking. In our most recent fight, she tried to sit in my lap while we were fighting over her insulting my mother. After telling her no, she decided she would try to force her way there. I moved to stop her by putting my hand out (not aggressively. Just stick it out to stop her). She got angry because she said I was pushing her. So, she reacted by trying to choke me, to which I had to physically restrain her (non-violently) to de-escalate the situation. When she calmed down, I immediately let her go and backed off.
This isn’t the first time she’s hit me during a fight. She punched me in the arm two times before. I have never once raised a fist, hit her, or threatened to do so.
She has rejected professional help because she doesn't want it to get out and affect her professional status.
Since then, she has apologized profusely and claims she can't remember the situation. She has been doing a lot of nice, small things for me to show me she's "trying." She is about to join intensive therapy to go over her medication and other issues. However, I don't think alcoholism is among it. She's fine for now, but I don't know. Every single time she does well for a while and I start to trust her, she screws up and goes back to being in the doghouse. Lately, she's been stressed out because of work, giving up drinking (again), and so forth.
Honestly, I'm feeling fairly shocked, disgusted, and shattered over recent events. I haven't been happy even half the time for the last few years. Everything is just tinged with either stress or sadness. I'm tired of the apologies and being sad.
I don't know that I want to stay anymore. The good times are some of the f***ing best times. She is sweet, funny, and amazing. She is getting adjacent help. I love her. However, I don't see the good side very often. Instead, I see the monster, who is spiteful, inconsiderate, and selfish. And, I'm tired of being close to leaving, having her fix it, have it get better, and just continue that cycle endlessly.
But I keep going back and forth on it. I can't seem to decide, even though this is depressing me. I feel trapped because I'm unhappy, but I don't want to abandon someone that needs help so badly. Also, I fear she would:
A) stab me to death if I try to leave,
B) commit suicide if I try,
C) delve straight into her habits and ruin her life
D) become so depressed that her life will crumble.
Her mother is a divorce lawyer with a protective streak for her daughter. I fear that she'll try to blame me or make my life worse if I leave.
Any thoughts? Advice? Anything? Am I an asshole?
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2023.04.02 10:15 Shot_Team_3651 How do I get calls from my partner’s phone to go to mine? Is it Possible to Hack an iPhone in MONACO? What do I do to spy on WhatsApp on a Samsung? How to hire a hacker service online NEED A HACKER TO HACK MY GF SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS

There are a few things you can try if your Twitter account has been hacked:
Website: PEXA[.]ME
Telegram: (@pexame)
  1. Change your password immediately: This is the first and most important step you should take. Go to your Twitter account settings and create a new, strong password.
  2. Check for unauthorized access: Go to your Twitter account settings and check the list of authorized apps and devices that have access to your account. Remove any that you don't recognize or trust.
  3. Check for suspicious activity: Look through your Twitter timeline, direct messages, and mentions to see if there are any suspicious tweets, messages, or interactions. If you find anything, delete it and report it to Twitter.
  4. Contact Twitter support: If you're still having trouble recovering your account, contact Twitter support for assistance.
It's important to act quickly if you suspect your Twitter account has been hacked. By taking these steps, you can increase the chances of recovering your account and preventing any further damage.
I wanted to say thank you for reading my comment.
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2023.04.02 10:15 sowbanmohd123 I am having a mental breakdown

I just can't take it this loneliness, anxiety and feeling inferior any more. I really really want to take a professional help, but the thing is I am just a 19y old college student, I don't have a single penny. Asking money from the family is not easy, My mother is single parent and she is working so hard in order to pay my and my siblings' college fees, bus fare etc. I just can't make suffer her for this. We are four children, among them only my elder brother is working part time and making money for himself, I would love to do job and make money but I have a really weak body and a lot of health issues, since I am from a village the only part time job we are getting here is some heavy working jobs. Simply, there ain't a way for making money and going therapy for me, so what should I do? Is there any free therapists are available? I am from kerala/india it would be great help if any therapies I can get near here for free? Or any other ways to escape this suffering?
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2023.04.02 10:15 Yatomo568 Best Gaming headset in 2023

