Scratch and dent appliances corpus christi

I’m an idiot and dented/scratched car door. Do I need to treat the paint and if so, how?

2023.03.21 18:42 DualKoo I’m an idiot and dented/scratched car door. Do I need to treat the paint and if so, how?

Long story short I flung my car door open in the garage because I was in a hurry and slammed it into my gas generator. Annoying ding in the door and I’m super pissed at myself but that’s a conversation for therapy.
The question is do I need to worry about the paint chipping over time? Do I need to treat it?
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2023.03.21 18:15 onedeep [WTS] 14k scrap, wearable 10k & 14k jewelry - at spot or below shipped!

We are moving soon and need to get some cashes flowing to fund our journey... I'm a long time redditor, sporadic buyer, first time seller. Years ago I tried to sell on here but I literally had no idea what I was doing and had to delete my post haha. I'm now wiser, and I believe I've checked all the boxes to make my first sale without a hitch.
I am willing to ship first to established users, however, being that I need to raise this money quickly, preference will go to BIN sales. I will ship within 24 business hours of payment or upon other agreement with established users. I will ship in a padded mailer with *insurance provided at no cost to you.*
• I accept, in order of preference: zelle, cashapp, venmo. Please, no notes! Once I have handed the items to the post office or fedex, my responsibility for the package ends! If something is lost or stolen, I will happily start a claim with the shipper for you, as insurance will be included for no additional cost. I will happily ship via FedEx or UPS if you need the items quicker; PM me and we'll work out the details. Any other shipment requests, just PM me and we'll work out the details.
• All items are being sold at or below scrap value as of scrap prices this morning, 3.21.23 ... As such, all items are sold as-is. Please check the imgur links for details or ask if you need any specific pics or have questions.
• There are some magnetic clasps and there are stones present, all of which account for some of the weight. Some items are badly damaged and some are wearable. Some items have missing prongs, some have knicks and scratches. Some items are marked with gold content and some are not. All listed ring sizes are approximate, please see gifs in the imgur album for detailed views.
After this sale is complete, I will likely post more items this weekend. Without further ado, the goods:
lot 1: wearable 14k, some scratches or dings but decent shape. Total weight: 12.5g. Scrap price = $464. Asking $464 shipped.
(1) heart pendant necklace
(1) size 11 3/4, yellow gold men's wedding ring
lot 2: wearable 10k, some scratches, normal wear and tear. Total weight: 6.1g. Scrap price = $161. Asking $160 shipped.
(1) size 6, 3 stoned yellow gold ring. Can't remember what stones they are so not even gonna guess.
(1) size 7, rose & yellow gold ring
lot 3: scrap 14k with 1 wearable ring with scratches and normal wear and tear, 1 ring with damaged prong. Total weight: 9.5g. Scrap price = $352. Asking $345 shipped.
• various broken pieces, dented earrings etc. The bracelet needs the clasp repaired.

buy it now for all 3 lots: $879 shipped (scrap price for all 3 lots -10%).

Thanks for stopping by!
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2023.03.21 18:00 LEGOLOVERRRR [US-PA] [H] Heracles80 with Boba U4t and GMK Civilizations [W] Paypal

Selling Heracles80 with Boba U4t and GMK Civilizations as fully built
Heracles80 with Boba U4t and GMK Civilizations ($630 shipped OBO)
Please PM if you have any questions. Thank you
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2023.03.21 17:27 ziggomattic [WTT] My Bearikade Weekender + $$ for your Bearikade Blazer

Looking to trade my Bearikade weekender for your slightly bigger Bearikade Blazer. I will add $25 to cover the original price difference.
My Weekender is in excellent condition, bought brand new last year and used on the JMT, no dents/scratches/chips/cracks. I used a metal file to carefully smooth out the sharper bottom edge which is a nice modification, prevents the risk of damaging your pack. I used several different fineness levels of filing to keep it looking smooth and unnoticeable.
Located in SF Bay Area, willing to ship if needed.
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2023.03.21 16:45 These_Space4284 [H] iPhone 11 Pro Max, 256gb, iOS 13.3.1, Unlocked