Can someone suggest me, Best gaming Earphones or Headphones for Gaming (Pc + Mobile ). I need a headset with following Specs/Preferences :-
Budget - 10k (Indian Rupees) $125 (US Dollar) Anything you can suggest - (Earphones / Headphones / IEMs)
Stereo Seperation - great
90% - for gaming 10% - for Music
Mic - Clear , Good quality
Prefer- Wireless but wired Also fine
Comfortable for atleast 4 hrs continuous usage
3.5mm jack prefer
Long lasting - ( should not wear-tear in 1 year only)
Thanks for suggestions.
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2023.04.02 10:14 happytoseeyousmile [Ro] Foggy Eyes (The first book in the "Of Love and Tears" series) Chapter 4 + author notes

Shattered Realities
WILLIAM! GET ME OUT OF HERE” Marie ordered in a stern loud voice, without another second passing Marie was finally out of the shithole that she had been cornered in. William eyed the person who stood in front of him. Even though they shared the same physical features, he couldn’t help but feel that another person brewed out from the gallery. “What have you done Wills?” whispered William to himself. William knew what the first memory held, what he didn’t know or rather what he wasn’t sure of is how Marie will react to this ground-breaking news. {Well, it TOTALLY seems like she enjoyed what she saw.} He thought to himself. William extended his hands to touch Marie -a fatal mistake he will later realise-; she was quick to snap back, slapping his hands fiercely. For a moment, William caught glance of the monster burning within Marie, it didn’t require a genius to figure out that these scorching flames were dangerous to just be around, and yet here he was.
“DON’T TOUCH ME” exploded Marie. She didn’t even think twice about jumping away and concealing her body as much as she could. Disgust, just like smoke, it slowly filled the air. Alongside it came the sense of suffocation that gripped William tightly from his throat. Oh, how much did that hurt. The words slid into William’s ears; it didn’t take long for him to feel the venomous bite strike his heart. It was the look that Wills had always been afraid of. It was EXACTLY what he was terrified of facing in his life. A feeling that was facing William right in the face and a feeling that unlike Wills, he can’t escape. It was funny in a way; he was just born a couple of hours ago -against his will might one add- only to find himself hated or even feared by the very thing he adored to the cores of his bones. William cursed the day that Wills created him. He tried to reach for words, he tried to find something in his archive that might help him in comforting Marie. As expected, all of that fell short, Wills was never prepared for this situation. In the end, he muttered the most meaningless useless words that he could find in such a situation. “I’m sorry Marie.” He cringed internally, what was a sorry going to do? How was it going to help? How could it fix the world that fill apart? How was it going to compensate for the hours, days, months, or years that were wasted with someone who was fake from start to end? How could he ever understand what she was feeling right now?
“SORRY? SORRY!? IS THAT ALL YOU CAN SAY? ALL YOU CAN OFFER? WHAT DOES A SORRY DO FOR ME? HUH, TELL ME!?” Marie wasn’t seeing straight, she launched herself onto William before drilling her fists as deeply as she could in the body of the man she loved. Used to. William took it all in without saying a word, without moving, without causing a sound. For him, it was the least he could do to her. Marie dug her nails into his chest before clenching the cloth he wore. “WHAT CAN IT DO FOR ME? WHAT CAN IT DO? COME ON WILLIAM TELL ME. WHY ARE YOU SO SILENT WILLIAM?!” She shacked the poor man. He could swear that he was feeling his molecules vibrate more than they should ever do. Seeing how much of a wreck Marie had become only added to his feeling of powerlessness, he was supposed to be a know it all and yet he failed in the only thing he was built for.
Instinctively -if you can call his coding routes that-, he hugged Marie. He wasn’t sure if it was out of pity or because it was the correct thing to do. Either way, it didn’t matter, it just felt right for him and that’s what did actually matter. Luckily for him that seemed to work, because as soon as he wrapped those arms around the piled-up woman, tears rolled down her cheeks. Marie’s legs grew weak, slowly but surely giving out at this sudden unexpected burst. A tear, that was all it needed for Marie to fully break down into a crying mess. William stood there; he didn’t say a word, he couldn’t dare to. Hours passed, the tears painted the clothes, the mourning was the only sound that could be heard for miles then finally silence doomed the place. A deafening sense of relief covered the land. Time breathed. At last, it could move again. Even with the freedom of time there wasn’t much that changed, Marie still refused to budge from the spot she was kneeling on with her fingers fixed firmly in William’s chest. William just accepted her sorrow, that’s the least he could do, that’s the least he could offer to the person he loved the most. He couldn’t dismiss the non-diffusible stings he had. In a way, they were like strings of guitars, yanked strongly, horribly, by an inhumane force. They were being ripped free, they were being dislocated from their once safe heaven, and all he thought about was if he could give every single one of them to her.
“I love you, Marie.” He whispered “I also know that Wills loved you as much as I did if not more.” Marie didn’t reply, she looked into the distance -with her now dreadfully empty eyes-, looking at the nothingness that stood in front of her. The sky, oh how pretty they were, called her. She always loved the cyan bright portrait that covered the Earth. People often undermined how beautiful nature is, unless they were someone as Observant as her or…him -at least who she used to think he was-.
“How is that going to help me?” Muttered Marie under her breath. “Oh Marie, come on. Don’t be like that.” “I WILL BE HOWEVER I WISH TO BE WILLIAM!” shrieked Marie. William couldn’t help but get startled a bit. Marie seemed to realise that she had been lashing on the wrong person. William wasn’t the one she was supposed to be attacking rather the one who left this world. The one who took away her ability of ever having the joy of facing him. From that moment forward, William and Marie refused to share even a glance at each other. There were no more words spoken; no more conversations held. Quietness descended on the room with two broken shells held right beside each other in the arms of one another but each of them in a realm of their own. “Get me out William.” Demanded Marie. There was no respect, adoration or even a form of affection in her voice. It was nothing more nor less than a form of inconvenience to her -that’s what she showed at least-. Normally, William would have argued, made a snarky comment or flat out refused but under these tense circumstances he couldn’t help himself from submitting his will to the person who seemed to dominate him both in mind and soul. William extended his hand as he slowly caressed her face for one last time. He wiped away the traces of the tear on her face with his soft tinder hands. As Marie “ascended” back into reality, a tear could be seen jerking down from William’s face, for he knew it would be the last time they meet. Marie couldn’t help but wonder how a “robot” could feel such deep feelings, but it didn’t matter, nothing did any more.