Selling excellent condition iPhone 11 Pro Max in gold. Just thought I’d try this as I’m tired of being stuck on ios 13. No scratches, no dents, case, screen protector and cover protector been on since day 1.
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2023.03.21 15:46 LycanrocNet [USA-NV] [H] 50+ NES, Nintendo 64, & Game Boy games (Mario, Pokémon, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Banjo-Tooie) [W] PayPal

👉 Full gallery with photos of individual games 👈
Hi, this is my first post here on /GameSale, and I'm selling some games in my personal collection. All games are authentic and have been cleaned and tested to be fully working unless otherwise noted. All NES and N64 games are NTSC-U, except those N64 games in the Japanese list.
Games are graded on a scale of Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor. Games with instructions have two grades separated by a slash; the first is the cartridge, and the second is the instruction booklet. Complete games have the box as the third grade. Conditions of parts not described are assumed to be Excellent.
Prices include shipping with tracking number within the US. I will also ship to Canada for an additional charge. Bulk discounts are available if you're interested in multiple items. Payments must be made via PayPal.



NES complete

  • Monopoly - $30 - VG-EX / VG / VG. Minor residue on cartridge front. Wear on manual. Minor scuffs on box, wear on corners. Includes property poster, Nintendo Power offer, and seizure warning sheet.

NES with instructions

  • Anticipation - $15 - EX / G-VG. Wear on manual.
  • Bubble Bobble - VG / VG-EX. Name on back of cartridge. Light wear on manual. (manual sold; see cartridge-only)
  • Championship Bowling - $15 - VG-EX / G. Light wear on label. Significant folds on manual, especially page 7.
  • Dr. Mario - $22 - EX / VG-EX. Minor wear on manual cover.
  • Golf - $22 - EX / VG. Wear on manual cover.
  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - $25 - G-VG / VG-EX. Name written on label. Minor wear on manual cover.
  • Marble Madness - $15 - EX / VG. Wear on manual cover.
  • Pipe Dream - $20 - VG-EX / EX. Minor wear on label.
  • R.C. Pro-Am - $15 - EX / VG-EX. Minor wear on manual cover.
  • Snake, Rattle 'n' Roll - $20 - VG-EX / VG. Minor wear on cartridge front. Wear on manual cover and back.
  • StarTropics - $25 - VG-EX / EX. Minor wear on back of cartridge. Letter attached to back of manual. Saves.
  • Super Mario Bros. 2 - $40 - EX / VG. Minor wear on manual, minor tear on back and page 28.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - $22 - VG / G-VG . Wear on cartridge. Significant wear on manual covers. Game flaky to start.
  • Tetris - $20 - VG / VG-EX. Name on back of cartridge. Minor wear on manual.
  • Top Gun - $15 - EX / VG. Minor wear on manual, minor tear on cover.
  • Zelda II: The Adventure of Link - $35 - P-F / G. Major wear on cartridge, plastic chipped on bottom, top of label damaged. Wear on manual, fold on cover and first few pages. Saves.

NES cartridge only

  • Bubble Bobble - $25 - VG. Name on back of cartridge.
  • Castlevania II: Simon's Quest - $22 - VG-EX. Light wear on cartridge.
  • Contra - $45 - EX
  • Double Dragon III - $20 - EX
  • Double Dribble - $10 - VG-EX. Small fold on label.
  • Kung Fu - $15 - VG. Minor wear on cartridge, one tab missing.
  • Life Force - $22 - EX
  • M.C. Kids - $20 - VG. Scratches on front and back of cartridge, abrasion on back of cartridge.
  • Mach Rider - $15 - EX
  • Magmax - $10 - EX
  • Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! - $50 - EX
  • Nobunaga's Ambition - $20 - VG-EX. Minor scuffs on label. Saves.
  • Rad Racer - $20 - VG-EX / VG. Minor wear on label. Light crinkles on manual cover.
  • Skate or Die - $10 - VG. Letters scratched into front label, scuffs on back label.
  • Super Mario Bros. - $15 - VG-EX. Sticker residue on back of cartridge.
  • Tennis - $15 - VG-EX. Minor scuffs on label.