Pitch black, that was what Marie woke up to see. She quickly checked her pockets, searching for her phone. It was 12am, right at midnight. A sense of relief washed over her before a sudden jerk of panic set in, she jumped back when she noticed that she had spent nearly two days inside the metal tag. The Carters will come over in a half a day. [Perfect] thought Marie to herself [Just what I needed, more stuff to deal with.] [Don’t be like that. Think about it from a different point of view. At least you will be able to talk to someone!] [NOW you come back huh? Where were you literally a couple of minutes ago? Hm? Anyways, no. I don’t wish to talk to the Carters right now. I prefer staying to ourselves for a couple of days. Especially with what just happened with their son.] [You had a VERY large outburst back there. I didn’t see us crumble this badly since the day Dad died.] [Well, how would you have reacted to it? Everything, EVERY moment from the minute details to the large grand memories were all built on a fake lying premise.] [I agree Marie, there is no way we will be stable after such a blow, but his parents have nothing to do with him. Need I remind you? They are the parents we never had. They care Marie. If anything, I think talking to them about it will maybe help us in sorting this out.] Marie didn’t reply to herself. She just decided to stand up and head to bed. This was enough torture for one day. She kept spinning in the bed with the comfort of sleeping slipping further from her hand every second. Although her thoughts kept her awake it wasn’t enough to overpower the emotional exhaustion, her body limped as her consciousness fade into nothingness. Or that’s what she convinced herself she did.
The Carters arrived on the time they have promised a couple of days ago. Mr. Carter LOVED to be on time, his accuracy was within the range of seconds. He was never, in the 25 years that Mrs. Carter had known him, late or early. The Carters knocked on the door multiple times with no response. Mr. Carter was a keen hearer, despite his ever-growing age, yet he couldn’t make a out a muffle, a sound, a rustle. Everything was quiet, suspiciously quiet. The knocks gradually grew louder. An invisible force pulling him forward, rushing him. He could swear he felt a touch pressing on his emotions, a touch that enraged him to act faster, a touch that was familiar, TOO familiar. The Carters didn’t exactly know or rather remember how the door opened but it did and that was all that mattered. They rushed inside. They had hoped from the bottom of their hearts that they were wrong. They had hoped that it wasn’t too late. They had hoped it wasn’t what they thought about. What they didn’t realise was how funny Fate is sometimes. They just lost a child to suicide, a burden only few could lift without breaking under the pressure. Only for fate to surprise them with a more severe slap in their face. She laid there in the hallway, as cold as ice, as white as snow. She was pale. Her chest didn’t buff, her eyes didn’t open, her muscles didn’t tense. She was barely recognisable. What was left of her was a skinny skin suit with striking visible bones. She seemed as if she was not only dehydrated but also starved for days. Inside Mr. Carter something finally snapped, his knees struck the ground, the tough shell that was once placed was now nothing more than a broken vase. Mrs. Carter couldn’t afford to pay attention to her husband, she rushed towards the phone, dialling, hoping to save the poor girl that laid in front of them. Mr. Carter opened his eyes to find himself hugging the corpse of the woman that had loved his son from the bottom of her heart, a woman who he also considered a daughter. He didn’t sob, he didn’t weep. It wasn’t because he refused to. It was simply because he couldn’t. Having to hold his emotions back for so long, the man forgot what crying or even tearing felt like. Even if his psyche gave up, his body has not yet, it refused to, for the touch wouldn’t allow it. Mr. Carter tried calling out to Marie, shaking her body, and holding her as tightly as possible while grieving just like a father who just lost his child. Only when the paramedics arrived had the last silver of connection to this mortal world was cut off, Mr. Carter was now broken beyond repair. The worst of it all was how Mrs. Carter saw what was happening to her husband, but she had no power in her hands to do anything. As there was no hope, there was no cure, there was no way to make this situation into a lovely bubble. Sometimes bad things happen, and they are meant to be. Sometimes horrible events haunt amazing people for unfair reasons but when was life ever fair? How could a life be fair when it took away two lovebirds? How could it be fair if someone as kind as Marie was toyed around thanks to what fate stored up to her? How can someone believe and disbelief in the same faith at the same time? How can someone be so believing of what fate brings when it harbours good and dismisses it when it brings back the blackish news? And so is life. An ever-changing unbound hell.
There was no running. No more. He had to accept what he had done. It was time for him to finally fight off the demons in his mind. The archivist begged the lord to forgive him, for he didn’t forgive him. Forgiveness, a word that he didn’t know about, as he never deserved it. For he has sinned greatly, for he has hurt the only thing they have ever loved. If he will never forgive him then the lord won’t forgive him too. Since he can’t forgive himself, how can one ask for forgiveness from others? May the lord forgive you. May the lord have mercy on you. May you not sin. Praise the Lord, praise the one within. The fall of us has yet to begin. We will bring doom; we will riot those hearts within. We will hold you then.
Author notes
Hey there reader! You finished ‘Foggy Eyes’. Hope it was a pleasant ride. This is a story I wrote to someone dear to me, though I for sure hope she doesn’t read this story, for rather obvious reasons. Personally, I have a belief that everyone deserves their Marie. Sure, we are not all Angles -we can’t be-, all of us are flawed in our own ways but does that mean we don’t deserve love? In a way, love makes us suck less than we truly are, but are you deserving of this gift? This salivating blessing? And what are the standards that you must check to be deserving of such gift? Are they tangible? Is it just the mutual agreement that you both like each other? What makes a person unworthy of love? What even defines love? All of these questions are things that hovered in the back of my mind whenever I thought about how I observe love around me or even try achieving it. Now dear reader, what would it be for you? Do you think you deserve this blessing in disguise? If you do, why? What would make you more befitting of this gift than others on Earth? In the ever-expanding universe, we are nothing but mere specs in space. You are not special, neither am I. We are nothing and that thought is frighteningly comforting. Is it because of our non-existent value that we are allowed to experience something that makes us valuable? In the end, no one decides the value of events in their lives except the one who experiences them. So, my dear reader, make sure to enjoy your self-proclaimed valuable memories to the maximum. You don’t know how long you will last on this Earth, so make sure to seize every breath, every sound and to appreciate the creation that stands residing beside you. For once in your life, take in and I mean TRULY take in the blessings that were bestowed upon you by whatever you believe in. You are lucky to have these little, tiny things in your life that others might not be so fortunate to own.
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2023.04.02 10:14 ThowAwaySandals I've been on and off benzos for the past 3 months. Am I delusional for thinking I was ever off it?

Hi Fellow recoveries,
I quit cold turkey about 4 months ago due to a holiday trip, I was off for maybe 2 and a half weeks.
Since then, my routine has been:
1) I'd take 8-10 mg Bromaz from Friday to Sunday, Ambien 30mg for days where I don't take it.
2) I'd take it Thursday to Monday the following week (Ambien rules apply)
3) I'd take it for a whole straight week after that
4) Quit Cold turkey and suffer for a week where I can barely form a sentence, tremors *(No Seizures), as well as the other mild withdrawal symptoms which I'm sure you all know. I think the worst parts about this withdrawal week is the non-stop suicidal thoughts, All the random crying and stacks of suicide notes that I've written, hoping that one day I can look back and read through these and know I finally made it through.
Tomorrow will be day 1 going off it again after practically 2 weeks of taking it straight, then I'll take it again on Friday. Rinse and repeat.
I'm able to get away with it since I mostly work from home and take vyvanse daily, as well as the fact that I usually build up so much time in lieu from working so much during my benzo binges that I can afford to call in sick 1 week per month and still have remaining Time in lieu.
-What I'm afraid off is that these few day breaks that I take are essentially useless with regards to quitting for real and there's little to no difference between someone like me against someone who has taken it daily for the last 3 months. I know no one can really provide advice since I;m just rambling on, I just really feel stuck in a corner with no where to go and I'm just really scared.
Sorry for wasting your times, I wish all you peeps the best regarding your recoveries.
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2023.04.02 10:13 Guillermo_AV My experience with a faulty unit from Jenny (not bad)