Nintendo 64


Nintendo 64 with instructions

  • Banjo-Tooie - $55 - VG-EX / G-VG. Mild scuffs on cartridge. Small tear and folds on manual front/back.
  • Diddy Kong Racing - $40 - G-VG / EX. Wear on label with small tear on front, and some discoloration on cartridge.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time [Gray, Player's Choice] - G-VG / VG-EX. Wear on label with name written on it. Small tear and fold on manual cover. Includes Nintendo Power offer. (manual sold; see cartridge-only)
  • Mario Party - $60 - G-VG / G. Significant discoloration on right side of label. Manual front and back crinkly.
  • Mischief Makers - EX / G-VG. Minor wear on manual cover and back, small tear on manual cover. (manual sold; see cartridge-only)
  • Pokémon Snap - G-VG / EX. Sticker residue on label, and sticker on back of cartridge. (manual sold; see cartridge-only)
  • Star Fox 64 - $35 - G-VG / VG. Wear on label and cartridge. Wear on manual.
  • Vigilante 8 - $40 - VG-EX / VG-EX. Light wear on cartridge, cartridge back taken from donor cartridge. Minor fold on manual. Includes registration postcard.

Nintendo 64 cartridge only

  • 007 GoldenEye - $35 - EX
  • Cruis'n USA - $20 - VG-EX. Price sticker on back.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time [Gray, Player's Choice] - $45 - G-VG. Wear on label with name written on it.
  • Mario Golf - $40 - VG. Deep scratches in label.
  • Mischief Makers - $40 - EX
  • Perfect Dark - $25 - VG-EX. Minor scuffs on label.
  • Pokémon Snap - $20 - G-VG. Sticker residue on label, and sticker on back of cartridge.
  • Super Smash Bros. - $50 - G. Heavy wear on both labels. New battery.

Japanese Nintendo 64 cartridge only

These games are NTSC-J and cannot be played in a stock North American console without removing the cartridge back.
  • Animal Forest - $40 - EX. Name field not written in.
  • Mario Story - $20 - VG-EX. Small dents on back of cartridge.
  • Pokémon Stadium [Original game not released internationally] - $15 - VG. Wear on cartridge.

Game Boy & Game Boy Color


Game Boy with instructions

  • Super Mario Land - $25 - VG / G. Cartridge yellowed. Manual crinkly from water damage but visually excellent.
  • Tetris DX - $30 - EX / VG-EX. Manual has small corner fold on cover. Saves.

Game Boy cartridge only

  • QIX - $10 - EX

Game Boy Color cartridge only

  • The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX - $50 - G-VG. Label torn in several places. Saves.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages - $40 - F-G. No label. Saves.
  • Pokémon Puzzle Challenge - $30 - VG-EX. Label fading at top. Saves.
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2023.03.21 15:25 casswie Just bought a 2023 CR-V hybrid and conflicted about putting on a hitch

Hoping someone will help me decide whether adding a hitch is a bad idea or not. I mountain bike in the summer so I was hoping to be able to add a bike hitch rack to my CR-V to hold two bikes. I’ve read the tongue weight is abysmal for the hybrid at only 100 lbs, and between the rack and two bikes I’d be carrying about 120 lbs on the hitch. Is there a risk of damaging the car with that amount of weight?
I’d consider a rack on top of the car, but only as a last resort since I’m short and getting heavy bikes on my roof seems like an easy way to scratch or dent my car. I also only want to get the hitch installed by the dealership since I would void the warranty if any damage is caused by a hitch I added myself
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2023.03.21 15:21 notthegubment [WTS] USGI Woodland Pants, T3 Plate Carrier, Gatorz Magnum Polarized, G19.3 Upper, ACOG KRAM & More

PayPal F&F or Venmo, no chats. I’ll only discuss items through messages — dibs in post to call an item. All prices include shipping.
Gatorz Magnum Glasses: polarized, has a small scratch on the interior lense where the temples (had to google glasses nomenclature) scratched the lense. But otherwise in great shape. No box, but includes the protective fabric case. - $125 $100
19.3 Brownells Complete Slide - $300
Sealed CAT TQ 2015 DOM with carrier: $30
Centrifuge Training NCP-E v1.1: $25 Includes some extra hardware that was in the package and some vibratite with it. This was a catch and release, never even checked if it had all the parts.
HSGI cuff Kydex taco coyote: $20 SOLD
Surefire Z68 Clicky Cap: $15 SOLD
Gen 1 Neomag for 9mm/40 cal glock mags and similar: $25
Tyr 152 battery pouch: $25
Gerber eFECT AM4 cleaning maintenance tool: $30
Camelbak Ambush Hydration pack in foliage green. Brand new: $40. SOLD
Geronimo Plate carrier in medium. It’s been used, but in good condition. I modified it by adding swift clips because it didn’t come with a cummerbund flap. $75 SOLD
M81 Woodland Pants: $30 each The winter weight is sized at Large Long, the summer weight is more faded and large short.
ACOG KRAM 5.5 Black: $30 Bought the wrong size, only used the vibratite from the package. SOLD
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2023.03.21 14:02 jvalles87 My Horrible Experience at my Local Lexus Dealer