I purchased the Pro 2 5.1 from Jenny on Alibaba before christmas, and after 2 months of use, the charging case stopped working. There is a 30 day period refund on Alibaba, so I had to contact Jenny directly via the Alibaba chat to ask for help. They tried to identify the problem requesting evidence and when it was made clear that the unit was dead, they agreed to send a replacement (but only for the case and not the AirPods). For this, you need to send a video of you destroying the faulty unit and also a picture of the case where you can see the serial number. After that, they give you a parcel number so you can track the delivery. The total process took nearly 1 month, which could definitely be shorter but I understand logistics are complicated.
This has not been as convenient as asking for a refund on Amazon or other places, and I can feel they are very wary of people trying to scam them, which is totally understandable, but the important thing is that if you are unlucky like me and you are honest, you are still covered.
So thumbs up for Jenny for not letting down a customer 👍👍
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2023.04.02 10:13 ordinarymizu John Wick 4: Theory About the Marquis' Combat Skills

New fan to the john wick series after watching John Wick 4! Was thinking back to the movie and noticed the Marquis didn't display much action scenes other than the part where he stabbed the Tracker on the hand but it wasn't so much of a fight.
When John Wick was approaching the church for the standoff, he was also getting visibly anxious. For someome of his position, I'd expect him to be better composed even if he had to face Wick.
Lastly near the ending of the movie, the Maquis already had his gun pointed at Wick but Wick still manages to geab his gun and shoot him first.
I could be completely overthinking but these got me wondering maybe the Marquis is intimidating not because of his combat skills, but something else (other than just his position at the table) that we haven't seen on screen yet like how he came to power.
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2023.04.02 10:13 geoing00 LA as a league starter

*new post - deleted old one - I was asking about LA but idk why i was writing LS instead LA*
Hi, I am considering playing as a LA raidedeadeye on a league start, due to that I have few question about it.
  1. How is a leveling process? it is fine(ish) or more like pain in the azz?
  2. Is it able to provide me a void stones pretty quickly (and can I do this with SSF gear)?
  3. How tanky this build is?
  4. It is god tier clear speed, but how is single target? I am not talking about map bosses but pinacle bosses
  5. Is there any good guide for that build?
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2023.04.02 10:12 audomatix GeForce Now is STILL not a great experience... laggy, choppy, and poor graphics.

Let me state a few things to avoid a bunch of assumptions.
  1. My connection is wired. I am running GFN from the 2019 Nvidia shield tv pro that is plugged directly into my modem/router
  2. I pay for GFN, I am not using a free connection and am on founders plan.
  3. I am using an LG C1 on game mode with boost on. I am utilizing gsync.
  4. I am connecting to the shield pro with a Xbox series X controller.
  5. My connection is 600mbps download speed. Verified.
While I can play games, it's just not snappy. I like games like dead cells where a tiny little frame skip or lag means death and ruins your entire game.
I've also tried playing other games such as farcry 5 and assassin's Creed black flag. Black flag and looks like trash and both FC5 and AC4 feel sluggish.
I keep holding on to the membership because I have founders, but I also had Stadia when Cyberpunk2077 came out and it played like gold. Frankly nothing including GeForce now has even come close to the streaming experience I got on the now defunct stadia platform.
Ugh, for years I've dreamed of getting to the point where I could stream games like that, and now that that's gone I'm sitting here with great gear, a great connection, and GFN just isn't meeting expectations, yet others seem happy with it... I've got to be missing something here, or doing something wrong, otherwise the people praising GeForce must just have lower expectations compared to me.
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