I need everyone's opinion. To put it really briefly, in 2020 I bought a new (at the time) ES300H at my local official Lexus dealer. This is a really luxurious dealership in an upscale town as I'm sure most are.
A few weeks ago, I brought the car in to have a faulty battery replaced under warranty. While I was there they also performed my yearly state inspection. I got the car back 3 days later and the next day I found a large dent in the lower part of my front bumper. After reporting it to the dealership, 3 days later they determined it was their fault and said they would fix it. I was relieved as I was preparing for them to deny responsibility and be left with a $1,000+ repair.
However, I still feel like more needs to be done in an attempt to repair my obviously damaged trust. I spoke to the service manager and he offered a complimentary 25,000 mile service that I do not need. I Floated the idea of instead repairing a scratch that I had caused a while back on my rear bumper but they instantly denied this idea (Is it opportunistic? Probably.) Their basic argument is I should be happy that they're even taking responsibility for the damage they caused.
Am I wrong for feeling that simply fixing the damage (that I can see) is not enough? I can see this happening at a "buy here pay here" shark-style used car dealership but never in an eternity thought it would happen at a prestigious Lexus dealership. Has anyone had a similar experience? Should I keep fighting?
Attached are pictures of the damage.
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2023.03.21 13:41 blackmountainmotor Auto Hail Repair In Denver Co

Auto hail repair refers to the process of repairing dents and damages caused by hailstones on vehicles. Hailstones can cause significant damage to cars, trucks, and other vehicles, including dents, scratches, and broken glass. If you are looking for auto hail repair in Denver Co then Blackmountain Motorworks is the best option for you. To know more visit the given link.
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2023.03.21 13:37 schornto BBQ Guys Scratch And Dent Sale

BBQ Guys Scratch And Dent Sale can be found at this link. That page has the latest coupons, promo codes and deals etc. Choose one of them and take advantage of the discount!
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2023.03.21 13:20 schornto BBQGuys Scratch And Dent Sale

Get BBQGuys Scratch And Dent Sale from this link and save money on your next purchase. First, visit the link for BBQGuys Scratch And Dent Sale. Then, on that page pick the best promo code, or deals, you interested and click the 'View Coupon' button. Enjoy the discount!
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2023.03.21 11:03 defineReset Liklihood of ebay dispute going to small claims?

In England.
Context: bought a laptop on ebay, category was 'used', description said 'excellent condition'. My first message to the seller before postage explicitly asked if there were any dents, scratches, or issues with the screen. Seller said 'not that I can see'. Item arrives, there are all three, marking on the screen is small but went across the entire screen and wouldn't wipe off. I requested a refund. About 10 messages later the item ends up with the seller. Seller is saying they didn't mention scratches or dents 'because they're tiny', and that they only accepted a return because of the screen markings which they can't see. I took videos and photos of all issues, it's odd they're saying this, however because of their stance, they're requesting I pay half of the return fee or they'll 'claim for the full amount'. I'm assuming they're making a legal threat, as I understand there is no way to make such a claim through ebay.
The seller opted to use an insured return courier and in total it cost them £55.
Ebay have closed the case in my favour saying the item was sold not as described, I received a full refund and have been advised to block the seller.
I have four questions:
What should I do if they try to come after £55 via small claims, I feel well within my right to defend as I get the impression I'm dealing with a bully.
Would I get a ccj if I lose and immediately pay, or is that only if I refuse to pay?
If it goes to a small claims court, am I in a strong position?I checked the consumers act law and it says second hand sellers are obligated to ensure the goods are as described.
It's not clear if the sellers grievance should be taken up against myself, or ebay who's terms we agreed to and who have made the decision to refund me. Could the seller be able to go after this from me, or would they need to go to eBay?
Thanks for reading.
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